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New York has to be one of the most popular states transport to and from in the nation. In fact, 90% of that shipping is from snowbirds (seasonal transport) coming in and out of the state. The other are relocations. If you are moving to / from or just leaving New York for the winter, you will benefit from the many carriers we have coming in and out of the state.

New York City

New York Auto Transport

New York boasts of being home to the largest city in the United States and it's no doubt by the high amount of New York auto transport orders we take, it's true. Its population has been growing steadily by 2.1 percent yearly, and in 2010 hit the New York City hit the 8.2 million mark being the largest census population in city history. Brooklyn is the state’s most populous borough in New York with Queen’s having added the most number of people. This means lots of auto transport business.

Reasons for Moving to New York

New York is a melting pot of diversity with more than a quarter of the population having their roots in other countries.  This diversity extends to the neighborhoods and the architecture with each being distinct from the next.  New York Auto transport services provide a means to help relocate those wishing to move to the state. NY has a fast-paced life with a lot of creativity and energy exhibited by the people. Furthermore, there are great opportunities and realization of dreams. The convenience exhibited by the town is also exhilarating thanks to the abundance of convenience stores.

Reasons for Leaving New York

As of 1st July 2015, 153, 921 more residents had moved out of New York as compared to those who had moved according (outflow) to the U.S. Census Bureau and remains one of the larger amounts since. The main reasons attributed to this are high taxes, high unemployment and a high cost of housing especially in the city and the general high cost of living. Auto Transport is a money saving decision to alleviate adding the purchase of a new vehicle to the list of an already expensive move.

How Much Does Car Transport to or from New York Cost?

In New York, transportation costs for shipping your vehicle can be attributed to different main categories of factors. While some factors like size, weight, and distance are easy to understand, others may involve more intricate considerations.

Below is an exhaustive list of variables that can influence the overall cost of transporting your vehicle to or from New York:

Location and Distance

The distance between your pickup and delivery locations is the foremost factor affecting costs. Longer distances typically translate to higher shipping expenses.

Additionally, the geographical location comes into play. Shipping to or from remote or challenging-to-reach areas may incur extra costs due to the extended travel time and increased fuel consumption required for navigating less-traveled routes.

Vehicle Type

The size and weight of your vehicle are pivotal determinants of shipping costs. Larger vehicles, for instance, tend to come with significantly higher transportation expenses because they occupy more carrier space and consume more fuel.

Vehicle Condition

If your vehicle is non-operational, specialized equipment may be needed for loading and unloading, leading to additional charges.

Transportation Method

The auto shipping industry offers two primary transportation modes: open and closed transit. Open transit is more economical, while closed transit provides added security and protection. Opting for closed transportation can increase the price by up to 60%.

Bear in mind that these factors provide general estimates, and the specific details of your shipment can impact the final cost.

Seasonal Variations

Seasonal changes can also influence shipping costs. Summertime often sees an uptick in shipping expenses due to heightened nationwide demand.

Conversely, costs may rise during the winter as snowbirds migrate to warmer destinations or decrease when shipping to colder regions during the same season. Springtime can bring about rate fluctuations as well.

Expedited Shipping & Delivery:

Opting for expedited delivery services can result in higher expenses. Car transportation companies must follow specific procedures to expedite pickups, which may entail additional fees.

How Long Do New York Auto Transport Services Take?

The duration required to transport a vehicle to or from New York is contingent upon numerous factors. Generally, for shorter distances ranging from 100 to 300 miles, you can anticipate a delivery timeframe of approximately 1 to 2 days. Conversely, for longer journeys spanning 1500 to 2500 miles across the country, the delivery duration may extend to around 8 to 10 days.

Several other variables come into play when estimating the transit time. These factors include the overall distance, seasonal variations, the time of year, potential deviations or detours, road closures or construction, local weather conditions, compliance with mandated driver rest periods and hourly constraints, and traffic conditions along the chosen routes.

How Does Auto Transport to or from New York Work?


National Express has a long-standing record of handling shipments to and from New York. Our team of seasoned professionals, well-versed in the art of vehicle transportation in New York, is dedicated to providing tailored, high-quality service to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need assistance with purchasing, shipping, or navigating the claims process, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


National Express offers a comprehensive range of Auto Transport services in New York, extending our services to customers nationwide and accommodating various vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more.


Our expertise also encompasses expert door-to-door shipping and vehicle transport services. Whether your vehicle needs to move within the state or across the country, we can efficiently pick it up and deliver it to your desired location.


Rest assured, National Express is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring complete peace of mind throughout the transportation process.

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National Express Auto Transport Services in New York

When it comes to organizing the shipment of your vehicle to or from New York, you have a range of pickup and drop-off location choices available throughout the country.


Albany, NY

We offer Vehicle Shipping Services to and from Albany, New York, covering postal codes 12202, 12203, 12204, 12205, 12206, 12207, 12208, 12209, 12210, 12211, 12222, and nearby areas.


Binghamton, NY

Our Vehicle Shipping Services extend to Binghamton, New York, including postal codes 13901, 13903, 13904, 13905, and surrounding places.


Buffalo, NY

We provide Car Shipping Services in Buffalo, New York, covering postal codes 14201, 14202, 14203, 14204, 14206, 14207, 14208, 14209, 14210, 14211, 14212, 14213, 14214, 14215, 14216, 14218, 14220, 14222, 14223, 14225, and closeby locations.


Mount Vernon, NY

Our Car Shipping Services cater to Mount Vernon, New York, including postal codes 10550, 10552, 10553, 10708, and neighboring localities.


New Rochelle, NY

We offer Vehicle Hauling Services to and from New Rochelle, New York, encompassing postal codes 10538, 10583, 10801, 10803, 10804, 10805, and nearby surroundings.


New York City, NY

Our Vehicle Hauling Services extend to New York City, New York, including various postal code ranges such as 10001-10099, 10103-10107, 10110-10282, 10301-10314, 10451-10475, 11004-11109, 11201-11256, 11351-11697, and closeby areas.


Niagara Falls, NY

We provide Vehicle Hauling Services in Niagara Falls, New York, covering postal codes 14301, 14302, 14303, 14304, 14305, and surrounding localities.


Rochester, NY

Our Car Shipping Services are available in Rochester, New York, encompassing postal codes 14604, 14605, 14606, 14607, 14608, 14609, 14610, 14611, 14612, 14613, 14614, 14615, 14616, 14617, 14618, 14619, 14620, 14621, 14622, 14623, 14624, 14627, and nearby places.


Schenectady, NY

We offer Vehicle Transport Services to and from Schenectady, New York, covering postal codes 12303, 12304, 12305, 12306, 12307, 12308, 12309, and neighboring locations.


Syracuse, NY

Our Car Shipping Services extend to Syracuse, New York, including postal codes 13120, 13202, 13203, 13204, 13205, 13206, 13207, 13208, 13210, 13214, 13215, 13219, 13224, 13290, and nearby areas.


Troy, NY

We provide Vehicle Hauling Services in Troy, New York, encompassing postal codes 12180, 12182 and surrounding localities.


Utica, NY

Our Vehicle Hauling Services cater to Utica, New York, including postal codes 13413, 13495, 13501, 13502, and surrounding areas.


White Plains, NY

We offer Vehicle Hauling Services to and from White Plains, New York, covering postal codes 10601, 10603, 10604, 10605, 10606, 10607, and nearby locations.


Yonkers, NY

Our Vehicle Hauling Services extend to Yonkers, New York, including postal codes 10583, 10701, 10703, 10704, 10705, 10706, 10707, 10708, 10710, and neighboring places.


Top 5 Tips and Ideas for Those Moving to New York

New York, often referred to as "The Empire State," is a lively and diversified state in the country's northeastern part. It is well-known for having the recognizable New York City, one of the most important and populated cities in the whole globe. New York is a state of contrasts with everything from busy cities to tranquil nature settings.

Exploring the advantages of relocating to New York? To make the most of your new house, consider these benefits!

Tip 1: Career Opportunities.

The state is a center for several businesses, providing various employment options in fields including banking, technology, entertainment, and more.

New York is one of the best options if you are looking for a place to build your career.

Tip 2: Diverse Cultural Scene.

New York is a cultural melting pot that attracts individuals worldwide, resulting in a rich and diverse cultural experience.

New York has long been regarded as the most popular destination for newcomers to the United States. With its many cultural roots, New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the country.

Tip 3: World-Class Education.

New York is home to some of the world's best institutions and schools. To advance your education, you may enroll in one of NYC's top-rated colleges, such as New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University, and other well-known institutions.

Tip 4: Four Seasons.

One advantage of visiting New York is that you can thoroughly enjoy each season. With its snowy winters, lovely springs, sunny summers, and bright autumns, you'll enjoy living here.

Tip 5: Public Transportation.

It is simpler to travel around the area thanks to a robust public transit infrastructure that includes the metro and buses.

You can reach other significant cities with dependable modes of transportation, like the metro, trains, and even international travel. You can fly to Europe in less than eight hours from New York City through John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Bonus Tip: One of the most expensive places to live in the nation is New York City. Homes for sale in New York City cost an average of $800,000. In addition to that, New York City has the highest population density in the United States. By 2020, there were more than 20 million residents in New York.

Top 5 Most Useful Resource Websites for New York:

Are you thinking about living in New York? These websites provide vital information to citizens of the state: