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The Basic Costs Estimations for Auto Shipping


For up to 500 miles it will cost $1 a mile. So if traveling 350 miles you pay $350. Like a trip within the state or to the next state. Going through multiple states or shipping a car 1000 miles costs $0.75 cents a mile.


Distance Cost Per mile Sample Rate
500 Miles $1.00 $500
1000 Miles $0.75 $750
2000 Miles $0.55 $1,100
2,500  Miles $0.50 $1,25


The root of determining the cost of car delivery is based on price per mile, although that’s not all that goes into it. There are up to half a dozen adjustments made instantly when processing a quote with our car shipping calculator. This is why we not only give an estimate, but an actual rate. Further below, we also discuss these factors.



How Our Calculator Determines The Cost


There are various factors to understanding what goes in to calculating the cost to ship a car.  There are many factors that are taken into account when providing a rate. Our calculator adjusts for these automatically. However, when speaking to one of our advisors, they will also look into the rate to assure you aren’t paying more than you should. This is why you may save 10-15% on routes that are harder for our calculator to determine automatically.


Although we cover much of this on how much it costs to ship a car, here are some additional information and examples on the factors used to determine the price of auto shipping. 



The Factors that Determine Rates 



These are all the factor that are taken into consideration by our both our rate calculator and when calling for a quote by phone. To get the most accurate pricing, it’s important that your properly represent your vehicle. Let us know if there are any modifications or if you have any special equipment installed. These will need to be evaluated individually.




You might have already guessed that the further you are going, the more it will cost. The longer trips are cost less per mile, but there are more miles. Your quote will reflect that. Steady routes that don’t have a high or low season will stick pretty closely to standard mileage rates like the ones above. The costs for vehicles going to Hawaii and shipping to Puerto Rico include ocean travel.


Vehicle Size and Type


The size and type of vehicle will determine a big part of the rate. Here we explain the adjustments you would expect on the rate to ship your vehicle based on these factors




National Express ships cars of all shapes and sizes with rates from our calculator. Large sedans will be more expensive to ship than smaller types of cars. They are heavier and take more room than smaller ones. Also note, that if your vehicle has a weight which is more than others despite being more moderate in size, that will also affect the total of your car shipping rate. This why we ask for the exact year, make, and model of vehicle you are transporting with us so you know exactly how much it costs.


Type of Car Examples Increase
Compact Focus, Cvic, Fiat +$0
Mid Size Sedan Altima, Accord, E-Class +$50-60
Large Sedan S500, Crown Victoria, 7-Series $100
Extra Large Sedan Classic Impala, El Dorado, Rolls Royce $150





The shipping of SUV’s will have the largest differences from one to another. There’s the small SUV like a RAV 4 or CRV that is taller but may not be much bigger than a sedan, or an extra large SUV like the Suburban that takes up the space of two sedans. Price will vary based on very small to very big. Fortunately, our car shipping calculator does a great job of sorting this out. But, for those who want to see how it’s done, we have provided the list below.


Type of SUV Examples Increase
Small SUV CRV, Compass, Sidekick +$75-80
Mid Size SUV 4Runner, Pilot, Cherokee +$125-150
Large SUV Tahoe, Yukon, Expedition +$150-175
Extra Large SUV Suburban, Expedition L, Escalade ESV +$175-200





Transporting Trucks can also vary in size and configuration when using the calculator to get a price. You could have a small first generation Ranger, or an F-350 Dually. Both are totally different and will pull a totally different shipping quote. A very large truck will have the steepest increase for size and weight, as they are very heavy and long. How much it will cost you will vary greatly from small to big.


Type of Truck Examples Increase
Small Truck Ranger, B2000, Syclone +$100-150
Mid Size Truck Ridgeline, Frontier, Tacoma +$150-200
Large Truck Silverado, Ram, Sierra +$200-250
Extra Large Truck / Modified F350, Sierra 3500, RAM 3500 +$250-300


As you can see from the tables above, the bigger the vehicle, the higher the price. The more big vehicles on a carrier, the less can fit. There is also the added fuel cost for heavier vehicles. So the driver will make up the loss by charging more for anything large.

For example, you can use our calculator to compare a compact car like a Mini, it will cost less to transport than a full size SUV like an Expedition or Tahoe. This will be the case regardless of distance unless the car shipping quote it’s under 300 miles. Vehicles such as those can take the space of two small cars making the carrier charge more to make up the difference.




