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National Express provides professional and reliable auto transport and car shipping. Our commitment to quality meets the highest standards in the industry. As one of the leading car shipping companies in the country, our carriers use only the best equipment to provide your vehicle the safest travel possible during transit. Additionally, all vehicles are 100% insured to provide you even more peace of mind. The rate calculated with each quote includes all fees such as fuel, taxes, tolls, and insurance coverage. We also complete a full inspection at pickup and delivery.

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We have many services available to cater to all kinds of vehicles and needs. Always door to door. Call us today at 800-284-7177 or find your free quote by entering the zip codes at the top of this page.. We look forward to helping you with your vehicle shipping or long distance towing needs.


Don’t take a risk. We do everything in writing upon ordering. We send you a written authorization and price agreement. It’s the National Express Price Guarantee! Read More

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Our Goal is to Make your Door-to-Door Nationwide Car Shipping be Safe, Fast, and Affordable

We can provide you a fast and accurate quote. Our free form is quick and easy and takes less than a minute to fill in for your guaranteed auto shipping rate.  Our company will take the time to know and understand each situation individually and therefore providing the best service possible. We never bombard you with phone calls or emails. We do not sell your information or use it for any other purpose. For detailed information please read what auto transport is and the basics to get you started.

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Our national auto shipping service tailors services to your needs from beginning to end. We are always there to help you along the way. There are several auto transport companies out there to pick from and finding the right one can be frustrating. You expect great results without having overpay to get it when it comes to shipping your car. We have excellent reviews from several verifiable sources like the Google, Angies List, Yelp, and more. We have experts to handle special requests like top loading (usually for convertibles) and enclosed transport for exotics and classics. We offer curbside delivery at no additional cost. National Express has the knowledge, courtesy, and experience you expect in vehicle transport. Our car shipping calculation is fair to your wallet. We value your time. We have built an vehicle shipping firm completely from the ground up with these philosophies as the forefront of our company.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured Auto Transport

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. That means your car, truck, suv, van, motorcycle, or boat will be fully protected from the moment it is picked up until it arrives.

Each of our car transport carriers has a minimum of $750,000 and an average of  $1 Million dollars of liability insurance to further protect you. This translates to $75,000 to $100,000 per vehicle. That is more than enough for what we normally carry. Car shipping can’t get any better than with us. You won’t get “Bob the Tow Truck Guy” with his 1984 Pickup and rented U-Haul trailer getting your vehicle. (Yes we’ve heard these stories from our customers.) You will get a commercial car carrier coming to your door. We control the insurance. In the rare instance that there is a claim, we handle it for you. We are there from beginning to end. Our carriers meet the FMCSA requirements for insurance.

Auto Transport Carrier Truck

Auto shipping with us is easy. We are a national auto transport company and travel throughout all the contiguous United States.  We also ship vehicles to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

We offer car shipping to and from all the popular U.S. routes, and even the tough areas with little or no transport traffic.  If a carrier can come pick it up, we can get it. Flatbed service is available for short distance moves. Expedited service is also available for time sensitive situations. We are a full service transporter always at your service.

We take care of our Snowbirds! Many are repeat customers that come year after year for their moves down to sunny FLA, and back in the spring. Coming “south for the winter”? Call us now!

Get Up-To-Date Information on Your Vehicle via Email, Phone, or Even Text

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Subscribe to text updates. We’ll always keep you up to date on your transport by phone and email after you order. We let you know when we are coming and on our way to deliver. But did you know you can also get updates via text message? Our proprietary system provides updates to our customers on the progress of their car shipment in the most convenient ways possible. Cluttered email? Don’t want to receive a call or maybe didn’t recognize our number? We can give you text updates so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing when you’re busy.


How We Have the Best Rates and Service


Years of hard work and experience have allowed us to grow into the car shipping company we are now. Since day one, we have worked relentlessly to build our carrier network. We have built a system from the ground up. From our car carrier and customer management software, to our website. All centered around a principal foundation integrity and honesty in the car shipping and transport business. The results are passed on to you. And because of you, the customer we continue to thrive bringing costs down. It’s all thanks to people like you.  You refer us to your friends and family. You come back again when you need us.


The Auto Transport Industry


Car shipping is a huge industry. Not only are companies like us competing for your business, customers are actually in competition for available truck space in high volume areas and times of the year. This means we need to be quick and responsive to meet these demands, especially during these times of year. Reputation gives us the edge. Our working history with our network of car carriers, as well as standing with owner-operators all over the country make us your top choice to ship your car. National Express Auto Transport has a network of established carriers and access to thousands of additional owner operators around the United States in good standing with the FMCSA and the DOT. We provide you with the lowest and most accurate pricing possible. Period. No Games. No hidden fees.  A solid solution. 

