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Alaska Auto Transport

National express provides auto transport services to and from Alaska. You can ship your Car, Truck, SUV, to or from Alaska with the best rates possible. We make it fast, safe, and with the highest quality service you expect. Alaska auto transport is door to port coming from the mainland, (Northbound) and port to door coming back to the mainland (Southbound). All Alaska Auto Transport is enclosed at no additional charge. We ship to and from Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau.

Shipping a Car to or from Alaska

It’s one of the easiest cross-ocean services to arrange away from the mainland. Although an ocean away, since Alaska auto transport services are from one U.S. state to another, so there is absolutely no need for special paperwork or admission when planning to ship a car to or from Alaska. In fact, in comparison to all our other cross-ocean auto transport shipping to or from Alaska is a lot less stringent. For example, you can ship a vehicle that doesn’t run (inoperable). Vehicles with a crack or chip on the windshield can be shipped without a problem. You can also pack up to 250 pounds in a vehicle being dropped off directly at the port as long as it’s not covering any of the windows or on the front seats. (Vehciles being dropped off by our carrier at the port are governed by the D.O.T. and FMCSA, therefore cannot have more than 100 pounds of personal items (See below for more detailed information).

Shipping a Car to Alaska

Typically it’s door-to-port shipping in that direction (northbound). Your vehicle will be picked up by a carrier anywhere in the United States. We would then bring your vehicle to the port of Seattle, Washington. From there it will set sail and your car will ship to Alaska (northbound) and be dropped off in Anchorage. Sailings take 14-16 days. Expedited services that take half the time are available at a higher cost. You can also bring your vehicle to Washington. However our rates are very reasonable. Short distances normally will not cost more than $100, additional. So, even if you are a couple of hours away, you should consider getting a quote that includes the door-to-port option. Our Alaska auto transport service does allow for items to be in the vehicle. The perk of dropping off right at the port in Washington, is that you can have up to 250 pounds of items in the vehicle as long as you’re not obstructing the windows and towards the rear of the vehicle. However, if a carrier is picking you up from elsewhere in the United States and dropping off at the port the standard 150 pounds in the trunk only applies. Visit our Moving My Car Page to get information about putting items in a vehicle. Be sure to look at our Alaska checklist as well for detailed requirements. 

Shipping a Car from Alaska

Shipping a Car from Alaska (southbound) is very similar to shipping to the state. You can drop off your vehicle at the port in Anchorage. From there, we arrange to have it set sail to the mainland. We transport your vehicle on a carrier to your door anywhere in the U.S. Sailings take 14-16 days, and expedited auto transport that takes half the time are available at a higher cost. If you reside near the port in Washington, you can opt to pick up the vehicle right from the port. But with short distance transport costing as little as $100 more, it’s very worth it to have us deliver to your door. If you are moving personal items, you are however limited to 150 pounds with an auto carrier as opposed to the limit if 250 pounds you get on the transport to or from Alaska.

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Getting Started

Getting started is really easy. The first thing to do is simply get a rate. Request a quote with us online or by phone and will get you started on setting up your transport. We have gone through most of the basic points. However, our staff is very knowledgeable and we can definitely help you answer any questions you may have in detail. Call us today! 800-284-7177