Single Car Enclosed Transport

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Single car enclosed shipping is provided by using a smaller car trailer as pictured. It is normally done with a dually truck for pulling and supporting the weight of an enclosed trailer that takes 1-3 vehicles.

Is Single Car Enclosed Transport Available?

The answer is, it depends. The business of shipping cars is based on numbers. So, when a carrier is taking vehicles from one location to another they are looking for more than just one to maximize the profit that they could make per route. As a result, it could be very difficult to find a carrier that will take all by itself. If you are a very popular route, we can screen carriers and attempt to hold one for one that will have the vehicle ride alone.

Is it worth Holding Out for Single Car Enclosed?

In our experience a vehicle traveling on an enclosed trailer with other cars going with it does not pose any extra risk of damage or inconvenience. The vehicle may however arrive slightly quicker because there are no others to pick up or drop off along the way. If a multilevel carrier is used, they will have barriers protecting yours (if below) from leaks or other fluids, which is common in classic cars.

Multi-Car Enclosed Transport

Some may argue the larger trucks provide extra safety as these larger trailers are almost like a rolling fortress. You will be traveling in good company with various high value cars such as exotics. So, if you are a car fanatic (Which if you are looking for this type of transport you may very well be..) Seeing what else is inside will be a treat for you.

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