Where your vehicle is traveling to and from is just as important as how far it’s going.  Heavily traveled or popular routes will cost less because carriers always have vehicles to pick up and drop off at both ends.  Larger metro areas or routes that have large metro areas at the beginning or end of the route lower the cost. For example, a vehicle traveling from Miami to Los Angeles, will pay around $950-1000 for all those miles. But if going from Columbia, South Carolina to Ashland Oregon, it will be around $1300+


Time of Year


You hear a lot about being “in season”. Although very often a marketing technique to quote higher prices, there are parts of the country that see prices go up and down depending on what time of the year it is. Our quote rate calculator adjusts for these times of year.

It is important to remember that truckers set prices. They are the ones on the road and doing the heavy lifting (literally). Our job is to remain educated and up to date with seasonal market rates so you get the most accurate cost to ship your car. That way we effectively give you the right free price quote. As always, that quote is guaranteed.

An easy example of seasonal vehicles are those coming back and forth for the winter and back in the summer between Florida and the north eastern states because of of retirees (often known as snowbirds) coming up and down every year. They increase demand substantially up and down the eastern seaboard. In other cases you can also think of Florida like the bottom of the funnel or a magnet. If you’re heading in a direction towards the south east as the weather gets colder and the winter months are approaching, expect the price to increase because of the demand. As spring arrives the traffic reverses. This can sometimes affect states as far as California, as after spring time rates to California rates increase as Southeast rates decrease. Our car shipping calculator will take these seasonal adjustments into account.

As far as other parts of the country go, if the weather is terrible and it’s just a little harder to do things in any part of the country because of it, will increase how much it will cost. If you’re hiring us for auto shipping from Maine to Oregon in February expect to pay a higher rate than you would in June.

Increases in fuel prices will definitely affect the cost to ship a car. But just like the airline industry if the price for fuel all the sudden drops and travelers have become accustomed to paying a certain amount and carriers hang onto those rates as long as they can. 



The Two Most Common Ways Cars Are Transported and The Price Difference


Open transport will be the most economical and popular way cars are shipped. Then you have enclosed. Going in an enclosed truck is like first class service for cars. This is usually for more valuable and sensitive vehicles.Or if you just want your vehicle to travel in a rolling garage where nothing from the outside will touch it. This is more expensive since your vehicle is protected from the outside world.


Open Transport


Open Carrier transport is the most common form of transport and the cheapest way and the fastest way to ship a car since it’s used by just about everyone.This ranges from an average of  $0.40 to $0.60 cents a mile. It’s great for everyday cars and most entry level luxury vehicles. Like your daily driver or family hauler. Nearly all auto shipping is done on these carriers. They are the same trucks you see coming in and out of the dealer and driving on the highway.


Enclosed Transport


If you want enclosed / covered transport, this will increase how much it costs. Open carrier is not the best option if you’re shipping a valuable car that you would not  to be exposed in any way. It is a service usually reserved for classic or exotic vehicles.  Your car will be transported on a carrier that has a roof and four sides sealing the vehicles in.  Your car will have more protection from the elements but the price will be higher. You might want to go with this option when transporting something very valuable either financially or sentimentally. Add 30-60% more to the cost for enclosed car delivery or .90 to $1.25 a mile.



Is Shipping To and From Populated Areas Less Expensive?


The larger the population in your area, the higher the chance of other vehicles will need to be picked up or dropped off in your pickup and destination state. Auto transport is much bigger than you think and thousands of people are shipping their cars daily. Though a nice big road in an open area makes it really easy for the trucker to park and unload your vehicle, it’s the densest and most populated areas make the most money for them. This means there are plenty of vehicles for the carrier to pick from and this also means there are many carriers coming through the area. This competition will lower pricing. Prices are also lower because distances will be smaller between stops since so many vehicles are available for car pickup or delivery in small radius or distance.



Do Rural Areas and States Mean I’ll Pay Much More?


The answer to that is, it depends. For example, if in your area where there just aren’t any cars being moved besides yours (usually 50 miles or more), then you will most likely pay much more per mile than the guy in the next big city. But in many cases, it could be minimal. Let’s say your small town is down the highway towards or from a major city, then you are just a stop along the way.


What if I’m In A Hurry?


Shipping a car to another state takes some planning. But there are rush services available to get you a pickup right away. In a nutshell, truck drivers are looking for the smallest and the highest paying vehicles out there. Small means lighter and less fuel cost. Higher paying is obvious because it’s more for the carrier’s bottom line. If your vehicle is a midsized sedan and paying like and SUV, that carrier will select your vehicle because it’s paying more than the others that are averaging lower. That bumps you up in the line and means the first truck that hits the area will reserve your vehicle from the list first.  Keep in mind though, rush or expedited doesn’t mean faster arrival after pickup. There are rules and regulations determining how long it takes.

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