Ship a Car Across Country - Professional, Fast, Affordable, and Safe

There are various ways to ship a car across country. The most reliable, efficient and cost-effective way is with an auto transport company. You can also ship a car by having it driven professionally, towing it on your own, sending it on a plane, or even train.

With convenient door-to-door options, relocating your car from one side of the country to the other has never been more effortless with open an open car transport service.

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Many Individuals Ship a Car Across the Country Every Day

Auto shipping is a 10 billion dollar industry. Not only do more and more of the population have the ability to not only afford vehicles, they are also keeping them longer. This means when relocating, many are taking their cars with them.

What is it To Ship a Car Across Country?

Across country car shipping is a service that takes a car and moves it from side of the US to the other, or coast to coast. Certain state to state transport can be across country as well.

The vehicle is picked up with a car carrier and delivered to the location of your choice. The car carrier can be open or enclosed, depending on your needs. 

How Do You Take a Car Cross Country?

These are generally two different types of cross country car transport. The method you choose will determine the cost.  The cheapest and most reliable method to ship your car across the US is with an auto transport company using open carrier transport.  However, we also offer enclosed auto transport services.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car Across Country?

Most of what you pay to ship a car across the United States,  you will incur are determined by size, weight, distance, and locations. In brief, when working with an auto shipping company, it can cost anywhere from 40-56 cents a mile to ship a car across depending on distance. So, for coast to coast you will pay the least per mile.

Breaking it down, with car shipping cost calculated via a specific distance, you are looking on average cost of  $840 for about 1,500 miles, and about $1680 for 3000 miles on full cross country car transport.

Here are some sample prices auto transport companies may charge to ship a car across the U.S.A to and from major cities using open transport as the shipping option:

  • Philadelphia, PA to Portland, OR – $1,375

  • Charlotte, NC to Phoenix, AZ – $995

  • Boston, MA to Las Vegas, NV – $1,350

  • Hartford, CT to San Diego, CA – $1,395

  • Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL – $1,150

  • Seattle, WA to New York, NY – $1,250

  • Richmond, VA to San Francisco, CA – $1,295

The estimates above represent the use of open transport for cross country car shipping.

Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport Options

You do have the option of enclosed transport for more protection but it is pricier than open transport because you will be paying extra to auto transport companies for the additional comfort of knowing your car will be shipped with minimal risk of damage. This extra cost to ship your car might or might not be necessary for you.

As a general guideline, use enclosed to transport a car when looking for cross country car shipping for something exotic, a classic car, high end luxury vehicle, or even a highly valued vehicle that can be not necessarily expensive but valuable to you in a sentimental way. Otherwise you can use other options to transport a car across the U.S.  that will save you 40-60% on the cost of shipping, such requesting the use of an open air carrier.

As with other transport options we provide, all enclosed car transport travels across country. Also expect door to door car shipping. 

You may be able to save big money by going with open car shipping services. Pick an open transport car shipping service for your daily driver or family hauler.

If you have any doubt or trouble with which type of car shipping to use, consult one of our auto transport company representatives.

Why National Express Auto Transport?

National Express Auto Transport sets the standard in the auto transport industry, providing unbeatable service and reliability, as we provide a full door to door cross country vehicle shipping that travels to nearly any delivery location you can think of.

Hundreds of Routes

We travel hundreds of cross country vehicle shipping routes daily with complete dependability, which has earned us the praise of so many customers. Join our community to uncover what they already know: trustworthy service like ours is hard to come by!

The Actual Auto Transport Company - Not a Lead Farm

We are also the actual auto transport company putting you with a carrier to transport your car cross country. We are not a lead procuring website selling quotes that is busy masquerading as a car shipper.

Our goal is to provide you the actual service of connecting you to a qualified and vetted carrier, thereby giving you the best experience that is possible.

National Express is there for you throughout the entire shipping process assuring prompt delivery and great customer service.

Attention to Detail

The way we operate is not like other auto transport companies. The attention to detail and careful treatment of you and your vehicle is unparalleled by comparison. We want you to be 100% satisfied when the car arrives.

We try to ensure you get the best experience with us. We want to be 100% sure your vehicle gets the best care possible. When using National Express to handle your car shipping,  you confide in to move your vehicle to a state nearby or thousands of miles away, that job of auto shipping is the top priority of a reputable car shipping company.

  • To ensure a successful experience, we deploy our top-tier staff and resources to safely transfer your vehicle from one state to the next in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

  • We ship all kinds of cars from your high value super car to uncle Jessy's broken down Dodge Dart. Our cross country car transport services are available nationwide.

  • From the highest value super cars to Uncle Jessy's broken down Dodge Dart, we have got you covered! Our nationwide car shipping services are available anywhere in the United States.

  • There are so many very satisfied customers who rely on our safe, reliable, and easy to use service.

Unrivaled Reliability

Looking for a reliable car shipping service to transport your vehicle from one side of the country to the other? So many have trusted National Express with their transportation needs, and it's easy to see why. As a full-service auto shipper, we move all types of vehicles across the country or just down the road - no matter where you need us!

Our team of experts guarantees safe delivery regardless of location so that there is never any stress or worry on your end. Look no further than National Express for superior quality car shipping service.

You can always count on us to get your car shipped door to door. Use us for out great service and reliable carriers. Contact us now.

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car Across Country?

There are various factors involved in calculating the time it takes to move a car across country. Shipping a car across nearby states can take 1-3 days. While coast to coast can an take up to 9 or 10 days. Ultimately, distance determines how long it takes to ship your car.


Across Country Transport - Is it Door to Door Service?

The best cross country car shipping is door to door as long as it's possible. There are exceptions in cases where it is not safe, physically possible, or legally permissible.

In those cases, there can be other arrangements made for convenient drop off locations nearby to pick from.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Car Across Country?

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a car cross country without any compromise in insurance coverage or safety, you can opt for open auto transport as the budget friendly way.

Open air transport is always on a car carrier with all four wheels on the open transport vehicle and not on a tow dolly as can be seen when using a regular local tow company. 

Also known as an open car hauler, it represents 98% of our services with the most available truck drivers to drop off almost anywhere. As a result, you also benefit faster pick up date and faster shipping. This is part of why it's such a convenient option and the cheapest cross country car shipping.  It is cost effective, helps you save more money, with the cheapest cost to ship.

If your car is traveling shorter cross country distances or you do not mind a little dust and rain, open transport will also suffice for you and your budget. Save significant money on car shipping costs with open carriers. 

What's the Safest Way to Ship a Car Across Country?

On the other hand, if you want to help further protect your vehicle or you are transporting a luxury / exotic vehicle, it then enclosed transport is the safest way to ship these sensitive vehicles that need the most protection.

It all but assures your vehicle arrives in perfect condition for shipping a car cross country. Therefore, if you choose enclosed transport, it will further avoid the possibility even the most minute pits or scratches from road debris. This is especially true if your car is traveling long distances. Such as those involved with cross country car shipping! 

It is also advisable to choose this type of car transport service for a classic car or exotic vehicles, especially when moving a car across country during the winter months to shield it from weather conditions. Very sensitive vehicles or high value vehicles need enclosed transport from qualified car shipping companies.

Although some classic cars may still go on an open trailer, exotics nearly always are required to travel enclosed. You will see your car arrived in the exact condition it was loaded. The average cost of enclosed transport is 40-60% above the open cost to ship. 

It's also worth noting that enclosed shipping as your shipping method provides a faster delivery time from the pickup date. Although most hold multiple vehicles, an enclosed trailer carries fewer cars. Visit our enclosed shipping page for more details.

When you need to ship a valuable vehicle, it's paramount to know who is taking it to the destination. With enclosed transport, we provide enhanced details such as a bio and references when providing the carrier's information. This includes pictures of the trailer that will pick up and is taking your vehicle when using this transport type.


Ship a Car Across Country with Expedited Services

Thankfully for those in a hurry,  expedited delivery as part of our shipping options thanks to our vast carrier network. With expedited shipping you assure you make your best time possible to thousands of delivery locations across country.

In a crunch? Previous shipping companies moving your vehicle missed the first available shipping date? About to miss your final pickup and delivery date? Expedited shipping is the answer.

See car pickup as quickly as within 24 hours without paying an overwhelming shipping cost. Just like other car across country shipping, it is door to door transport.

Please note with expedited pickup services, travel time is restricted by applicable laws and time limits long distance auto transport. Therefore, expedited will not change how long a vehicle may take while in transit even with typical traffic patterns. Door to door delivery also can be limited by locations that may not be safe, physically possible to enter, or not legally permissible for a truck to enter. Ask for assistance on shipping vehicles using expedited delivery. 

First Responders Discount

Are you on of our first responders?   Such as travel nurse, military, or government in need of cross country car shipping? Thank you for your dedication and hard work! We will provide you the best possible service with a special discount just for you when you get a quote. One coast to another or just half way across country, we are the best auto transport company to handle your mission critical car transport. For the first, second, or third time you ship your car, and beyond.

Benefits of a Reputable and Reliable Across Country Transport Company

There are many benefits from using a reputable auto transport company to move a car across the country. Such as having an answer to all your questions.  There's a lot that goes along with sending a car the whole way across the country. It's not just about saving money but saving time with the car shipping service you pick.  

Especially if this is the first time you ship a car, it's great to know you are working with a firm that has the right experience shipping cars.  Especially with cross country car transpiration. We have your best interests in mind throughout the whole shipping process with excellent customer service. 

Not All Shipping Companies are Equal

The idea to ship a car across country is very common, but the not everyone does so with excellent service and fast arrival to your desired location. This is because we handle thousands of shipments every year all with satisfied customers using a door to door service.  

Shipping a car wether it's just going 500 miles, crossing one state, 1,500 miles, or long distance sending the car from one side of the country, we can get the vehicle delivered for you. The only exception for cross country car shipping having door to door shipping included would be if the carrier does not fit in the location or is not allowed to enter pick up or delivery locations. (As mentioned earlier.)

--Not sure if you should drive your car across country? Use our checklist to find out if it's a good idea to drive your car or not.


Getting A Car Shipping Quote Instantly

It's relatively easy to get a cross country car shipping quote with us so you can then compare the price you get with us, with that of other transport companies. With our , you can determine your cost ship a car across the nation instantly. We are always keeping up to date with current market conditions to ensure you have the most accurate cost of shipping that is possible. If the quote is higher than you can afford, you can look into different discounts to lower the price.

You can inquire about certain discounts for car shipping services when you are communicating with our staff, so that they can include it in your instant quote. We have the best rates and have the lowest possible prices by offering military discounts, breaks for travel nurses, and more. You will see we have more to offer than any other car shipping company

Vehicle Pickup

After determining the cost, the next thing you should do is arrange the vehicle pickup for your cross-country move. We will then assign the fastest and closest carrier, to ship your vehicle across the country.

Personal Belongings

When preparing to meet the carrier that provide your cross country vehicle shipping, be sure to have less than 100 lbs personal items stored under the window line.  Most vehicles have alarms systems, however those are usually disabled during transport to prevent them going off, so kindly note items in the vehicle should be of little value. This is especially true when using open trailer / open car transport where your stuff could be seen. Remember to only send personal items and not household goods such as appliances or furnishings.

If you feel you are close or just over the limit, as a courtesy keep the gas tank under a quarter as each gallon of fuel weights over 6 lbs. When hiring us to have a car picked up for cross country vehicle transport, the carrier will stop at multiple truck stops along the way during needed rest periods. Be sure to hide items.

Schedule Enough Time

Because the process (especially for cross country auto transport) has are a lot of moving parts, be sure to give yourself time. National Express will make the process as hassle free as possible, but it is important to know the amount of lead time you should plan for, and how long it takes.  So it's good to always be prepared with at least a 24-48 hour window so that way should the carrier get delayed. Common delays are tire damage, car on the carrier won't start and we can't unload, traffic issues, detours, problems with road infrastructure, and other road conditions. Plan ahead and you increase the chances that you are not affected.

Don't leave plans for the last minute. Expedited services cost a lot more if you realized you should have made arrangements sooner.  This seems simple, but everyone can get busy and forget to plan or underestimate the time it takes to get a car from one of the country to another. Be smart, plan ahead to avoid possible major delays by booking at latest a week in advance.

Pickup Address / Location

Make sure that you have verified exact address for your pickup and that your car will be available on the day that it will be picked up. In a rare situation where mapping isn't available, your pickup might be delayed because the driver cannot find your location. Be sure to be specific especially if you are in a new development or rural unmapped area.

Getting  Your Car Ready for the Pickup

Before you have your vehicle shipped out, make sure that your car is secured and somewhat clean so in the rare instance that there is damages incurred during transport it can be seen. This helps out at delivery to your new home, school, office, or vacation residence. Should an insurance claim need to be made.

It is advisable that you take a picture of every part of the car as proof that there is no damage before you shipped it out.

Inoperable Cross Country Shipping

Moving a project or inoperable car?  We can do that too. You can ship even if the vehicle condition is non running. And by the way, your vehicle does not have be covered by your insurance company or registered as it is cargo on carrier.  We can provide both pickup and delivery as long as the vehicle rolls and steers (unless it is loaded and unloaded at both locations).

National Express

There'a a lot of auto shipping firms out there.  But not all are created equal. It's critical to have an auto transport service that provides specialized vehicle shipping. A company that is there with you throughout the whole process.

To assure the cross country car shipping company is reliable and reputable. If getting multiple quotes, be sure to check reviews and reputation of the competition.

Price seem too low to be true? It probably is. Going with the lowest price can put your cross country car transport in a tough situation.