Enclosed Transport

The Safest Way to Ship A Car

Enclosed auto transport is the safest option for vehicles that require extra attention and superior protection. These types of carriers also have higher motor cargo insurance coverage. They come in many configurations depending on your needs and preferences. 

enclosed auto transport

This is a premium service for high value or sentimentally valuable vehicles. This lever of service is also sometimes called covered transport.

Enclosed Shipping is The Safest Way to Ship a Car

Your vehicle will travel inside the walls of a car carrier that is shielded from the outside world. It will be defended against all the elements. Enclosed car shipping is what is recommended every time. 

Selecting Enclosed Shipping

Regardless if your vehicle is of high value or sentimental value, if you do not want it to be exposed to the elements as it would with an open carrier, then you want an Enclosed Auto Carrier.

Why Select Enclosed?

When protecting your investment is the top priority, there's no doubt that obtaining the protection and security of an Enclosed Auto Transport Service will be the best choice.  Rare or sensitive vehicle, high value car, prototype? If it rolls it can go. 

Enclosed is The Ultimate in Protection

There is no doubt that the skill and expertise of the finest auto shippers in the industry are combined into this elite pool of professionals that only move top value vehicles efficiently and securely. 

Superior Standard of Service

Enclosed carriers are a segment of the industry that is specifically built around the safe and secure transfer of rare or expensive vehicles. Enclosed auto transport will come at a higher cost. However it is a premium service that provides the utmost security. It is part of an elite and limited group of carriers traveling across the country. Because of this limited availability and level that vehicles are safeguarded, it comes at a premium. 

How It Works : Enclosed Car Transport

When considering the service of an enclosed car shipping company to relocate your invaluable vehicle state to state or even across the country, you will want to know not only what to expect but how and why it is the best choice.  Enclosed Auto Shipping will cost 30-60% more than the more common open air option

With Enclosed you will get:

Elite Drivers and Carriers

There are a rigorous set of standards which all enclosed car carriers must adhere to to qualify to ship high value vehicles.  This includes the maximum insurance prerequisites as well as a detailed history of successful shipment logs of vehicles ranging from the low six figures to over a million dollars.  As a result, the carrier taking your pride and joy has been granted access to your vehicle by adhering to our uncompromising standards of service.

Hard Side, Single Car, Lift Gate System

We use the best trucks with the most up to date technology. Some enclosed carriers even offer climate controlled trailers during transport. All in effort to provide the best for your prized possession.  We offer lift gate trucks,  Single car enclosed carriers, hard-sided, and even soft-side for less mission critical vehicle transportation. (See: carrier types)

Direct Contact With Your Driver

Unlike other providers, we follow up. Not only do we make sure your carrier is on point, we make sure they are available to you directly should you have any questions about anything related directly with the movement of your vehicle. Your customer service concierge is ready for anything, even afer-hours. 

Extra Benefits of Enclosed Car Carriers

As you already know, enclosed car carrier options from National Express have a lot to offer. But with us we know you want more and expect the best. 

First-In-Line-Every-Time Customer Service

Not only do you get our best service, you get our utmost attention. You will have direct after-hours access to your own vehicle concierge that will guide you through every step of the way.  We know a lot is on the line, you get to us on the phone even faster. Shipping with National Express is always having the customer first. However, with this premium service even more.

Optimal Care

Your vehicle is a monument of engineering, pride, dedication, and workmanship. Your driver and the carrier taking your vehicle must be one in the same. Drivers protect your vehicle with "white glove" service. Using protective shoe coverings, gloves, and more. Your vehicle will come to your door exactly as it left.  

How Much Does Enclosed Transport Cost?

 To assist with helping you determine the cost, we have provided the following examples below. To find out your cost instantly, try our calculator.

Sample Rates

Locations To/FromSample Price Per MileCostTravel Time
Decatur, IN to Gulf Breeze, FL$1.50 / mile$12852 Days
Cincinnati, OH to Dallas, TX$1.16 / mile$11002 Days
Miami Beach, FL to Beverly Hills, CA$0.73 /mile$19905-7 Days
Belton, MO to Tampa, FL$1.23 /mile$15603-4 Days
Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX$1.14 /mile$16503-4 Days
Beachwood, OH to Naples, FL$1.10 /mile$14003-4 Days
Coral Gables, FL to Newport Beach, CA$0.64 /mile$17505-7 Days

Is Enclosed Transport The Right Choice?

The vehicle being shipped does not need to have any more than sentimental value. So the answer is that although many chose enclosed shipping to protect a valuable vehicle like an exotic, the truth is any vehicle can go enclosed. Even inoperable (non-running) types.

Is it worth the price?

As a volume shipper we do not profit more or benefit from you selecting an enclosed car hauler. However, we are car people. And we love our vehicles. Our parking lot rivals the SEMA show. So we know a thing or two about vehicles. With that said, if there's even a chance that a single rock chip, scratch, or stain can blemish your perfect paint, make take it enclosed so can be at erase.

The Types of Enclosed Carriers

Our Enclosed carrier transport comes in 3 configurations that we will commonly use. These are soft side, hard side, and two-to-three car hard side enclosed.

infographic showing hard sided enclosed trailer features

Hard Side Enclosed

The most common you may think of is the large and full-size tractor trailer with vehicles hidden inside. They look like a regular 18 wheeler but actually move very valuable cargo like fine luxury cars, exotic cars, and expensive motorcycles.

These are also called “hard side” enclosed trucks. This is actually referring to the type of trailer. This means the vehicles are sealed off from the world inside the trailer.

infographic showing soft enclosed trailer features

Soft-Side Enclosed

Soft-side enclosed trucks are the way in which most new luxury cars such as Lexus, Mercedes, and others head to sales lot. Although the tarps are tightly secured as seen here, some road dust can make its way in at highway speeds therefore slightly less appealing to the most meticulous shipper. The tarps themselves are extremely heavy and weatherproof. A large majority of enclosed shipping is done on these trucks.

These trucks usually have two levels. Each level holds 3 vehicles. Most will have a lift-gate to safely elevate the vehicles onto a trailer that keeps them safe inside. The purpose of the lift-gate will be to prevent low clearance cars such as a race car or ultra exotic car like Lamborghini and Ferrari that can scrape as they are very low to the ground. You’ll see a lot of high-end in these big trucks. This is known as “white glove service” as it’s expected that you can touch and drag a white cotton gloved finger across the vehicle and not pick up any dust at all from the trip. For the most expensive and rare cars this is the type of carrier that you must use to ensure the best outcome.
enclosed car trailer pulled by dually truck

Single Level 2-3 Car Enclosed (Covered)

Another hard side carrier available is the 2-3 car single level carriers. These are usually pulled by a dually truck like the one pictured here. These are great for classic vehicles, luxury sedans, and other vehicles that don’t have an ultra low clearance, although some have ramp wedges. These are also very handy for a non-running vehicle. For example, a project in the middle of restoration without glass or a top.

The larger carrier may not have a way to maneuver a vehicle that has been rendered inoperable. Since they only hold two-three vehicles, they can easily get them in and out. They are popular for shorter distanced enclosed transport. Many prefer the very large carriers because their size alone makes it easy to load or offload anywhere. They do lack air ride suspension so it a a slightly rougher ride for your high end vehicle.