Exotic Car Transport

National Express offers ultra secure exotic car transport and luxury vehicle shipping anywhere in the USA. We offer totally isolated protection thanks to hard sided and sealed enclosed carriers. We feature hydraulic lift gates, with ample insurance coverage for the most valuable vehicles and quality of service for the most meticulous shipper. Trust National Express as your exotic car shipping company.

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An exotic car or a luxury vehicle is different than any regular enclosed transport. Absolute care needs to be taken when handling these valuable and many times rare vehicles. Such as an antique or other exotic classic car. Aside from the extra protection you receive from a carrier that is sealed off from the world, it offers privacy for your vehicle so there are no prying eyes on your prized possession.

Additionally, our enclosed car transport services are handled by elite carriers and drivers which will offer unparalleled safety and security or your pride and joy. Each carrier in our car shipping network is hand selected to move these valuable cars anywhere you need them to go, door to door.

Regardless if you’re buying your vehicle, selling it to a lucky buyer, or taking it to a show or exposition, count on National Express to do it with extra special care throughout the whole process. The best service for exotic car transport with meticulous detail.

Here we have some of the brands we ship every day. This list is not limited to these vehicles. This is an example what we see regularly.

Exotic Car Transport for Luxury Vehicles

We stand for value, quality and satisfaction when it comes to exotic car transport services. The first step you will take in selecting an enclosed auto transport company that specializes in exotics is quality. We know you will be searching for the most professional service possible at a reasonable price. After all you’re not just sitting there reading this to waste time. You are looking to assure you have a great experience and have your vehicle moved in the safest way possible.

You have been meticulous and intelligent with your business decisions and how you chose to handle you exotic car is not taken with any less importance, even if it's a personal choice. Having that in the back of your mind, know that “enclosed” does not equal “exotic auto transport”.

Enclosed auto carriers are the primary way an exotic or luxury car is shipped, however there are different kinds of enclosed trucks. Any regular auto transport broker or shipping company can blindly subcontract an enclosed auto carrier.  But are they are a qualified car shipping company that is specialized in exotic car transport services.

That's the difference between an exotic car specialist, and a regular shipper that will not understand the complexity of getting your car to the destination safely. Utmost care must be the top priority. 

We do not use soft sided carriers for exotic car transport, antique car transport, and exotic classic car transport.

It's important to know the required insurance for your exotic. There must be a clear understanding of the kind of relocation services that handle extremely low vehicles. That ensures you have your vehicle arrive in perfect condition. 

So while you’re most likely going to completely avoid any transporters that don’t look like they’ve ever even looked at an exotic car, be sure to understand that your vehicle needs to go on the top tier of enclosed transporter from an auto transport industry leader. 

With that said, some auto transport companies try to sell enclosed auto transport that is truly not meant for your vehicle but since it’s a smaller carrier perhaps or a truck that doesn’t have these accommodations such as a proper lift gate, you’ll be paying less. You won’t realize this until they come get your car. Any exotic vehicle must travel in an enclosed truck. We mentioned that there are 3 kinds of enclosed trucks.

Own a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other low clearance vehicle? You can’t drive these up standard ramps. You need a hard sided truck with a liftgate. They are by far the safest, The liftgate is a flat piece of metal that lands on the ground from the truck and elevates the vehicle into the trailer. That is top tier service for exotic auto transport. This is what we offer, and this is what you pay for.

A Premium Service for Exotic Cars

With our exotic auto transport service you will get "first in line" customer enclosed auto service. Accurate tracking of the location of your vehicle. Direct access to your car transport carrier's driver who is delivering your car with his or her direct number. Finally, you will receive updates on every step of the shipment.

We pull every stop, oversee the entire shipping process, and put your needs first to assure you get what you want and expect. National Express gets it right the first time, always. No other shipping company comes close to the excellence of our exotic auto shipping knowledge and vast experience.

How Much Does Exotic Car Transport Cost?

Generally, exotic car transportation will be in the higher range, usually 50-60% more than the cost of standard auto shipping. To put it into prospective, a transport going from Coast to Coast will cost $1800-2300 for a high-end exotic using the top tier transporter. It is rare that costs will exceed $2700 unless dealing with a very hard to reach area away from metro locations. This comes to about $0.80 per mile for cross-country transport and short distances ranging about $1.60 per mile. This applies just the same whether it's antique, rare race car, or exotic classic car.

Need an exact date for pick up or delivery? Talk to your exotic transport representatives to make arrangements for expedited exotic shipping.

How Does Insurance Work when Shipping an Exotic, Luxury or Other High End Vehicle?

Exotic vehicles require higher insurance. You will see a much higher coverage than you would with a regular car transport. The larger full size carrier we use will have your vehicle ride ride in a fully bonded and insured with \$2 million in in actual cargo insurance (as well as additional coverage including outside liability). Smaller carriers that carry less vehicles will naturally have lesser coverage. You will receive a copy of the insurance for the carrier your vehicle rides in.

It's important to be aware that insurance differs depending on the auto transport company you decide to work with. For example, we elect to work with insurance policies will offer more comprehensive coverage for the shipping, while another bargain option might only cover specific damages. Make sure you understand how a shipping company’s insurance works before you hand over your vehicle if it is not with us.

How Long Does It Take to Transport An Exotic Car?

It's usually about 3-6 days for state-to-state. If you are talking about a coast to coast, it can take from 7-10 days for delivery to occur. For a full breakdown, see our page on how long it takes. As a general rule, expect that the carrier can travel anywhere from 300-500 miles per day. How long it takes will have to do with weather and road conditions. Also, the availability of the others that are receiving the vehicles plays a part too. There is one other advantage of selecting the pricier enclosed auto shipping option. Regardless if you are looking for exotic classic car transport, antique shipping, or any other type of  exotic transport service, some of these carriers hold less cars, so they can arrive quickly due to less drop-offs.

Call or Make a Reservation Online

Call 800-284-7177 to get on the phone with one of our trained advisors. Our compliance department will check off every box on your list  needed to assure you are completely satisfied with your exotic enclosed auto transport service. The key is to provide you the best experience so you come to us for shipping services time and time again. We want to be your top choice for your premium car shipping of a luxury car purchase or sale, exotic classic car transport, or any need to move a highly valuable vehicle.