Car Transport Service

The significance or road vehicles cannot be understated when it comes to our passion and reliance on them. The impact of automobiles in American culture continues to thrive. So, it's clear that cars represent more than mere transportation; they are emblems of freedom and expression. For many, their vehicle represents a part of themselves.

It can be a sports car, SUV, sedan, Truck, or Van. Regardless,  it's yours and you picked it because it reflects your individuality and identity.

National Express Ships Cars Professionally

Recognizing this, we provide in depth information and go into the crucial factors of what makes up a car transport service. This comprehensive guide aims to bring to light all the key elements influencing the cost and quality of auto transport, providing vehicle owners like you with the much needed insights for making sure your one of a kind vehicle receives the best care during transport, wherever that may be.

Shipping Cars Within the US or Overseas

The car transport business is not one size fits all and there is a good amount of work that needs to go into preparing for the process. Picking from the available vehicle transportation services has a  lot more is involved than just calling anyone that you find online and picking a low price. Is important to know who is loading your vehicle and that they are qualified to do the job.

Let's go through some of the steps and factors that go into shipping cars and getting the job done right the first time. The car transport business has a lot of well trained and hard working auto shippers who have been doing this for quite a while, however it is still important to make sure you find one of those shippers when it comes time to move a vehicle to a new destination. In the end, not all car shippers are created equal.

Cheap Car Shipping

Everybody wants affordable car shipping. In summary there is a budget option available that is actually the industry standard. This is open carrier transport. Factors like vehicle size/weight and then distance are the most basic factors that will affect the price.

Size of Vehicle to be Shipped

So for example, a sports car up to a midsize sedan will relatively have the same price because the weight and dimensions will be average for the industry. Then SUVs are classified a little differently. SUVs are either small or large. Small SUVs ship closely to the price of midsize sedans because especially with some crossovers, the dimensions are similar. While large SUVs are usually about $75-150 more dollars because they take a lot more fuel and space. The price of large vehicles incrementally increases for the heavier and bulkier vehicles like trucks and full-size high roof vans. This is the same of all car transport, regardless of the route.

Distance and Route - The Largest Factor

When shipping a car, it is where the vehicle is coming from and where it’s going to be delivered that matters the most. This means, the specific route that your vehicle is traveling on has the largest impact on the car transport price. There are thousands of carriers running thousands of routes through thousands of different areas, regions and cities.



Reliable Car Shipping

Everybody wants reliable car shipping (as well as cheap) Simply put, there are two kinds of "reliable".  One is reliable pick up and timely drop off. The other is car shipping service reliability. That is, hiring a company that does the job correctly and to the highest standards in the industry. 

Quick and Timely Pickup / Delivery Reliability

To increase that reliability, shipping to and from metro locations (populated cities and towns) are ideal for pickup and delivery reliability because there will be more trucks ready to take your vehicle, as they are constantly moving cars back and fourth with little to no trouble filling the car carrier. 

Car Shipping Service Reliability

Fortunately what goes in to that is hiring a dilligent and honest car shipping company. By doing research, reading reviews, one can get a grasp on what it is to hire a reliable car shipper that will do the job right. A reliable company can handle the job and navigate through the car transport process to assure you, the customer has a positive experience with their car trailering service.


Other Factors To Consider When Shipping A Car

The cost of shipping a vehicle has many factors. We've gone over obvious ones like distance. However, there are many more.


For example, demand. If there are many individuals shipping a vehicle on the same route  around the same time, the cost could be higher than average due to the shortage of trucks on that route.

In contrast, if your route does not have many vehicles moving but, several carriers nearby with open spots, carriers will discount the cost and  you can get a really great deal. The easiest example of this is the snowbird routes. Most ship their car south for the winter, but drivers have to get back to take advantage of the demand to bring more cars down. However, it's not smart to go empty. So if you’re shipping your vehicle northbound during that same time you get a great price.


Weather is a big one. If the weather is tough then the cost goes up. Harsh weather means detours, safety concerns, and this all equals carriers bumping price for the extra work.


Fuel prices are a big deal. The more expensive deisel is, carriers will adjust rates to retain their expected margin if fuel goes up.

Type of Transport

Open carriers are more cost-effective but expose vehicles to the elements and road debris. Enclosed carriers offer more protection but are pricier at about 40-60% more. See more about this below.

Vehicle Condition

Inoperable vehicles (non-running) require more equipment and labor to load and unload, increasing the cost.

Insurance and Additional Services

Additional insurance or services like top-load for extra protection can increase the overall cost.

Car Shipping Types and How They Work

Type 1: Open Transport Car Shipping

You've likely seen those big trucks on the highway carrying lots of cars on an open trailer. This is one of the most common ways to ship cars. These trailers can carry up to eight cars at once. They ship cars for not just dealers, but people like you too.

Type 2: Enclosed Transport Carriers

If you have a really special car, like a classic or a very expensive car, you might want to use an enclosed carrier. This is perfect for special cars like antiques or sports cars that you don't want getting dirty,  wet from the weather, or hit with some road debris. Enclosed shipping is also great for race cars or luxury vehicles, to keep them safe and secure.