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The number of cars on the road is increasing every day. The use of vehicles has grown increasingly popular since the ability to get a vehicle on a modest budget has made it more accessible than it ever was.  Additionally, people are encouraged to migrate from one location to another to create better opportunities for themselves. That's where we come in. There's nobody better than National Express.


How Does Shipping a Car to Another State Work?

The process to ship cars from one state to another can be accomplished in various ways. A vehicle can be shipped from one state to another using an auto transport company, having it driven by a professional driver, towing it yourself, sending it by plane, or transporting by train. The most common way to ship a car is with open carrier transport.You can transport a car on a trailer, drive it yourself, or hire a driver. In some cases even by train. The fastest and most affordable way is via state to state car shipping. 

How Much Does Shipping a Car to Another State Cost?

Answering the question "How much does it cost?" is the first step in deciding if shipping a car is the right option for you. Your expected cost to transport a vehicle across state lines varies based on numerous factors including the average cost per mile


Sample State to State Pricing:

New Jersey to / from Washington State$1125
California to / from Florida$900
California to/from New York$1025
New York to Florida (September to March)$800
New York to Florida (April to October)$450
New Jersey to Florida (September to March)$800
New Jersey to Florida (April to October)$450
Texas to/from California$700
New York to/from Texas$800
Washington State to/from Texas$1200
Georgia to/from California$825
California to/from Washington$700
Florida to/from DC$750

The cost of should be anywhere from $450 to $1500 on average  nationally for open transport (open air method) which is the cheapest way to ship. 

Price Range Per Mile to Ship Cars State to State with Enclosed Transport

How much does it cost to ship a car enclosed? For a vehicle going state to state can average of $1.25 or less per mile, depending on distance. This can also be as high as $2.00 mile for in demand routes, and as low as $.60 depending for cross country if picking up and dropping off in major cities or hubs.

An easy way to look at it will be that it's about 40-60% more than open transport. This would be the same if it's a classic car or exotic. However the value may necessitate higher insurance policy coverage which could push the enclosed cost to ship at the higher end of the spectrum.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Transport a Car to Another State:

Distance of Your Car Transport and Overall Cost

Already we touched a little on distance. The overall cost is typically greater as the distance increases, but the per-mile cost is generally lower for both open transport and enclosed. This is pretty standard in the car shipping industry. However, not all auto transport routes are created equal. Demand for car transport services as well as seasonal transport can alter costs.

Expected Pick Up Date for your Vehicle Shipping

How fast you need pick up and time of year has an influence on auto shipping costs. In general, car shipping between states that have a steady flow of car transport throughout the year will have a consistent shipping cost.

Size and Weight of The Vehicle

The larger and heavier, the more space a car will take. Vehicle transport companies use the make and model to know the size and weight. The bigger a vehicle is, the less the auto shipper can take on their truck. The heaver it is will result in higher fuel costs incurred for car shipping companies. Most vehicles we see are SUVs and sedans. 

Make and Model of  The Car 

The make and model along with weight go hand in hand as they will both affect the cost to ship your car. With the make and model will also help assure there is enough insurance coverage to have the vehicle shipped. The carrier's insurance has to be sufficient for your vehicle's value. We not change the shipping cost because of your vehicles make or model.

Modified Vehicles

If your vehicle is modified, this may affect how an auto transport company will price you out. With National Express, we will find the cheapest way possible for you. Where other auto transport companies may try to overcharge for modified vehicles such as lifted trucks, lowered sports cars, or oversized vehicles, we do not. Also, certain enclosed auto transport carriers may not ultra large trucks or custom modified vehicles.

Season (Time of Year)

The cost of transporting a car from one state to another varies greatly depending on the season. The best car shipping companies will account holidays which due to scarcity carriers, for example. A great example of seasonal shippers are snowbirds. They come down in early fall and leave late spring. They will spike the demand and the cost of transport. Times like these will usually be expensive to transport a vehicle to a new state. Ask you advisor about being able to take advantage of cheap car transport by choosing to ship your car when seasonality is low.

Condition of the Vehicle Being Shipped

Vehicle transport companies take into account the condition when they ship your car. If your automobile is running and operating, you'll get a better shipping rate to move it from one state to another. Inoperable vehicles need a winch and other equipment, adding to the overall auto shipping costs. The average is $150-200 more.

