Pickup Truck Transport

Since the early days of the first cars on the road, pickup trucks have been a solid staple, serving various purposes across different generations. Even though they have  their diverse uses, all pickup trucks share two fundamental characteristics. A bed for hauling and the capability to tow. 

Given the huge array of pickup trucks available, differing in size, weight, and power, there's a constant demand for them across the USA. We will explore all the factors that come into play in regards to  the cost and availability of truck transport services.

What Is Pick Up Truck Shipping?

There's a Truck built for just about any reason you can imagine. Some are more focused on load capacity, while others are geared to off roading applications.  Shipping a truck is a process of understanding the size and weight to properly move this larger vehicle.

Most hold about 5 passengers like most sedans do but are much larger, even in light duty variations. For that reason,  Truck shipping is a specialized service that caters to finding accurate transport quotes for the amount of trucks on the market now.

What Does Truck Shipping Cost? Truck Shipping Quotes

The cost of shipping your truck will depend quite a bit on its specific model, as trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Since trucks are also one of the most modified kinds of vehicles, there are many with lifted suspensions, oversized tires, and other modifications.

In this case, it's very important not just to give us the year, make, and model of your SUV, but also the work done to it, if any. For example, if you're shipping a Ford F-150, it's not enough to know the year, make, and model if you have modified the vehicle with grills, a camper top let's say, or suspension. This will vary from the automated quote system that uses stock configurations. 

Moreover, when obtaining quotes for Truck shipping, it's common to encounter additional price premiums for shipping oversized or overweight trucks. This is because heavier trucks consume more fuel while being taken on the carrier and take more truck space, (especially if modified) making them more expensive to transport over the same distance compared to lighter vehicles or even SUVs.

Sedans are typically charged a standard rate, whereas larger vehicles like SUVs incur additional fees for their extra weight. Carriers take these factors into account, and your quote will include everything: state fees and taxes, fuel surcharges, mileage, and weight fees.

Our rates for Trucks are the cheapest available and inclusive of all fees. Meaning there aren’t any undisclosed costs or surprises to worry about.

Sample Rates

New Jersey to/from Washington State$1374
California to/from Florida$1250
California to/from New York$1320
New York to Florida (September to March)$1300
New York to Florida (April to October)$650
New Jersey to Florida (September to March)$900
New Jersey to Florida (April to October)$650
Texas to/from California$950
New York to/from Texas$1200
Washington State to/from Texas$1500
Georgia to/from California$1125
California to/from Washington$1000
Florida to/from DC$1025

* Truck Rates are calculated with a regular 1500 or light duty stock truck traveling to/from major cities for each location listed and can vary \$100+/- depending on several factors including weather, time of year, distance from highways, urban or suburban location, and current fuel costs.

We provide you all inform in writing. Your Truck is safe as you are shipping with a reputable auto transport company that is licensed, insured, and bonded.

National Express offers shipping throughout the U.S.. Ship your SUV to anywhere, from anywhere safely and securely with us.

This service is nationwide and we ship SUVs door to door for your convenience. Thanks to our high volume we can always provide the best rates possible. 

Get Truck Shipping Quotes

To receive a quote for shipping your Truck, use our car shipping calculator directly on our website, or you can contact us by calling 800-284-7177 to get a free auto transport quote from one of our knowledgeable and approachable car shipping experts. 

We are fully committed to doing all we can to make sure your Truck shipping is unparalleled in quality and that you are fully satisfied with our service.