Transporting Cars For Dealerships

The team at National Express are experts at transporting cars for dealerships. We handle moving vehicles locally or nationwide or car dealerships. Having the right quality auto transport company backing you is key to meeting the demands for your business.

Wether it's get the carrier to the customer's driveway or the dealer storage lot, we are there for entire transportation process from the start of the vehicle's journey to the final destination.

How Much Does Transporting Cars for Dealerships Cost?

The cost of transporting cars for dealerships depends on several factors. These include the type of car being shipped and the distance between point A and B the cars have to travel. However the average cost per mile to ship a car for a dealership is $1.50 cents a mile for distances under 500 miles, to about $0.70 a mile for cross country. 

The number of cars that need to be delivered also reduces the price and multiple-vehicle shipping discounts are available. You can use our car shipping calculator to get an instant quote. reach us by phone, or email us to get a price. You can also see how much it costs to ship a car for more information.

What Methods of Transporting Cars for Dealerships Are Used?

There are two methods of transporting vehicles we use for dealerships.

Open Transport

Open transport is the most common way to have cars transported for a dealer. It's the cheapest way to ship a car both dealerships and individuals. We deliver cars door to door nationally using this method. For more information on this type of automobile transport, visit our open carrier transport page.

Enclosed Transport

If you pick enclosed transport, it is the safest way to ship a car for dealers as well. We move vehicles in a sealed container within a semi truck. These enclosed car transport carriers hold 1-6 vehicles depending on the configuration. Transporting cars for dealerships with enclosed trucks also offers higher insurance policy coverages.

Enclosed trailers are a must for anyone seeking dealer transport and  looking for superior protection. You can ship a new car, exotic, classics, custom vehicles, and just about any car that you want moved in the safest way possible. Impress your customers by having vehicles sold come in on enclosed transport.

Train Transport / Ship by Rail

Shipping cars with trains has long been used by dealerships. The rail system is usually used to move large quantities of vehicles from manufacturers, however. These vehicles can come from a cargo ship or from locations beyond our borders, then loaded on a train to start the journey by rail.

As mentioned, new vehicles travel on rail cars with special auto racks. Multiple vehicles are moved to hubs in regions of the nation located near these rail networks. From there they can then be distributed locally using an open transport truck.

The train by rail method is the least common as it is not cost effective for dealerships. Shipping a car by rail is usually best suited for individuals using ship and ride services.

No Upfront Fees When Transporting Cars for Dealerships

You never pay upfront to secure carriers to transport vehicles to or from a dealership, or dealership to dealership. Talk to our car shipping advisors to get information on our reliable car transport services.

Picking Up Car Dealership Vehicles

Once you are ready to have National Express handle the process of shipping your dealership vehicle, we'll need just a few things. If picking up from your lot, please provide the proper point of contact and VIN Number of the vehicle to ship. If coming from an auction, please have the buyer number and lot number ready.

In all cases, title, spare keys, or any other documentation should be mailed separately when transporting cars for dealerships instead of riding with the vehicle on the trailer. This is recommended to assure it is not misplaced after pick up with the driver.

What Types of Vehicles Are Eligible When Transporting Cars for Dealerships?

Our vehicle transport services are suitable for any vehicle. New vehicles or used cars. From regular sedans and coupes to SUV’s big and small, as well as and all kinds of trucks too.

National Express can transport cars on open carrier transport which is the fastest way to ship a car. With open transport, 7-10 vehicles ride on the trailer which divides the cost of the journey. We also offer the safest way to ship a car, which is enclosed auto transport.

When transporting cars for dealerships, it will be suitable to provide safety for a classic car or other high end luxury vehicle.

Do You Specialize in High End Vehicles?

National Express can safely transport high end vehicles. We have your car shipping covered on safe and secure enclosed trucks. We also ship exotic cars all the time. National Express is a full service coast to coast auto transport company shipping cars across the country. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured vehicle transport.

National Express also can handle delivery for non-running vehicle transport, salvage car transport services, and successfully transport other vehicles as well to help dealerships.

Handling Car Dealer Sales

With the vast amount of buyers looking for all kinds of vehicles, it's a great idea for a dealerships to take advantage of car shipping for their customers. The abundant availability of auto transport services and the lack of available inventory has car buyers looking online more than ever to find their vehicle. This makes the job of transporting cars for dealerships essential, as it allows car sales to happen nationwide, not just on the locally.

