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So you want to move your vehicle and need Washington to Texas transport services? That’s great because you are one of many that have chose National Express! 

Washington to Texas Auto Transport

 Secured new employment? Looking for a change a scenery? Moving for school? Whatever the reason we have your back with the safest and most professional auto transport services around. Our reputation and reviews is all the proof of this claim.  We are always door-to-door and with no hidden fees. Add the most affordable rates to the list and you have the winning combination.

The Goal is to Provide Speedy, Low Cost, & Totally Reliable Washington to Texas Auto Transport


We have spent years developing our winning formula. We’ll have a carrier for your Washington to Texas auto transport that is fully licensed and insured to take your vehicle for you. Our truck will be on time, and deliver quickly and safely. Maybe you’ve done some searching and have read our reviews. We hope you have because we don’t want you to just take it from us, but tthat you have seen how other customers have experienced the use our auto shipping services. Count on us to be good fior your pocketbook and just as good for your car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle or boat.


Ready, Set, GO. We are Fast. And We Mean It


If your vehicle is ready at the time of ordering, don’t worry if you took your time or had to switch companies. Our award winning dispatch team will dispatch your Washington to Texas auto transport out in 1-3 days. By the way you don’t pay extra for it. That’s just how we do things. That is pretty fast! Since it’s free to book, you can plan ahead without having to part with a dollar. You never pay for the whole transport until delivery. Sounding good so far? We hope so and so many of our current and past customers know so.


Hey see that happy truck driver with the tablet in this picture? Yeah he’s ready for you and wants to take your vehicle for you. Carriers like these are the heart of our operation. They professional, trained, and excel in what they do.  Everything about our service is catered to you.  Like how we carefully run through the vehicle with you at the pickup location. We mark any marks, dings, scratches or damage if any. You get a copy of this report. Then we carefully load it. Afterwards during delivery, we do it again, going through every inch of the vehicle, just like we did at pickup. In the rare case of any damage done during transport you have an instant claim should anything be on the report at delivery.

All our carriers certify that they follow all DOT and FMCSA rules. Including mandatory rest periods as well as rules for proper loading and transport of motor vehicles.

Your Washington to Texas auto transport fully protected by being properly insured, licensed and  bonded. How much insurance? Carriers approved to be on our network have an average of t  $1 Million dollars of liability insurance. By the way, it’s only commercial grade carriers that we use. Not some private or even rented trailer. That is very important when you are looking at pricing. Sometimes, a deal might look great because it’s cheap but just how is your vehicle being moved? Even worse, there are driveaway rates. That means someone drives the car! So be clear on whoever you chose and what method ot shipment they use. We do not pull or drag cars with their wheels on the ground. We only carry the vehicle. We don’t drive the vehicle to where it’s going to be delivered.

Come on, go get the cost to ship. Chat with us, call us, message us. We are always ready. Call Monday-Saturday at  800-284-7177. We’ll be glad to get to know you and help you set up your Washington to Texas auto transport.. Like your just read a moment ago, National Express will never charge you anything to book or make you pay anything more than the guaranteed rate you were quoted.

Thanks for considering National Express Auto Transport. We know you have choices out there so thanks for giving us a chance to serve you.  Call 800-284-7177 today.

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