Dealership Car Transport

Dealerships can count on National Express to help handle the day to day logistics of moving vehicles from various customers, other dealerships, and auctions. You need control of you inventory. Having the right auto transport company backing you is key to meeting the demands for your business.

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Trade-in Vehicles

There are times as a dealer you may need to get a trade brought in. Inventory swaps happen all the time between cooperating dealerships as well. We can pick up a vehicle from almost any location and bring it right to you.

It’s also common for you to sell a car online, need it transported, and then retrieve the trade-in. It can even be done at the same time with two trucks at no additional cost per vehicle. How’s that for professional grade?

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Auction Vehicles

The bread and butter of many dealers are auctions. Most of the best deals won’t be down the street, and shipping is a must. We work with all of them. Copart, IAA (IAAI), Manheim, Adesa, and more. With auctions, every penny counts. Having a vehicle sit at an auction without pickup can cost you daily storage fees. Waiting for your vehicle to arrive and get reconditioned means yosu are out your money longer on holdover. Get fast delivery and the best results with National Express.

Large or Small Dealerhips Welcome

We have moved vehicles for customers coming from the smallest mom and pop locations to large and well known dealerships like, The Collection, Chariots of Palm Beach, Calabasas Luxury Motorcars, Brickell Luxury Motors. Cats Exotics, and many more. Each transport is treated the same whether it’s an old Honda Civic from a small lot at the end of town or a Lamborghini from a well known luxury motors dealer. We value each and every customer that allows us to be their choice for auto transport and it shows all the time.

dealership auto transport - costs not disclosed to except who ordered the transport

Your shipping costs are your business! We do not disclose the price for the service to anyone that is not the customer who ordered the shipping, and that includes dealers!

On the same token, if you are looking for transport to the customer as a courtesy and they are paying for transport, we’ll work with them directly and keep you in the loop for pickup so you can have their vehicle pristine and ready.

Choose Your Shipping Method and Vehicle type

We ship all sorts of vehicles. From regular cars, to SUV’s big and small, and all kinds of trucks as well. Establish a dealer account, and ship with discounted rates only available to you! Just as with our services for families and individuals, you will get the same door-to-door services but at even better pricing than regular one-time customers.

We use the fastest and safest method of car shipping which is open carrier transport. However, if you need extra protection we offer enclosed shipping for sensitive vehicles. Do you specialize in high end vehicles? We have you covered with as we ship exotic cars all the time. National Express is a full service coast to coast auto transport company. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Dealer to Dealer

Transferring inventory from location to location? Sold off some inventory to a competitor? We can handle it. One truck can load up to 9 vehicles going from one dealer to another when on an open carrier. Enclosed carriers can load up to 6 vehicles if shipping anything that needs it. We know how to organize several trucks if needed as well, and can split loads if you have specific needs or timelines. Our staff can help you with this and more.

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