Auto Transport in and out of Maine

Located in the New England region, Maine is the northernmost and easternmost state of the United States. Maine auto transport is provided by carriers that mostly circle the northeast region and head to the south east and south west. They normally pick up vehicles in those areas, but rates can be slightly higher because Maine is the end of the road for all carriers.

maine auto transport

It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, New Hampshire to the West, Quebec to the northwest, and New Brunswick to the northeast. Due to this proximity to Quebec and its French ancestry, you can still see some distinct features of French culture in many small towns. But you will see less and less auto shipping the closer to the border you are.

Keep in mind, any truck driver in that area needs to turn around to continue their route, so the extra cost is taken up by the trip up and then down again. The only two interstate highways in Maine is I-95, which travels along the coastline from New Hampshire state line to the Canadian border. This major route connects most of the large cities in the region, such as Portland, York, Augusta, and Bangor. A network of auxiliary branches, including I-195, I-295, and I-395, also plays a key role in ensuring the transportation between smaller towns in Maine. In addition, motorists and truckers can choose to use an extensive network of state highways like US 1, US 2, US 11, US 201, US 202, route 6, and route 9. This system makes a significant contribution to the process of auto shipping into or out of Maine from other states. However, it would be challenging and costly if you need to visit or travel to a remote area that is far from these major roads.

Sometimes, it would take several days to collect enough vehicles for a single shipment, which needs about 9 to 10 cars; otherwise, the shipping fees will be very expensive. Because it is the farthest state to the north and east of the country, shipping your car to Maine would take a longer period of time than those areas in the Midwest, especially if you are coming from Texas or California. Therefore, make sure to make a detailed plan and ship your car several days prior to the trip. In addition, as there are so many small towns scattering around the state, it is advisable to locate and check if there is any pick-up center close to your destination to avoid unnecessary pick-up fees, which would be very costly. Overall, Maine is an amazing state with unspoiled beauty, breathtaking scenes, and tasty seafood.

So if you are planning the next family trip in the summer, it would be a perfect choice to drive your car along the beautiful coastline here. In that case, having your vehicle shipped by a professional auto transport service is probably the best way to enjoy your trip! Count on us to make it affordable and safe. Make sure you always have it in writing that there are no hidden fees and no upfront costs, if you chose to ship with someone else. Call 800-284-7177 for more information, or use our car shipping calculator to get your rate instantly. 

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How Does Auto Transport to or from Maine Work?


National Express has been shipping cargo to and from Maine for many years. Our Maine vehicle shipping experts are constantly prepared to provide the best service possible. We can assist you in every area of running your business, including sales, shipment, and claim support.

National Express provides comprehensive auto shipping options in Maine for various vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, motorbikes, and others.

We provide dependable door-to-door auto transport and shipment. No matter what country or state you are in, we can pick up and deliver your car. Remember that National Express has all the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance so that you may travel with assurance.

When shipping a car to or from Maine, National Express Auto Transport is your best choice.

To guarantee a quick and easy procedure, we also developed and released a method that can be broken down into three main parts:

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  3. Wherever you want, receive your car.

How Much Does Car Transport to or from Maine Cost?

Several factors affect how much it costs to move a car from Maine. Some, like height, weight, and distance, are obvious, while others are more challenging to recognize.

The following is a thorough breakdown of every factor that could have a bearing on how much it will ultimately cost to ship your car to Maine:

Locations and distances

The distance between pickup and delivery locations heavily impacts the cost. Trips that are longer are usually more expensive. The actual location of the event is important as well.

Due to the additional time and fuel needed to travel on less-traveled roads, shipping to or from remote or difficult-to-access regions may be more expensive.

The vehicle's design

The size and weight of your car are crucial factors to consider when calculating transportation costs. Large vehicles, for instance, may be substantially more expensive to transport due to the higher carrier area and oil needed.


If your vehicle cannot function properly, more loading and unloading equipment may be needed, increasing the cost.

Mode of transportation

The two predominant types of transportation used in the auto freight sector are open and closed transit. Closed transportation is more expensive than open transport since it provides additional security and protection. Prices for closed transportation may rise by as much as 60%.

Always keep in mind that these are just estimates and that the actual cost will depend on the particulars of what you are shipping.


The season may also have an impact on pricing. Due to nationwide increased demand throughout the summer, shipping costs frequently increase.