If you need salvage vehicle shipping which are usually inoperable vehicles does not roll or steer, be sure to talk to one of our advisors do determine exactly what options are available to you in your area for those situations.

Special Auto Transport Discounts 

Car shipping costs can be reduced for certain clients who want to transport a car from one state to another. Members of the military (both active and inactive/ retired), snowbirds, and students are among those that get discounts on car shipping in the United States.

Check with our shipping consultants to see whether you qualify. Have multiple vehicles? Ask about vehicle shipping for more than one car to and from the same delivery locations. We have discounts other auto transport companies do not.

Type of Auto Transport Carrier / Transport Method

As mentioned, there are two common types of methods that are consider the best ways to ship a car. Open transport carriers as the most common as well as the cheap car shipping method, followed by enclosed transport (also known as covered transport) that is safer but costs more. Your selection will vary depending on your needs.

Open Transport from One State to Another

If you are looking to find the cheapest way to ship a car, open transport is the best choice. Since there are so many of these, you have the best chance to get as close to your preferred pick up date as possible. You can do so almost anywhere quickly and affordably, due to their abundant availability all over the country. They are not only the cheapest method but reliable and safe car transport as well.

Open transport that travels from one state to another will usually be the two story multi car carriers, as as state to state shipping usually consists of several cars on the same route. 

Price Range Per Mile to Ship Cars State to State Open Transport

The cost for a car shipment going state to state can average of $0.70 or less per mile, depending on the distance.  In general, the cost to ship a car is a $1 a mile for up the the first 500 miles, $0.75 a mile if taking a vehicle at least 1000 miles and as low as $0.45 per mile if using cross country auto transport options. These are calculated on an open transport type of truck. Enclosed transport is more than open transport, regardless of distance.

Enclosed Transport to Another State

The next method is enclosed or covered transport.  For those that want to keep their car safe,  this is the way to go as it offers the most protection with the highest insurance policy.  Your vehicle will be protected from hazards such as road debris. It will make more sense to ship a classic car, exotic car, or high end luxury vehicle on enclosed.

We have the absolute best enclosed auto transport carriers in our vast network.   Have peace of mind knowing your vehicle t will ride safely inside a container truck that keeps it from the outside world.

With an enclosed carrier, you get the ultimate in protection. If you need the safest way to ship a car from an auto transport service that specializes in quality and safety, National Express is here to help. And just like our open car carriers, are service is always door to door. 

Getting Quotes for Shipping a Car to Another State

The state to state car shipping quote you will receive will vary based on different variables such as vehicle size and other factors when going with a carrier or an auto transport broker.

  • Shipping that involves inoperable vehicles can cost up to $200 more.
  • Selecting an expedited service for those that need express vehicle transport may cost from 30-35% more than the standard rates. 
  • Choosing enclosed car transport may cost up to 40-60% more.

Finding Cheap Car Shipping State to State

By no means is trying to find cheap car shipping bad. However, when looking to save money, be sure to do research check licensing and check reviews. Don't get distracted with gimmicks like a free car wash or free rental car. 

For the most up-do-date information, please use our car shipping calculator.

How Long Will My Car Shipping Take?

The time it takes to ship a car is determined by several factors. Just like distance increases the price, so does it increase the time the car delivery service will take to complete. For example, if a there's a car picked up traveling 1000 miles, it can take 2-3 days as a car shipping company's drivers travel up to 500 miles in a day.

So for this example it means a 1,500 mile trip can take a truck driver 3-4 days, and so-on. Y

The miles a transport driver can travel depends on road conditions, inclement weather, detours, stops along the way,  and a variety of other factors. For more information and detailed specifics see how long it takes to ship a car.


Ship a Car to Another State in 3 Simple Steps

To make it a seamless and efficient, we have made forged ahead with a proprietary process  that for you breaks down into 3 easy to understand steps:

Get your quote and book online or by calling
Delivery - Your vehicle arrives and you receive it

Questions To Ask:

Can You Pack Items when Shipping a Car State to State?

Most auto transporters will tell you that this is one of the most asked questions. You might think that shipping a car and filling it up with items is an easy way to move some of your personal stuff along with the vehicle. The answer may surprise you if you imagined the transport of a car being packed and  loaded up like a U-Haul.  Carriers cannot act as movers. This is because they are licensed to do so. 