The National Express network drivers are well trained in transporting cars for dealerships. Our cost effective service keep money in your pocket when selling cars. Safety and reliability with us is job #1, every time. Your customers will see their vehicles arrived in perfect condition when they take the wheel.

dealership giving keys to customer

Working With Dealer Trades

Car dealerships are always taking trades. With National Express, you can use our auto transport services to send out a new car and pick up the trade. It’s common for dealerships to sell a car online, need it transported, and then retrieve the trade-in.

It’s common for dealerships to sell a car online, need it transported, and then retrieve the trade-in.

Transporting cars for dealerships includes inbound and outbound auto transport services. This job can be accomplished at the same time with two car carriers going each way having the vehicle delivered directly from the point of origin to the delivery location without having to pay any additional cost.

Additionally, the need to transport dealer cars is common due to car swaps that happen all the time between cooperating car dealers. Our auto transport service for dealership cars can pick up from almost any location and bring them right to you. National Express is your complete dealer transportation solution.


auto auction sites place bid

Car Dealers Transporting Cars From Auctions

Auto auctions are great for purchasing dealership vehicles for resale. Most of the best deals won’t be down the street. As a professional auction car shipping company, our drivers can handle transporting cars for dealerships from any auction across the country. Such as Copart, IAA, Manheim, Adesa, and more. 

Hiring auto transport companies that do not specialize in auctions could potentially cost you daily storage fees sitting on the lot, meaning you could be losing profits before the vehicle even begins the journey. Furthermore, every point of the process that is of further delay continues to cause dealerships to lose money.

For example, waiting for a someone taking too long to transport vehicles adds delays to your timeline. For example, having the vehicle reconditioned adds time as well. That means you are waiting time just to ship, putting out your money longer on dealer holdover.

Join the thousands of customers that get fast car delivery with zero compromises. For best results, ship a car with National Express.

Large or Small Car Dealer Services

Transporting vehicles for dealerships has been a big part of our business for a long time. We provided car shipping for the smallest mom and pop car dealerships to large and well known dealerships. The Collection, Chariots of Palm Beach, Calabasas Luxury Motorcars, Brickell Luxury Motors. Cats Exotics, and many more have used our vehicle transport to ship valuable vehicles.

WIth National Express, We value each and every customer, no matter who they are. That allows us to be the top choice for transporting cars for dealerships and it shows all the time with our commitment to excellent service.

Regardless if our drivers are transporting cars for dealerships such as an old Honda Civic from a small lot at the end of town or a Lamborghini from a well known exotic car dealership. It does not matter if the distance to ship is down the road or the other side o t. We are your complete dealership transport solution.

dealership auto transport - costs not disclosed to except who ordered the transport

We Do Not Disclose Dealer Shipping Costs to Your Customer

What you pay for shipping is your business! One of the perks of transporting cars for dealerships through National Express trucks is that we are one of the only companies that does not disclose the price for the service to anyone that is not the customer who ordered the shipping job. That includes dealers!


We Work With Your Customers Like They are Our Own

At the same time, if you are setting up dealership vehicle transport for your customer as a courtesy, we’ll work with the person directly and keep you in the loop for the time of pickup so you can have their vehicle pristine and ready for delivery to the destination.

Discounts for Car Dealership Transportation

Establish a dealer discount account, and ship with discounted car shipping rates only available to you! The auto transport market is prime for dealers because since you are a repeat customer, you will save money. Just as with our services individuals, you will get the same door-to-door carrier services but at even better pricing than regular one-time customers booking a truck.

Even if it's the first time you use us for auto transport services, you can still get a discount for multiple vehicle transport. Each additional car is $100 off the rate for each car loaded and unloaded at the same (or nearby) locations.

Dealership Migrations / Dealer to Dealer Transport

There are various reasons why dealership inventories are moved. This could be transporting cars for dealerships which are overstock to an, an acquisition or liquidation of dealership vehicles. We can all of it. For example, open carriers can load and ship 7-10 vehicles on one truck. Smaller trucks have 3-4 cars loaded to ship at a time.

Courteous Staff That's Trained in Transporting Cars for Dealerships

Our courteous and knowledgable advisors can help organize this complex transport operations such as these. Rest assured, National Express can help you with this and more.

Skilled and Organized Auto Transport Service

At National Express, our company knows how to organize the transportation of cars for dealerships with several trucks if needed and can split loads if you have specific needs or timelines.

Count on the National Express commitment to quality and safety throughout the course of the dealership to customer journey to the destination. From the moment it is loaded, a trained driver and trailer is just moments away.

Contact Us to Ship Your Dealership Cars

One you are ready for shipping, you can reach us by phone at 800-284-7177 or by contact us by email. We are 100% to transport cars for dealerships. Count on us to deliver to and from your dealership with a driver and carrier from our huge car carrier network.

You can reach us by phone, email, or our contact page.