Shipping To or From Washington State

We see a lot of car deliveries to and from Washington. Most of the time, it's vehicle going to the state. Most are West Coast residents, like those from California. Still, we can get vehicles in our out of the state to just about anyhere. Even Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and next door neighbor (although over the water) Alaska! 

View of Seattle, Washington

Reasons for Living in Washington State 

The natural beauty due to the mountain scenery and the coastline is an attractive feature, leading to it having three major national parks. Residents of Washington State do not pay any income tax and the economy of some its cities such as Seattle is booming, where unemployment dipped to 3.7 percent. There are also plenty of jobs in eight primary sectors.Making this a job seeker destination that we ship many vehicles to. 

Reasons for Leaving Washington State

It has a regressive tax system, with the wealthy having low tax rates and the poor or middle class being charged a high percentage of income. The house payments are also particularly high in the state. The city of Seattle is also growing quite fast at 2.8 percent which may lead to an overcrowding problem. Those leaving Seattle can transport their cars to any destination in the U.S.

Population and Demographics 

As of 2015 US Census data, Washington State had a population of 7,170,351, the 13th most populous in the United States This is a 6.6 percent increase in the population from the 2010 US Census. The population increase was mainly seen in the five largest counties of Clark, King, Pierce, Snohomish and Spokane, which are the ones we see the most auto transport services performed. Seattle has the highest increase in residents in the state, accounting for a fifth of the population increase in Washington State. This was followed by Vancouver, Marysville and Kent. Foreign born persons account for 13.3 percent if the total population. The Evergreen state’s population density is 107.9 per square mile, ranking at 26th nationally.

Weather and Climate

There are two climate zones in the Washington State. West of the Cascade Mountains, the location of Seattle and the state’s capital, Olympia, the summers are mild and humid not exceeding above 79ºF and winters reach 46 ºF. The months of December and January experience the most precipitation and the region experiences fog and cloudy mornings on the slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Eastern Washington, encompassing the east of the Rocky Mountains has warm summers and cool winters. The Pacific Ocean and the landscape hare the major influences on the weather and climatic patterns.Jobs and cost of living.

Major Industries

Agriculture is a major industry in Washington State, hence its name ‘The Evergreen State.’ The manufacturing industry is vibrant in the Washington state with the top industries in the sector including lumber, chemicals, machinery, shipbuilding, food processing and aircraft and missile production. It has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $9.47 per hour. Job growth has been steady, at an average of 0.8 percent higher than the national average of 0.5 percent. Poverty levels are below the national average for the 7th year straight. The median household income is $60,294 with about 63.8 percent of the population in the civilian labor force. The overall cost of living is about 17 percentage points above the national average with housing being significantly higher than the national average by 47 percentage points. Seattle is 24 percent above the national average of the cost of living.

How Does Auto Transport to or from Washington Work?

National Express has established a strong track record in managing vehicle shipments to and from Washington over the years. Our team comprises experts in the field of automobile shipping, well-versed in the intricacies of interstate auto transportation.

We are dedicated to offering exceptional and personalized services tailored to your specific needs, whether it's assisting with car pickups, managing shipping logistics, or guiding you through the claims process.

National Express serves customers nationwide, providing a comprehensive range of vehicle transport options beyond just cars and trucks, including motorcycles, boats, SUVs, and more. Our expertise lies in providing seamless door-to-door shipping and auto transport services, ensuring that your vehicle is efficiently picked up and delivered to your preferred location.

To guarantee your peace of mind and provide complete coverage throughout the shipping process, National Express is fully certified, bonded, and insured.

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How Much Does Car Transport to or from Washington Cost?


When evaluating the costs associated with transporting your vehicle to or from Washington, it's essential to consider various factors that contribute to the overall pricing structure. While some elements, such as the size, weight, and travel distance of your vehicle, are straightforward to determine, there are more intricate considerations to keep in mind.

Here's an extensive list of variables that can impact the total cost of shipping your vehicle to or from Washington:

Location and Distance

The primary cost factor is the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. Longer distances typically result in higher shipping costs. Additionally, shipping to or from remote or less accessible areas may incur extra expenses due to extended travel time and increased fuel consumption.

Vehicle Type

The size and weight of your vehicle have a significant impact on shipping costs. Larger vehicles generally come with higher transportation expenses because they require more space and consume more fuel during transit.

Vehicle Condition

If your vehicle is inoperable, special equipment for loading and unloading may be necessary, leading to additional charges.

Transportation Mode

The auto shipping industry offers two primary transportation modes: open and closed transit. Open transport is the more cost-effective choice, while closed transport provides enhanced security and protection for your vehicle. Opting for closed transportation can result in a price increase of up to 60%.