With state to state car shipping companies, it is prohibited by law to transport vehicles that contain household items. Regardless of it being open or enclosed car transport, the same guidelines will apply.

Many customers do however pack personal items like clothes and shoes. Keep in mind that most auto shipping companies allow this, but there should be no more than 100 pounds and under the window line. It's important to also note that the carrier insurance does not cover personal items. Suppose any go missing or get damaged, the carrier cannot cover them. If items left in the vehicle damage the interior, these would also not be covered.  See our Personal item FAQ for full details. 

How do Inspections Work with State to State Car Shipping Services?

Those knowledgable on how the car shipping industry works will tell you to not rely on verbal information. Be absolutely sure to get everything in writing with the bill of lading a.k.a. the vehicle condition report. There you will log existing damage (if any) at pickup and confirm new damage has occurred on the delivery date. 

A state to state transporter should carry out an inspection of your vehicle with you present. This ensures that the vehicle is yours and that you and the carrier are both on the same page with the vehicle’s condition. This way, any damage that occurs during the vehicle transport can be documented and any preexisting damage is accounted for.

What Insurance is Needed for a Vehicle Traveling State to State

All state to state car shipping is totally insured. Each carrier has an average of $1 million liability insurance and $250,000 motor carrier cargo insurance per incident during state to state auto transport. It's important to use an auto transporter with sufficient insurance coverages to protect your vehicle. 

Other Questions You May Ask to Ship a Car to Another State:

Here are just some of the iother common questions that our auto transport team can answer for you. We want to make the process of shipping your car as easy and stress-free as possible.

The best car shipping companies will take their time to answer these questions in detail for you. National Express is no exception.. Therefore, here we are with answers ready ahead of time. Remember, we know the auto transport industry like nobody else and we're here to help make sure you car transport is as smooth as it can be!

  • How do I pick a state to state car transport company?
  • How long will my car shipping take?
  • Can I ship personal belongings in my car to another state?
  • Can I have a full tank of gas?
  • What about terminal to terminal car shipping to another state?
  • Should I use enclosed transport to ship a car to another state?

How Do I Pick a State to State Car Transport Company?

Most individuals searching for a transport method begin by looking for cheap shipping. It's a common mistake to find car transport services only based on what they will charge, and not other factors such as reputation, reliability, and great customer service. It's also very important to deal with a car shipping company that is licensed with a motor carrier number issued by the federal government through the FMCSA.

With that in mind, be sure when picking who will move your car that it's based on the quality of the car transport service. You can find that by looking at reviews. It's come to our attention that reputable companies will vary within $100-200 on the shipping price. So it's safe to say never go with the cheapest price. For more details check out our ultimate guide to picking and auto transport company.

Can I ship Personal Belongings in My Car to Another State?

This has to be one of the most asked questions we see as a car shipping company. The answer to that questions is yes, you can. Up to 100 lbs. To learn more visit our help topic for this that want to ship a car with stuff in it.

Can I have a Full Tank of Gas?

It's customary to make an effort to keep no more than 1/4 (one quarter tank) of fuel in the gas tank.  We know this is not always possible, but does help as each gallon of fuel is over 6 lbs.

What about Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping to Another State?

Terminal shipping is an option that is not often seen these days as the widespread availability of car carrier auto transport. Transporting cars door to door has grown much in popularity and customer expect it to always be this way. That is why open transport is still the cheapest way, this has made the use of terminals diminish. However, when shipping cars to Canada, Puerto Rico, or Alaska, the car shows up at a terminal in the port to await a ship.

Should I Use Enclosed Transport to Ship a Car to Another State?

Enclosed shipping can be optional and in other cases the only way to ship a car. In other cases it will depend on if you are looking for the best protection.

When Enclosed Transport Should Be Used

There will however be situations, such as if you have a valuable exotic car or classic car. You will have to ship to another state on an enclosed transport because there needs to be enough insurance coverage.

The first thing you need to know as a basic rule will be that if the vehicle is worth over $75,000, it may be better off enclosed.  Secondly, if value not that high but let's say the vehicle but garage kept and never driven in bad weather, when the car is of sentimental value, or if you just fee like using the safest way to ship a car, then you will want to go for enclosed auto transport services.

