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How To Use the Car Shipping Calculator to Get Your Quote Instantly

  1. Enter the zip codes for the states you are coming from and going to.
  2. Select your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model.
  3. Pick the day you think your vehicle will first be available.
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  5. Our cost calculator will give you an instant auto transport quote in which the rate.

The Factors that Determine Rates for Regular Car Shipping Costs

Shipping a vehicle you will find that rates are not static.  The instant quote rates provided by our car shipping calculator are based on the following factors that come together to formulate your cost:

1. Distance

You might have already guessed that the further you are going, the more it will cost. The longer trips are cost less per mile, but there are more miles. Your quote will reflect that. Steady routes that don’t have a high or low season will stick pretty closely to standard mileage rates like the ones above.

2. Vehicle Size and Type

The size, type, and condition of a vehicle will determine the rate. Here you will find common adjustments made by our calculator when requesting your instant quote.

3. Vehicle Condition

If your vehicle is not in running condition, you will pay an additional premium. This premium is usually around $200, but can be more the vehicle requires forklifting or additional loading / unloading assistance.

4. The Kind Of Route

Larger metro areas or routes that have large metro areas at the beginning or end of the route lower the cost. Heavily traveled or popular routes will cost less because carriers always have vehicles to pick up and drop off at both ends. For example, a vehicle traveling from Miami to Los Angeles, will pay around $950-1000 for all those miles. But if going from Columbia, South Carolina to Ashland Oregon, it will be around $1300+. If there just aren’t any cars being moved besides yours (usually 50 miles or more), then you will most pay much more per mile than the guy in the next big city. How much it affects your cost will have to do with what favorable locations are available on the way to your destination.

5. Time of Year

It is important to remember that truckers set prices depending on the demand.  An easy example of seasonal vehicle shippers are those coming south  for the winter and back in the spring. They increase demand substantially up and down the eastern seaboard.  This can sometimes affect states as far as California, Texas, as well s other warm winter states. Our car shipping calculator will take these seasonal adjustments into account.

6. Weather Conditions

As far as other parts of the country go, if the weather is terrible and it’s just a little harder to do things in any part of the country because of it, will increase how much it will cost. Conversely great weather keeps prices down.

7. Fuel Costs (Updated for 2023)

Gas/Diesel rates, factor into shipping rate. But just like the airline industry if the price for fuel all the sudden drops and travelers have become accustomed to paying a certain amount and carriers hang onto those rates as long as they can. In 2022 we saw an upswing in fuel prices due to the Ukraine and Russian conflict which resulted in sanctions not allowing oil to be imported. However, fuel costs although not at previous levels have come down and our pricing is following along correctly,

8. COVID19 (2020-2022)

The COVID-19 issues led to a price increase due to the many precautions drivers had to take, as well as the in addition to mandatory lockdowns. This has now ended for the most part in 2023. There are no longer any restraints on auto shipping due to COVID.  To date there are shortages on items, but fortunately auto transport has not suffered shortages recently. 

Services that Will Increase the Cost of Shipping Your Vehicle

1. Enclosed Transport

If you want enclosed / covered transport, this will increase how much it costs.  Add 30-60% more to the cost for enclosed car delivery or .90 to $1.25 a mile. You can ship a vehicle with enclosed transport for any reason, even if it is just a preference. However, this service is a service usually reserved for exotic, classic, and some luxury vehicles.

2. Exotic Car Transport

Exotic vehicles such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and more also require enclosed shipping because of their value and security. These vehicles are extremely expensive, customized, and sensitive to the elements.  Exotics will usually more the most expensive of the enclosed rates.

3. Classic Car Transport

Classics that are in restored condition, have fully original paint and parts, are open project cars will need to be shipped enclosed to protect and preserve these vehicles which should not see the outside elements, or even prolonged levels or sunlight.  This would be the option to protect those vehicles.

4. Expedited / Rush Service

There are expedited shipping options that will increase the rate. available to get you a pickup right away. The upside is that you will not wait long to get you vehicle from the pickup location. The drawback will be a higher rate.

-Cars / Sedans

The expedited / rush shipping for a car or sedan will be about $100.00 over the standard sedan rate.


For most SUV's, the normal rate increase for expedited will come in around $150 over the regular SUV rate.


Trucks that are shipped expedited  can easily cost about $200 over the regular truck rate.

5. Overseas Shipping

The costs for vehicles going to Hawaii , shipping to Puerto Rico , and Alaska include ocean travel. Ocean travel is accounted for in our calculator. The cost for shipping to Hawaii from the drop off port is $1450, and the drop to Puerto Rico is $1050.