Auction Car Transport

Auto Auctions can be a way to get your hands on a great used vehicle. Not only is there often a great inventory of vehicles, an auto auction is also a great way of getting buying a car for far less money.

Quick Facts:

  • You can purchase vehicles from one of the popular online auto auctions.
  • The most common way to bring a vehicle from an auction site is with an auto transport company using an open carrier.
  • Although in some cases you can arrange to legally drive a vehicle home, in most situations it is not possible, even from local auctions.
  • Vehicles also do not run and drive safely will need to use car shipping services.
  • Knowing the the car shipping cost ahead of time will make sure you don't go over budget.
  • Salvaged, damaged, and non-running auction vehicles can also be shipped.
  • Most carriers in our network work with auction car transport.
  • Dealerships also take advantage of auction deals to obtain low cost inventory that may just need some simple repairs or reconditioning.
  • You will not have worry about how far an auto auction is from you, an auto shipper can go to any of their locations and bring it right to you.

Arranging Shipping Services From Auction Houses

After you won the bid on a vehicle, you will need to arrange the auto transport with either the auction if they provide it, with a company that works with auction houses like IAA, Copart, Manheim, Adesa, and Mecum. You can use a car transport service from National Express, or drive it if safe and legally permissible.

The most popular way to bring a car from an auto auction is with a open car transport provided by a car shipping company. It's very important to use someone that specializes auto auction shipping and get the cost to ship.

Shipping Directly with the Auctions

Some auctions to have their own auto auction transport service for cars you win with them. Unfortunately, these are usually very expensive.

For example, Copart Towing and IAA Towing pricing is much more expensive than services from an auto shipping company. This can be even for local auctions.

This is usually due to auctions not being in the business of shipping.

Looking For Specialized Auto Auction Vehicle Transport

Shipping cars from auctions with a car shipping service is the most shipping a car from the online auto auctions requires expertise and training.

The great thing is that many of the carriers in our network are often taking vehicles to and from these auction houses.

Nearly all of our auction house car transport is most commonly done with open auto shipping service, but others like enclosed transport can be used.

These carriers travel from one state to another or even across the country with both running and non-running auction cars.

Shipping Auction Cars that Do Not Run

If you have found a special vehicle or work on project cars, you can still ship your diamond in the rough for a good price. Any non-running vehicle which needs some work you can be moved. This also includes salvaged vehicles, even cars that don't roll and steer.

These are as known as inoperable cars, these vehicles can be moved from the auction houses with carriers that have the right equipment and training to take it to the delivery location.

Getting The Cost to Ship a Car from Auto Auctions

You can begin by reading all about how auto shipping works to get started. In the meantime, you can also take a moment and find a price with a quote from our calculator.

It's always a great idea to take a look at what service options are out there for shipping. When looking for rates, always carefully look at the reviews for whomever you are considering to use.

Ordering the Auto Shipping for Your Auction House Vehicle

To authorize pickup, a buyer number, lot number, and gate pass (if applicable). Usually Adesa and Manheim will use gate passes, while Copart and IAA are ok with just the bidder number and number.

All payments to the auction must clear for the vehicle to be released. Disclosing the condition of the vehicle to the auto transport service is critical.

Running vehicles will go on any normal carrier, however inoperable or salvage vehicles will require special arrangements that can cost more.

Most pickups in metro areas occur in 1-3 days, and the national average cost is $.70 a mile.

How Auction Vehicles are Hauled

A vehicle shipment such as a car, truck, van, or SUV can be hauled from any auction as it would other location like your home or a business.

Shipping cars from car auctions is just a matter of having all the information on the vehicle and to assure all payments to the auction have cleared for release. We will be going over what is needed in more detail.

As mentioned, some of the larger auctions like Copart that offers shipping that's far more expensive. You do not need to go with their shipping service and are free to pick a nationwide auto shipping company.

With over 18,000 carriers in the network nationwide, there is no need to pay more just to do it with them. So it is cost effective to way to ship your car from the auction lot.

A running vehicle can ship on a normal open car carrier right to your home, shop, or showroom. This can be to the next town from one state to another, or across the country.

Obviously, Just keep in mind that the cost of shipping will be affected and you will need a quote.