When traveling to warmer nations during the winter, snowbird shipping costs may be higher; shipping costs to colder locations may be lower during the same season. In the spring, rates may reverse.

Delivery Time (Expedited Shipping)

Pricing will almost probably increase if you choose quick delivery. To ensure a quicker pickup, car transportation companies must take specified steps, which may result in extra fees.

How Long Do Maine Auto Transport Services Take?

The time it takes to ship a car to or from Maine depends on several factors. 100 to 300 miles are covered in 1 to 2 days. On the other hand, a journey of 1500–2500 miles will require 8–10 days.

Your car's arrival time should take into account the distance, the season, probable detours, road closures or development, the local weather, adherence to driver rest and hour restrictions, and traffic conditions.

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National Express Auto Transport Services in Maine

When transporting a vehicle into or out of Maine, you can pick any location for the pickup and delivery.

Auburn, ME

You can access Vehicle Transport Services to or from Auburn, Maine, covering postal codes 04210 and 04258 and neighboring areas.

Augusta, ME

Auto Shipping Services are available to or from Augusta, Maine, serving postal codes 04330, 04332, 04333, 04336, 04338, and the nearby regions.

Bangor, ME

Car Hauling Services are provided to or from Bangor, Maine, encompassing postal codes 04401, 04444, and the surrounding localities.

Biddeford, ME

Auto Shipping Services are offered to or from Biddeford, Maine, covering postal codes 04401, 04444 and the nearby communities.

Lewiston, ME

Vehicle Hauling Services are available to or from Lewiston, Maine, serving postal codes 04240, 04241, 04243, and surrounding areas.

Portland, ME

Automobile Transport Services are accessible to or from Portland, Maine, including postal codes 04019, 04050, 04101, 04102, 04103, 04108, 04109, and the neighboring areas.

Saco, ME

Car Shipping Services are provided to or from Saco, Maine, encompassing postal code 04072 and surrounding communities.

Sanford, ME

Vehicle Hauling Services are available to or from Sanford, Maine, covering postal codes 04073, 04083 and the nearby regions.

South Portland, ME

Auto Shipping Services are offered to or from South Portland, Maine, serving postal codes 04106, 04107, and surrounding areas.

Westbrook, ME

Car Transport Services are provided to or from Westbrook, Maine, encompassing postal codes 04092, 04098, and the close localities.

Top 5 Tips and Ideas for Those Moving to Maine

Maine, a state in the northeastern part of the country, is known for its untamed beauty and varied topography. Maine provides outdoor enthusiasts with a multitude of recreational activities. It is known for its breathtaking coastal regions, extensive forests, and immaculate lakes.

Consider perks if you want to relocate to Maine to enjoy your new place to the fullest.

Tip 1: Preserved Natural Beauty.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find many possibilities for hiking, fishing, and other recreational activities in Maine, recognized for its spectacular natural landscapes, including rocky beaches, lush forests, and picturesque lakes and rivers.

Even today, 90% of the state is still covered in trees. That helps explain in part why it gets the title of "Pine Tree State."

Tip 2: Safe Space to Live

Maine is a secure location since its crime rate is usually lower than the national average. As one of the safest places to live in the United States, most homeowners choose not to lock their doors since residents look out for one another.

Tip 3: Nonexistent Traffic Issues

Maine is very rural; this is why there is almost no traffic issue here. Even in the state's most crowded areas, parking is simple to come by. However, there is little public transportation outside of Portland, so you'll need a car to travel around.

Tip 4: Home of Abundant Seafood

Maine is well known for its succulent seafood and lobster. Seafood that has been caught nearby and is fresh is available in local markets and restaurants.

In the United States, almost 90% of the lobsters that may be bought come from fishing operations focused in Maine. Due to the state's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of additional fresh seafood selections accessible so that you may enjoy all of your favorites.

Tip 5: Good Quality of Life.

The state consistently receives high marks for life quality thanks to its high healthcare, education, and community spirit standards. The state also has a steady unemployment rate, helping residents earn for the expenses they need. The state has an unemployment rate of below 4%.

Bonus Tip: Winters in Maine are renowned for being icy and snowy. Winter driving can be difficult due to heavy snowfall and low temperatures, and heating expenses might be significant.

Top 5 Most Useful Resource Websites for Maine:

A move to Maine is something you're planning? You may benefit from visiting the following websites while you adjust to life in the state: