Auto Transport Contract:

National Express Auto Transport Terms and Conditions

National Express Auto Transport is a fully licensed and bonded auto transport company. Our Motor Carrier Number is 935925 and USDOT Number is 2821279

For the purpose of this agreement “customer” represents any of the authorized parties noted in the shipping and billing sections. This also includes the cardholder. For the purpose of this agreement a customer that is a dealer or is employed by a dealer (sales associate, manager, owner, etc), will be known as “dealer”.

Orders include all fees there are no other charges. Booking is free. Customer will not be charged any deposit until the order is dispatched / assigned to the carrier. If dropping off at the port, the deposit is charged when booking to reserve a space on the ship. This will also be considered a dispatch.

Puerto Rico , Hawaii, and Alaska are Door to Port Only. If you are in close proximity to a port our system may quote you a port drop off rate that can be $200-300 less than a pick up rate. Ports include Jacksonville, Oakland, Seattle, Kent, and Long Beach.

The remaining balance is then paid at delivery to the carrier in the form of certified funds such as cash, cashier’s check, or money order. If going to the port, these funds may be requested at the pickup location. Customer will receive instructions prior to the carrier arriving to get the vehicle in these cases.

At the customer’s request, the full fee for the transport can be charged on a credit card. If requested, there will be a $75 convenience charge for any charge of the full fee ranging from $200 to $600. For any full fee charged over $601, there will be a $150.00 convenience charge.


Customer agrees that by filling out the order that accompanies this contract, customer is granting permission to be contacted by voice call / phone , electronic messaging such as email and SMS (standard messaging rates may apply). To opt out, reply with "UNSUBSCRIBE". Should you opt out, you agree that important order updates will not be transmitted by SMS or email if unsubscribing to both email and SMS.

Cancellations and Refunds

Customer may cancel without penalty as long as the order has not yet been assigned (dispatched) to a Carrier (transporter). Cancellation may only be made in writing by sending a message to us with the order number through the contact form on our site. Please note vehicles can remain on the dispatch boards for 1-5 business days. During this time our customer service team will reach out to you should a carrier become available. Our sales team may also seek out offers from carriers to expedite a transport if cancellation was due to carrier availability.

When a dispatch has occurred, services have been rendered and customer agrees that the deposit is nonrefundable and becomes the cancellation fee. Dispatch as it refers to offshore orders are billed upon the assignment of a booking number on the vessel that is taking the vehicle overseas, therefore is also considered a dispatch. If customer has opted to pay for the service in full on a credit card and then cancel, the customer will be refunded the full amount charged including the convenience fee, minus the deposit.

If a refund is due to any error, agreed adjustment, etc., it will be credited within 7-10 business days.

Customer Terms and Disclaimer of Liability

Customer agrees that they are the legal owner of the vehicle(s) or have been authorized by the legal owners to enter into this agreement for transport. Customer gives permission for National Express Auto Transport to dispatch a carrier(s) to pick up and deliver the vehicle(s) mentioned in this agreement.

If National Express Auto Transport has a carrier assigned for pickup and customer cannot be reached due to an invalid, missing, or declined credit card we will still dispatch the carrier. We will continue to contact the customer to resolve the billing information however, if we have to collect the deposit at delivery there will be charge a +$150 processing fee to do so. Customer is to make sure billing info is up to date. If an update to the billing is needed it can be done here. National Express Auto Transport guarantees the price all the way to the deposit amount. This means national express will profit zero to maintain the price given by our company.

If carrier or any other party requests additional fees customer will contact us immediately.

Customer agrees vehicle(s) is/are operational unless clearly noted in the order so the rate can be quoted accurately. If this is not disclosed and the vehicle is inoperable (non-running) there will automatically be a $150.00 additional fee added to the order. When selecting the vehicle from the list for transport, we have factored size and weight in the price. If the vehicle is customized or modified customer agrees will have properly represented the vehicle. If the vehicle is not as expected or otherwise misrepresented, customer forfeits any fees charged for the dispatch and a possible dry run fee of $100.00 if requested by the carrier.

Customer assumes responsibility to have accurate contact information for both pick-up and delivery. Customer agrees those contacts will be ready to release and receive the vehicle(s) as well as sign the bill of lading at both pick-up and delivery. It is required that the parties at both locations are of legal age to sign. At the time of pickup, the customer and the carrier will carefully walk around inspecting the vehicle for any pre-existing exterior damage and note it on the vehicle inspection report A.K.A. bill of lading. The carrier and the customer will both sign and receive a copy of the bill of lading. At the time of delivery, the customer and carrier will again carefully inspect the vehicle for damages incurred during transport. The carrier and the customer will both sign and receive a copy of the bill of lading. If customer is not present as the pickup and / or delivery contact, customer assumes responsibility to inform pick-up and delivery contacts about the bill of lading and inspections. National Express Auto Transport needs these two documents to help open a claim with the carrier and/or their insurance should there be any damage to the vehicle(s). National Express Auto Transport will attempt to assist but may not be able help to open a claim without these documents. Customer agrees that any damage not contained or if they are missing the condition report (bill of lading) cannot be claimed. Videos, photos, eye-witness accounts are not permissible.

