Door-to-Door Curbside/Doorstep Car Shipping

When selecting a company to ship your car,  there should be no extra fee do provide door to door auto transport.  That is exactly how it’s done here. It is simply built in. Your vehicle will also not be held at any storage yards or depots on the way. So, the same carrier that picked up the vehicle, will actually be the same one that brings it right to you at the destination. This is also important because that means it won’t be loaded and unloaded unnecessarily risking damage. So not only do we ship and transport to and from your door, we do it quickly and securely.

door to door auto transport

Curbside Delivery Almost Anywhere

Door to door auto transport does not mean it’s restricted to your home or workplace. If you are currently staying at a temporary location such as a hotel or just happened to arrive and have not settled in on the day of delivery, the carrier can meet at any location you ask for such as a shopping center. National Express offers total flexibility and will pick up and deliver the vehicle where you want. And don’t worry about last-minute changes like a different address, even while the vehicle is already in transit. Our carriers receive real-time updates on the cars they carry and will be notified on the road. Transport can still be door to door and as long as the change within a reasonable distance of your original pick up or delivery location. We can always work with you at no additional charge.

Are There Times Door to Door Transport is Not Possible?

There are very few instances where door to door auto transport is not possible. For example, if the truck is physically unable to enter an area such as a cul de sac or very narrow street then it could risk your vehicle and the others onboard if we try to make our way in. Another example would be associations. Many of them prohibit commercial vehicles. In those types of situations, the carrier will meet you at the closest safe location. This could be a main road or parking lot that is accessible. Most the time we will know ahead of time before booking as we do check aerial maps to assure a truck can fit in your selected locations. Another instance where door to door transport would not occur would be if it was requested by you. If you do not want them to come to your door then we can always arrange to meet at any location of your choosing. Just let us know ahead of time and will be glad to arrange that.

Doorstep Delivery on Your Time, Not Ours

Since a carrier is coming right to your door, you don’t want to be inconvenienced by the car carrier’s arrival. To assure we are coming when it’s best for you, you will be notified with ample time to be ready for both pick up and delivery to know you are ready.