If you are just starting to look into getting your car transported, you may have begun to notice that it’s not as simple to pick the right company. There’s lots of different prices you might be getting and a lot of talk about what to expect if you pick a transporter that is not qualified. To help you in making your choice, it’s good to know that there are three types of segments in the car shipping business. First we’ll go over brokers. This is the largest segment. This is because the majority of car transporters on the road are run by owner–operators. Each one usually sticks to a specific route or area and specializes in it. A good company will have an established list of these car carriers for any given area. When you contact them for a car shipping rate, they use the prices that the truckers are charging in any given area to any given destination and then get you a price. When you order, they assign the carrier to your car shipping order and dispatch it to them. It is a symbiotic relationship. One does not work without the other. This company doesn’t have any trucks and the driver of the truck does not have any way of generating customers because they they drive for a living. When dealing with the best car shipping company with the best carriers on their side, it will provide the best results for everyone. The second type of company is an actual direct carrier. There are very few of these. For the most part they specifically handle certain areas. Availability is determined by their own schedule and available trucks. This creates an auto shipping bottleneck because a carrier covers a limited area and they may not be arriving or departing from certain locations for some time or go to them at all. Be sure to check out this great post about using  carriers not brokers. You may also want to visit this the FMSCA Website for information. The third segment isn’t a vehicle shipping company at all. They are not even licensed. There are known as lead aggregators/providers. They collect information only to resell. Read below for more information.


What You Should Know About Auto Transport Lead Aggregators / Providers


These are firms which appear to be an actual company, but just exist to just to sell the information you filled out to various transport brokers. Usually to about 10 or up to even 20 at a time causing absolute havoc on your cell phone with calls, emails and even texts.  Since brokers participating in these programs are well aware that their quote is in competition with possibly 20 others they will provide very low and inaccurate quotes to solicit an order and in some cases charge upfront to help prevent you from trying to go with a competitor.. These are where most of the the problems most customers share originate from. including negative talk about the competition and effectively trying to scare customers to book with them. You will notice it will be a different kind of salesperson and quote when it comes right from the source. Unfortunately, in many cases your pick up date will fly by without notice or the price will change. Some will tell you the previous price was an estimate or disclose the increase in the form of hidden fees. National Express Auto Transport does not participate in buying leads. We do not practice those types of sales tactics. Learn what happens when you get a rate from these sites.


What are Seasonal Rates? Are There Better Times to Book a Car Carrier?


You hear a lot about being “in season”. Although very often a marketing technique to quote higher prices, there are parts of the Country that see prices go up and down depending on what time of the year it is.

It is important to remember that the truckers set the prices. They are the ones on the road and doing the heavy lifting (literally). Our job is to remain educated and up to date with the market rates across the country. That way we effectively give you the right free price quote. As always, that quote is guaranteed.

An easy example of seasonal auto transport are vehicles coming back and forth between Florida and the north eastern states because of of retirees (often known as snowbirds)  coming up and down every year. They increase demand substantially up and down the eastern seaboard. In other cases you can also think of Florida like the bottom of the funnel or a magnet. If you’re heading in a direction towards the south east as the weather gets colder and the winter months are approaching, expect the price to increase because of the demand. As spring arrives the traffic reverses. This can sometimes affect states as far as California, as after spring time rates to California rates increase as Southeast rates decrease.

As far as other parts of the country go, if the weather is terrible and it’s just a little harder to do things in any part of the country because of it, prices will increase. If you’re hiring us for auto shipping from Maine to Oregon in February expect to pay a higher rate than you would in June.

Price hikes in fuel will definitely affect the cost to ship a car. But just like the airline industry if the price then all the sudden drops back and people have become accustomed to paying a certain amount then the truckers hang onto those rates as long as they can.

Popular Cities we Provide Auto Transport Services to and From

Miami, For Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
San Francisco / San Jose, California
Houston, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
Ann Arbor / Warren, Michigan
Seattle / Tacoma, Washington
Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona
Denver / Aurora, Colorado
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cleveland / Canton, Ohio
San Diego, California
Las Vegas – Henderson, Nevada

Portland, Oregon
Orlando / Daytona / Melbourne, Florida
St. Louis, Missouri
Richmond, Virginia
Austin, Texas
Providence, Rhode Island
Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater, Florida
Salt Lake City / Provo, Utah
Charlotte, North Carolina
Sacramento, California
Kansas City, Missouri
Birmingham, Alabama
Indianapolis, Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
Hartford, Connecticut
Grand Rapids, Michigan

San Antonio, Texas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Virginia Beach / Norfolk, Virginia
Milwaukee / Racine, Wisconsin
Greensboro / Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Raleigh / Chapel Hill / Durham, North Carolina
Nashville/ Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Louisville, Kentucky
New Orleans, Louisiana
Jacksonville, Florida
Memphis, Tennessee
Cincinnati, Ohio
Greenville / Spartanburg, South Carolina

Visit our car shipping states and cities page for information on city and state routes.