If customer opts to have carrier pick up or deliver vehicle without anyone present (i.e. Keys under the mat), customer is aware that National Express cannot assist in any claim for damage or loss of any kind. Otherwise, customer agrees to have person assigned to release the vehicle upon pick up and a person assigned to accept the vehicle upon delivery. If either contact is not available and this cause the carrier a delay, additional fees may be incurred such as storage or holding fees.

When referencing “door-to-door” in this agreement or any, it represents that the assigned carrier will attempt to pick up the vehicle and deliver the vehicle at the locations designated in the transit directives. However, if there are any physical, legal, mechanical, or other reasons that do not allow the carrier to reach the pick-up and drop off points, the customer agrees that the parties in the transit directives may be asked to meet the driver at the nearest safe location.

If vehicle is not released to the carrier or otherwise ready on the projected dates for pickup, customer may be charged a “dry run” fee, which is $100.00. The projected dates for pickup and delivery are not guaranteed and are estimates due to the complexities of scheduling several cars on a carrier which can be affected by weather, road conditions, delays from other customers, mechanical issues, etc.

Dealer certifies that by signing this contract National Express Auto Transport and its assigned carrier are fully authorized to ship the vehicle(s) on behalf of the dealership.

Dealer certifies that they have received authorization from their employer or have the authority to make decisions regarding auto shipping thereby certifying that liability for any unpaid invoices will fall upon the customer signing this agreement and the dealership itself as an authorized agent on behalf of the dealership.

Customer understands deposit is a portion of the total transportation cost for services rendered. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and all other off-shore destinations are port-to-door or door-to-port shipments. (i.e. San Juan pr port to customer’s door in U.S. Or customer’s door in U.S. To San Juan port). Customer must pick up or drop of their vehicles(s) at the port if it is not located in the U.S. Customer understands auto carriers on land are insured, but some overseas shipments provide only a minimal $500.00 “scratch and dent” insurance, or no insurance at the port or on the ship at all. Customer is responsible for obtaining the vessel terms and conditions and inquiring about insurance for those transports.

Customer agrees that they will only release the vehicle upon pick up to the carrier named by National Express Auto Transport assigned for the transport. If customer receives a call from the carrier and the name does not match that which is described in the dispatch notice or if customer does not have the notice, customer will call us immediately to assure it matches with the carrier on file. Customer allows the use of any and all contact information provided to them for the transport process of the vehicles named in this agreement. Customer understands that National Express Auto Transport manages loads for auto transport carriers and is not the actual carrier. Customer agrees any claim for damage or loss of any kind can be submitted with our assistance but any and all liability will be with the carrier (or vessel for ocean bound), as they are responsible for the vehicle.

Customer agrees to pay a deposit upon dispatch to have National Express Auto Transport hire the services of a transporter for the transportation of the vehicle(s) listed in the order confirmation accompanying this agreement. In this total cost provided by the most recent order confirmation, the deposit which will be charged to a credit card when the carrier is assigned. Once this is done, the deposit is non-refundable, no exceptions. The remainder of the total tariff is due upon delivery C.O.D, which is either cashier’s check, money order or cash to the carrier in the carrier’s name. With some orders for transport (typically but not exclusively limited to 500 miles or under) National Express Auto Transport may charge the whole fee at the time of dispatch or 50% of the deposit, depending on the circumstances of the transport. If National Express Auto Transport has charged the full fee and the customer cancels the order, National Express Auto Transport will refund any remaining balance in full and retain the deposit portion. For C.O.D. orders, if the carrier has to collect the deposit at the time of pickup or delivery there will be an additional $150.00 processing fee for having the carrier deliver the deposit to us. If the deposit and / or payment is not available and billed at delivery and customer will not pay / cannot pay, carrier may hold the vehicle with added storage fees they will charge at their discretion until payment is received. In some cases where the customer or payor will not be at the delivery point. Payment will then be made at the pickup. With transports where the vehicle arrives at the port, the customer will pay the carrier’s portion of the transport at the time of pickup. In some cases, National Express Auto Transport will review specific orders and allow for the full balance to be charged on a credit card. Customer agrees that regardless of the portion charged on a credit card for the transport (whether the full fee or a part of the fee), Section 10761 of the Interstate Commerce Act (49 USC 10761) and ICC regulations prohibit withholding the payments for freight bills due to pending claims. (Administrative Ruling No. 128) the payment of freight charges may not be postponed due to alleged loss or damage. Charges will be paid in full and the portion applicable to the lost or damaged item should be included in a claim, separately. The full payment, deposit and balance due must be paid in full before vehicle is released for delivery. Unpaid balances can result in added fees or storage fees until paid in full. National Express Auto Transport has been contracted by the customer to hire a carrier to ship a vehicle.