Having a car across the country on open transport for thousands of miles can leave it susceptible to rock chips and road debris. 

Other Methods of Shipping Vehicles to Other States

As mentioned in ragards to how to ship a car to another state, there are options beside a transport company. Here is a breakdown in more detail about the alternative ways to procure long-distance auto shipping besides using independent truckers, brokers, and carriers.

Here are some additional options that you might want to explore as a transport method:

Ship a Car from One State to Another Hiring a Professional Driver

You can ship your vehicle by hiring someone to drive it.  One of the benefits of having someone drive your car to another state is that you can usually take a pet or also pack the car with items. Hiring a state to state driver can however be more expensive than other options like an auto transporter, as drivers are charging premium rates since the pandemic.

Tow it Yourself

You can simply hitch your car on to the back of your moving truck or if you're driving a moving van. Be aware that if you're using a tow dolly or a car trailer to connect your vehicle to follow safety guidelines to assure nothing goes wrong. If you're already put off by the prospect of navigating a large vehicle, adding a car trailer on top of that scenario may not be ideal.

Transport A Vehicle from One State to Another State By Plane

Although commonly used for fast international vehicle shipping, you can ship a car to another state by plane however it will have a significantly higher shipping cost.  Although flying can deliver a car to another state and across the country same, day it may not be worth the price tag.

Ship a Car from To Another State by Train

Shipping a car by train is a great option if it's available. Since this method is very often used in bulk by dealers moving a car from one state to another, it is hard to just move one or two personal vehicles by train. There are ship and ride options, like those from Amtrak which have a low shipping cost if you consider you ride with the vehicle on the train. However those are very limited. Still, it's great to be aware of the option. 

Car Shipping States + Popular Cities and Routes

We ship vehicles just about anywhere and we usually pick up within 1-3 days of your first available pickup date for populated areas and 1-5 days for vehicles longer distances away from populated locations. .

Listed here you will find some of the most popular locations we ship vehicles to and from. Remember, you are just an instant quote away getting the best service in the industry. Trust National Express to facilitate your state to state car transport. We ship everywhere in the country with excellent reviews. 

We go further than most car shipping companies. You will see this from day one during the entire process. If you entrust us to transport a car, it will be done with quality and integrity.  National Express has over 75 years of combined experience shipping cars and providing state to state car transport.  Open or enclosed carrier, call us today.

Why National Express Auto Transport?

National Express is the best in the business, safe and dependable. We not only travel across the country, but also send vehicles to states such as Hawaii and Alaska with our specialized services.  We can handle the transfer of your vehicle regardless if you sending it because you are relocating, going to school, or  buying a car.

National Express Auto Transport is that best in the auto transport industry, as we provide full service door to door service to nearly any of the delivery locations you can think of. Not to mention that we travel through hundreds of state to state routes across the country. Join the literal hundreds of satisfied customers happy with our dependable service. 

We are also the actual company putting you with a carrier to transport your car. We are not a lead farming site selling quotes masquerading as one. Our goal is to provide you the actual service of connecting you to a qualified and vetted carrier, thereby giving you the best service possible. National Express is there for you throughout the entire shipping process assuring prompt delivery and great customer service.

The way we operate is not like other auto transport companies. The attention to detail and careful treatment of you and your vehicle is unparalleled by comparison. We want you to be 100% satisfied when the car arrives.

We try to ensure you get the best experience with us. We want to be 100% sure your vehicle gets the best care possible. When using National Express to handle your car shipping,  you confide in to move your vehicle to a state nearby or thousands of miles away, that job of auto shipping is a top concern and priority.

  • Leaving nothing to chance to get your car shipped as we deploy our best manpower and resources to complete the state to state transfer in the most efficient and responsible manner.
  • We ship all kinds of cars from your museum grade Ferrari to grandpa’s broken down Ford Maverick. Our interstate auto shipping services are available nationwide.
  • We have a large pool of happy and satisfied customers who rely on our safe, reliable, and hassle-free service.

Thousands of people just like you have made us their car shipping service to move a car state to state.  As a full service auto shipper, we move all kinds of vehicles to another state. This can be to the state right next to you or cross country to almost any location in any state. Want your car safe? Look no further than National Express. 

You can always count on us to get your car shipped door to door. Use us for out great service and reliable carriers. Contact us now.


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