Once you win the bid you will need for the transaction to clear but that is no reason to wait to arrange your auto shipping.  The auctions only give you 3 days to pick up your vehicle.

The faster you lock down auto shipment for an auction car, the better. Remember to have the bidder number and the lot number.

If you are going through an auto auction broker like A Better Bid, they will have to disclose their buyer number to you.

Non-Running / Inoperable Auction Shipping of Auction Cars

Many cars at the auction don't run and drive. They are considered inoperable. That's part of why you can get such great deals. But it is critical that your auto shipper knows about it.

If the vehicle does not start but rolls and steers, the carrier will need to move it with a winch. This needs to be specified and usually requires an additional fee for the work involved.

If the vehicle does not start, roll, or steer it will most likely be forklifted on. Most auctions can do this easily. A mistake many buyers make is failing to have unloading assistance for these vehicles when they arrive.

These non-runners cannot be moved with a winch because the wheels are either locked or the damage is impeding the vehicle from rolling.  This means they will not be able to roll the vehicle off. You may need to have a tow truck or forklift ready at the location on the day of delivery.

If you are delivering a non-runner to a residence, please make proper arrangements for the vehicle to arrive by communicating all the details.

How Much Does it Cost Ship an Inoperable Car from an Auction?

Auto auction transport for an inoperable vehicle will cost  $1.00 a mile for anywhere from 1-500 miles. So, a 400 mile trip would cost $400, let's say.

The cost per mile always goes down the longer the distance, but the miles of course will add up. So for example, a car shipment for an auction car that does not run for 1000 miles drops it to $0.70-0.75 cents a mile, or $700.

It's very important to understand that not all vehicles will need the same type of carrier. If the vehicle does not run, is oversized, or in pieces there will be additional considerations.

Get an instant quote with our calculator.

Should you go with Open or Enclosed Auto Transport?

When getting started., you will find mostly open transport is used because it's the cheapest way to ship a car. You will also see many offer enclosed carrier options for hauling from the auto auction.

There are all kinds of vehicles available, from daily drivers to classic cars or exotics. Just like any other type of transport, you can decide based on the value and the condition. Remember, enclosed shipping is anywhere from 30-60% more.

Just because it's an auction car being shipped, does not mean that it doesn't need the extra protection. Most shipping takes a few days depending on distance.

Remember, if you are going to drive this car on a daily basis like taking the kids to school or buying groceries, open is just fine.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that has exposed engine and interior

Shipping an Auction Vehicle with Exposed Interiors or Parts

If you are looking for auto transport from an auction that has an exposed interior or engine bay, you may consider enclosed shipping to protect sensitive parts like leather, electronics, and engine parts.

Enclosed auto transport carriers are capable of moving vehicles that do not run as well. If the auction purchase is a non-running project, you can still ship enclosed.

The key is to inform your auction auto transport advisor what the situation is. The more information provided, the better and faster the result.

Dealers and Resellers Need Auction Auto Shippers

A lot of the time auto dealers come to are buying vehicles to recondition and resell from auctions. 

Auto transport from auctions is available for car dealer auction purchases throughout the continental U.S., including multi-car options with great discounts. 

Just like with any other buyer, it's necessary to have the  buyer number, lot number, and gate pass if applicable. These quotes are based on the volume the dealership sends in.

Have National Express do All The Work

Once your vehicle is paid for at the auction, you can arrange for us to come get it. Since we are licensed and insured carriers we are allowed to enter the auction and pick up a vehicle on your behalf.

As mentioned some auctions do ship cars but are much more expensive. But did you know they use the same network an auto transport company does but still charge a lot more?

The reason they are more expensive with them is because they pay top dollar to the carrier, sometimes even double to move it fast and not search out a reasonably priced carrier.

In our carrier network, we have various car shipping carriers that are constantly in the area of the auto auctions. For the most part, they travel from that area to specific routes on a regular basis.

This means you don't wait extra time for your auction auto transport to occur just because you are not getting it from them directly.

Where it becomes a hassle is if you are still shopping around picking just any transport company that can perform that service. Then it will be a trial and error situation and time here is literally money because of possible storage fees.

However with National Express we have extensive experience in working with auctions and have a variety of clientele that use us exclusively because of our reputation with timely delivery of their shipment, fast response, and efficient delivery.