Customer agrees not to “double book”, meaning customer will not contract and additional auto transport companies to move the vehicle(s). Customer agrees that this contract supersedes any other contract made with any other transport company or carrier before or after this contract is signed. If another carrier or company picks up the vehicle(s) and we have dispatched a carrier, it is considered a cancellation and falls upon the terms of cancellation mentioned herein.

Customer understands that National Express Auto Transport nor the carrier are responsible for items inside the vehicle(s) as the carrier’s insurance does not cover any items inside the vehicle since they are not licensed for household goods and only motor cargo. The carrier’s insurance will also not cover loose parts or non-standard factory condition parts, damaged parts. If the vehicle has damage, please make us aware before shipping. When shipping off-shore such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, the gas tank needs to be 1/4 full or the port may deny vehicle. When shipping off-shore such as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other international destinations customer will be abiding by the shipping line terms and conditions when the vehicle(s) are being transported via a shipping line and or vessel. Customer is responsible to make sure to ask for the shipping line’s terms, conditions and or instructions once the shipping line’s information is provided to the customer by National Express Auto Transport.

With some international shipping we partner with may not offer insurance on the vessel itself or may offer it as an add on. It is the customer’s responsibility to find out directly with the shipping line or request to purchase insurance.

Customer understands that the pickup and delivery date stated herein is only an estimate and national express auto transport cannot be held responsible for any of the transporter’s delays in picking up or delivering the vehicle regardless of the length of the delay. National express auto transport attempts to anticipate and work with the customer’s schedule however we cannot be held liable for costs incurred by the parties herein due to unforeseen delays, such as but not limited to accommodations, rental car, etc.

The transport pick-up may begin on the first available date and customer agrees to give us up to 10 calendar days from this date. Customer can cancel at any time before those 10 days if we have not assigned a carrier but to protect the work done, we will hold the vehicle listing for up to 3 more days in which we will contact the customer each time a carrier is available with the option to reinstate the order. However, the price will be the current market rate.

We work with estimated dates therefore we are not responsible for delays. In the event that we cannot assign a carrier to the route, National Express Auto Transport has the right to cancel the order.

The vehicle(s) will be covered by the assigned carrier’s cargo insurance only. National Express Auto Transport is not responsible and will be held harmless for any loss, deductibles, or claims not covered by the carrier or the any insurance. Any claim of loss or damage must be noted and signed on the condition report at the time of delivery. Signing the bill of lading at destination without notation of damages shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle(s). Any claim of damages caused by the assigned carrier must be noted on bill of lading and must be reported to the designated carrier and broker within 3 business days or we cannot assist in a claim being filed.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Florida. Customer agrees that any legal action arising from this agreement must be filed in Miami Dade court. Customer shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless National Express Auto Transport from any and all actual or alleged causes of action, claims, demands, loss, damage, liability, and / or injuries (to property or persons, that includes without limitation wrongful death), regardless if it is brought by an individual or other entity, proceeding from any incident, any acts, omissions, negligence, or any willful misconduct of National Express Auto Transport, or the assigned carrier, its personnel, employees, agents, or contractors in connection with or arising out of National Express Auto Transport or the assigned carrier’s actions. This indemnification includes, but is not limited to, fines, penalties, judgments, awards, attorney fees, related costs or expenses, any reimbursements of any kind.

At any time, customer may request and receive a copy of National Express Auto Transport’s operating authority as well as the insurance certificate for the carrier taking the vehicle(s).

The following items are not allowed: firearms, explosives ammunition, flammables, jewelry, furs, money electronics, valuables, plants, pets, alcohol, drugs or contraband.

Invalidity or inability to enforce one or more of the provisions written in this Agreement will not affect any other provisions that are in this customer agreement.

Customer warrants that they have read this agreement in its entirety and by continuing with the transport, fully understand and agrees to these terms. These terms cannot be modified in any way unless done so by signed agreement between the customer and an officer of the company.

Once Again, thank you for Choosing National Express.