Door to Door Auto Transport

What Does Door to Door Transport Include?

What door to door auto transport means is that a car shipping company will pick up a vehicle from exact address or location, and deliver your vehicle to the exact address or location you specify.

It is the most convenient method and the most popular when combined with open carrier transport. Both open transport and enclosed shipping can be door to door.

Door to door auto transport carriers can range in size. The largest are over 70-80 feet long. They will arrive to your door for pick up and delivery as long as they physically fit and are allowed to be there by local laws and ordinances. In cases where they cannot arrive at specific addresses they will meet at a nearby parking lot or wider street.

In the auto transport industry, car shipping services that are door to door are the most often used since they are the most available. Most carriers do not have local yards or terminals in a location nearby.

What is Door to Door Auto Transport?

Door to door to door auto transport services are by far are the preferred method to have a car delivered.

When selecting a door to door auto transport company to ship your car,  there should be no extra fees to have a truck driver go to your door, as this service is the most common.

Your vehicle will also not be held at any storage yards or depots on the way. So, the same carrier that picked up the vehicle, will actually be the same one that brings it right to you at the destination.

This is also important because that means it won’t be loaded and unloaded unnecessarily risking damage. So not only do greatly benefit from transport to and from your door, it is done quickly and securely.

How Much Do Door to Door Transport Services Cost?

There are various factors that determine the car shipping cost for door to door auto transport. With door to door auto transport, these variables will influence the price.

  • Distance for to Your Door Transport – The easiest to understand is distance. Generally, the father the door to door transport, the higher the cost.

  • Transport Type - The type of door to door transport service affects cost. Open carrier shipping is the cheapest way to ship a car. It is the most available and most cost effective method. If you require enclosed auto transport service for classic cars or other high end vehicles, it averages 40-60% more.

  • Vehicle Year / Make / Model – Smaller cars are often less costly when it comes to door to door car shipping services. Conversely, big SUVs, Dually Trucks will cost significantly more.

  • Fast Pick Up  – The more quickly or pressingly urgent the auto shipping order is to be picked up, the more expensive door to door service is. This is called expedited shipping.

  • Location, Location, Location – When the move is between large cities, door-to-door auto transport services are less expensive than when it is between smaller ones.

  • Non Running Cars - The most cost-effective solutions are with operable (running) cars/trucks/motorcycles since everything else will require specialized loading and unloading equipment, training, and time which adds to the overall cost.

  • Time of Year – The cost of vehicle transport during the summer is often lower than that of vehicle shipping throughout the year. Winter weather makes auto shipping more hazardous, resulting in an increase in service prices.

For detailed information, visit how much it costs or use our car shipping calculator for an instant quote.

Are There Times Door to Door Transport is Not Possible?

There are a few reasons door to door auto transport is not possible. Most the time we will know ahead of time before booking as we do check aerial maps to assure a truck can fit for door to door shipping in your selected locations.

It's a common issue in the auto transport industry for large commercial vehicles such as car carriers to fit in certain areas. Car transport companies will notify you ahead of time if they need to meet at a location near the pick up or delivery locations. So in those cases, going to a specific address will not be possible.

Physical Limitations

For example, if the truck is physically unable to enter an area such as a cul de sac, low hanging trees, or narrow streets, it could risk your vehicle and the others onboard and hinder the loading and unloading process.

This will happen mostly in residential areas. The solution is to move the pickup location or select one of other available delivery locations with a large parking lot nearby.

Roadway Issues

Other factors like weather conditions, shipping distance, road blocks, distance traveled from other drop offs, even speed bumps can be impede pick up. Specific to the kind of car shipping service you need, such as your car not running. This can cause issues with your car shipment being door to door as certain trucks can't safely unload non-running vehicles in certain areas.

Major City with Narrow Roads

Major cities not only can cost slightly more because of the difficulty in maneuvering large trucks as they will usually have more cramped roadways. These narrow streets can impede a truck from getting by. So, unlike open country areas, keep that in mind that if you are located deep in a major city, meeting at a another location as the final destination will be necessary.

Oversized Vehicles

Other vehicles like oversized trucks may need extra room to be loaded, thereby making a door to door transport type of shipping process unavailable. However, most standard vehicles will not be an issue. The standard vehicle size is no higher than 8 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and 15 feet long. If you are not sure, it's best to measure as not properly representing it could result in not having your vehicle picked up as quickly.

Homeowner's Associations

Another example would be home owner's associations. Many of them prohibit commercial vehicles even if they are a delivery service. In those types of situations, the carrier will meet you at the closest safe location. This could be a main road or parking lot that is accessible.

You Don't Want It

Seems obvious, but another instance where door to door transport would not occur would be if it was requested by you. If you want another option that may not be your door, that can be arranged as well.

If you do not want the truck driver to come to your door then we can always arrange to meet at any location of your choosing. Just let us know ahead of time and will be glad to arrange that.

You Don't Have to Resort to Terminal to terminal Shipping

Remember, just because you can't have your vehicle picked up from your door, does not mean you need to use terminal to terminal shipping. It just means the car shipping company can't meet you exactly where you prefer.

How Does Door to Door Auto Transport Work?

Understanding how a car shipping service that is door to door works will allow you to arrange getting the vehicle to the final destination to your door or as close as possible.

Step 1 - Get a Quote

With our instant car shipping calculator, you can get an instant auto transport quote to ship your car to another state, across the country, or even locally.

Step 2 - Arrange For Pick Up

You can do this online through our auto shipping company website or call us at 800-284-7177.

At any point if you want to verify that your area allows for us to fit the transport vehicle and provide to your door service, call us.

Even if you booked online already, we will be glad to tell you for certain if auto carriers can provide door to door shipping at your locations.

Step 3 - Be Ready and Have Pick Up Occur

The door to door auto transport carrier will be on their way. They will arrive to get the vehicle on the scheduled pick up date provided to you in your dispatch notice.

Be Ready for Inspections

The auto transporter will arrive and conduct the inspection report (a.k.a BOL). They will look for any existing damage at pick up. They will do another inspection at delivery and go around the vehicle with you to assure there isn't any new damage.

Step 4 - Be Ready and Have Delivery Occur

The door to door auto transport carrier will then approach the delivery location. They will show up on or about the delivery date provided to you in your dispatch notice.

They will notify you if they cannot complete it as a door to door service should there be any of the circumstances mentioned earlier.

The auto transporter will unload the vehicle and conduct finalizing the inspection report (a.k.a BOL).

Please be sure to note any damage with the carrier there and then, otherwise you will not be able to make a claim with the insurance company.

Door to Door Auto Transport to Almost Anywhere

Door to door auto transport does not mean it’s restricted to your home or workplace. Maybe you are currently staying at a temporary location such as a hotel. Or perhaps happened to arrive and have not settled in on the day of delivery.

An open auto transport carrier or enclosed carrier can meet at any location you ask for such as a shopping center, your place of work, or the business or home of a friend or family member.

National Express offers total flexibility and will pick up and deliver the vehicle where you want. And don’t worry about last-minute changes like a different address, even while the vehicle is already in transit.

Our carriers receive real-time updates on the cars they carry and will be notified on the road. Transport can still be door to door and as long as the change within a reasonable distance of your original pick up or delivery location. We can always work with you at no additional charge.

Preparing The Vehicle for Door to Door Transport Services

There are a few simple things you can do to prepare your automobile for shipping whether it's by terminal to terminal or door-to-door transportation.

  • Before door to door transport will take place, make sure the car is clean and no more than 100 lbs of personal items are included.

  • Before vehicle shipping begins, have no more than a quarter of a tank of gas in the car.

  • Double-check your battery, tire pressure and fluid levels before shipping your automobile.

  • Before the vehicle is taken away, any mechanical issues or operational problems should be addressed to auto transport company to be ready for them. This makes sure your door to door transport goes as planned.

  • Before car shipping can take place, make sure the car is tidy and no more than 100 lbs of personal items are included. Having excess items in the vehicle shipment can cause delays. The truck driver may ask you to empty your vehicle or cancel the pick up and have to return later. Auto transport services, especially door to door transport is usually on a strict timeline.

  • Remove any non-retractable antennas, spoilers, luggage racks, or other add-ons from the car. All these can affect your door to door transport.

  • Disable alarms. If the alarm cannot be disabled, provide clear directions for the car transport company on how to turn it off.

  • Provide the driver of the vehicle shipping company with a set of keys, including key fobs. If using a valet key, make sure it will allow the vehicle shipping company to lock, unlock, and drive the vehicle during shipping.

Door to Door Car Delivery From A Reputable and Reliable Auto Transport Company

We strive for excellent customer service and hire auto transporters that will only use a professional driver for your door to door auto transport.

Included will be full coverage insurance, no hidden fees, and even room for up to 100 lbs of personal belongings on door to door transport.

You are backed up by car shipping advisors trained and dedicated to providing you with a personal service, strife to meet your pick up and delivery time frame, along with giving your flexible payment options.

Choose How You Pay for Door to Door Transport

You pay by credit or debit card or certified funds at delivery for door to door transport.

You car shipper will be courteous and knowledgeable. We vet everyone that works with us to assure the highest quality door to door transport possible. This will mean they must carry sufficient insurance, and deliver without the unneeded use of terminal to terminal shipping company.

Door to door transport services offer customers an easy and convenient way to ship a vehicle. With a door to door transport service, the car is picked up at your location, transported to its destination by a licensed, bonded, and insured transporter.

The use of door to door transport of eliminates the need for long-distance driving or rental cars and ensures that the vehicle arrives in the same condition it left in. The carrier will drive safely to your location. Door to door transportation also helps reduce fuel costs and save time since there’s no need for multiple stops along the way. It is the best and most convenient option for auto transport service.

Enclosed Door to Door Transport Options

Did you know that enclosed auto transport is also an option that travels to your door? Not only is is the absolute safest method in the shipping process, it is fast and of course a door to door shipping option. These services are best suited for a classic car or exotic vehicle shipment. They are the ideal door to door transport service for vehicles that demand the extra protection.

In fact, since many enclosed shipping carriers are smaller, they fit in more locations. However, keep in mind they come at a higher cost. Enclosed transport that is door to door transport has about a40-60% more final cost than open carrier shipping.