National Express Auto Transport Reviews


Everyone is searching for the safest, most efficient, and reliable auto transport that will leave them with peace of mind. Whether it’s from the local dealer to your doorstep or across the country to another state. National express is that dependable service that will take care of your vehicle from start to finish. The best part is that National Express is  available 24-7, seven days a week.

This is not a broker referral service but rather a direct auto transport company. That means you will be dealing direct and not handed off to someone else.

Reliable auto transport from National Express



I have been driving down from New York for several years to spend my winters in Florida. But it’s becoming more difficult as time passes to make the long drive. My family also worries a lot because I’m on the road by myself for so long. I was just looking for a way that was easier and after searching on the Internet I ran into national express and was very, very happy with how they handled everything. Raymond is a total sweetheart and he was so kind to me and even told me that once I did this for the first time I would never drive again. And he was completely right. Now from this moment on you’ll never see me drive down to Florida but I’ll fly instead. Because it is so nice to have your car just show up after you get there. I am so happy with this company. They have really made it easy for me and has been so good at communication and calling me. I’m Not very big with the email or I don’t even really do texting and things like that so a phone call is very important to me. Thank you so much.

– Marilyn Steinberg, Long Island | New York



National express was so fast in getting my vehicle. I have purchased it from a small dealership in Doral Florida. This is nearby where they are at so I pick them because they were close. It really did work out perfectly and they did an amazing job so I’m very happy to leave this review for you. Thank you for the good work.

– Robert Diaz, AtlantaGeorgia



The chance came for me to get a car I’ve wanted for a long time. It was an old Triumph that did not start because it was kept in storage for very long. I was extremely happy to see the care that national express took and bring my vehicle home to me. Even though it was in pretty rough shape, the truck driver that brought it took photos of the loading and it was evident they took a lot of care to make sure they grabbed it safely for me. Superb work. I cannot be any happier.

– Alexander Moore, Fredericksburg | Virginia



Never having shipped a car before, I started looking around to see how this stuff works, it really made me worry because you think you just find someone to do it and just pick your price. I made a lot of phone calls and got a ton of emails from different companies and it was a mess. On top of that, I really didn’t know what to think of some of these pushy sales people. l was pulling my hair out because I was totally more confused with what to do than when I started. Ultimately national express had the nicest staff to work with of all the companies I called. They were very honest and explaining everything to me and answering my questions without hesitation. In the end it was a great choice for me because it was just what I wanted. Simplicity! All I did is call, got my price, booked it, and in two days they were there. Highly recommend them.

– Cecilia Estrada, Houston | Texas



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