Seasonal Variations

Seasonal fluctuations can affect shipping costs. Typically, summertime witnesses heightened shipping expenses due to increased nationwide demand.

On the other hand, prices may rise during the winter as snowbirds migrate to warmer destinations or decrease when shipping to colder regions within the same season. Springtime can also bring about rate fluctuations.

Expedited Shipping & Delivery

Opting for expedited delivery services often leads to higher costs. Car transportation companies must adhere to specific protocols to expedite pickups, which may involve additional fees.

How Long Do Washington Auto Transport Services Take?

The timeframes for transporting vehicles to or from Washington can vary based on several factors. Typically, for shorter distances ranging from 100 to 300 miles, you can anticipate a delivery timeframe of approximately 1 to 2 days. Conversely, for longer journeys spanning 1500 to 2500 miles across the country, the delivery duration may extend to around 8 to 10 days.

Several other variables come into play when estimating the transit time. These factors include the overall distance, seasonal variations, the time of year, potential deviations or detours, road closures or construction, local weather conditions, compliance with mandated driver rest periods and hourly constraints, and traffic conditions along the chosen routes.

National Express Auto Transport Services in Washington

When arranging the transportation of your car to or from Washington, you have the option to select from a variety of pickup and drop-off locations across the country.


Bellevue, WA

Car Shipping Services to or from Bellevue Washington: Zip Codes 98004, 98005, 98006, 98007, 98008, 98027, 98033, 98039, 98052, 98059 & the surrounding regions



Vehicle Transport Services to or from Bellingham Washington: Zip Codes 98225, 98226, 98229 & adjacent localities


Everett, WA

Auto Hauling Services to or from Everett Washington: Zip Codes 98201, 98203, 98204, 98205, 98207, 98208, 98272, 98275, 98290, 98294 & the neighboring areas


Federal Way, WA

Car Transport Services to or from Federal Way Washington: Zip Codes 98001, 98003, 98023 & the nearby communities


Kennewick, WA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Kennewick Washington: Zip Codes 99336, 99337, 99338 & the surrounding localities


Kent, WA

Vehicle Shipping Services to or from Kent Washington: Zip Codes 98030, 98031, 98032, 98038, 98042, 98051, 98055, 98092, 98188, 98198 & the adjoining regions


Kirkland, WA

Auto Transport Services to or from Kirkland Washington: Zip Codes 98033, 98034, 98052 & the vicinity


Renton, WA

Car Carrier Services to or from Renton Washington: Zip Codes 98031, 98032, 98055, 98056, 98057, 98058, 98059, 98178, 98188 & the surrounding localities


Seattle, WA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Seattle Washington: Zip Codes 98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98105, 98106, 98107, 98108, 98109, 98112, 98115, 98116, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98125, 98126, 98133, 98134, 98136, 98144, 98146, 98154, 98164, 98174, 98177, 98195, 98199 & the nearby districts


Top 5 Tips and Ideas for Those Moving to Washington

Washington is a diversified and vibrant state in the Pacific Northwest, noted for its breathtaking scenery and tech-driven cities. It is well-known for the iconic Space Needle, Olympic National Park's verdant splendor, and Seattle's thriving cultural scene.

Thinking about relocating to Washington state? Discover the advantages of living in this vibrant and diverse region to help you make the most of your new home!

Tip 1: Coastal Beauty.

Washington is a haven for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts because of its stunning coasts.

Most of Washington's natural scenery consists of lush, rolling hills that are green in the summer and vibrant with color in the spring and fall. U-pick farms give a lovely glimpse of rural life and everything from berries to pumpkins to tulips.

Tip 2: Low Crime Rate.

Compared to some bordering states, Washington generally has lower crime rates.

One of the lowest crime rates in the country is in Washington. The greatest crime rates are often found in the state's major cities, such as Providence and Warwick, yet even these numbers are still below the national averages.

Tip 3: Proximity.

Because Washington is small, you may easily access its landmarks, urban centers, and scenic areas. Washington offers a wide variety of sights and activities. What's even more exciting is that some of the most vibrant US cities are pretty close.

Tip 4: Cultural Diversity.

Despite being small, Washington has a diverse population and hosts festivals and events all year. According to a recent study, Providence, home to many different languages and cultures, is among the top 20 ethnically diverse US cities.

Tip 5: High-Quality Education.

Washington is a terrific spot to call home if you have children. Good elementary, middle, and high schools are simple to discover in the state. Washington's schools consistently receive favorable reviews for their high caliber of education.

Prestigious educational institutions are here, including Brown University and the Washington School of Design (RISD).

Bonus Tip: Washington has some of the worst traffic in the country. In addition to having a lot of traffic, Washington has some of the worst roads in the country.

Top 5 Most Useful Resource Websites for Washington:

Are you considering moving to Washington? Residents of the state may access important information on several websites: