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How Car Shipping Works

Our car transport service provides you a simple and uncomplicated shipping process where we guarantee there are no surprises or hidden charges with our car transport providers.

Step 1

Schedule Vehicle Shipping Online or By Phone

Here's what we need to know to get started:

  • Let us know the type of vehicle you have
  • Choose between open transport or enclosed transport
  • Choose from a variety of available car shipment scheduling options
  • Place the auto transport order by providing addresses, names, and payment information

Remember, as a nationwide car transport company, we provide the most secure door to door shipping. We ship call kinds of vehicles, from Cars, SUV's Exotics, Non-Runners, Trucks, Jeeps, Classics, and even Race Cars

You can even place some light weight personal items in the vehicle!

Step 2

We'll Arrange Shipping with FMCSA Licensed and Insured Carriers

We absolutely make every possible effort to accommodate the timeline you want for your auto shipping and get your car safely delivered. Feel at ease with our with our top rated auto transport services.

The day before your car is to be collected, the carrier will make a call to the person you designated as your pickup contact. You or someone you authorize will do a detailed inspection with the carrier on pick up day to inspect any prior damage and other issues. When the Bill of Lading and inspection are completed, your vehicle will be loaded up on the car carrier and will be in transit.

Step 3

We Get Your Car Delivered to its Final Destination

When it comes to delivery, the auto transport carrier will approach your property as safely and lawfully as possible. In most cases it is curbside / door to door. However, if the carrier does not fit, they will meet you at the nearest safe location. When they arrive, the outstanding payment on your vehicle shipment may be paid to the trucker after they unload and do the inspection report or Bill of Lading.  Go over the inspection.  In the rare case of damage, a claim is made. Otherwise enjoy, your car arrived safely!
When it’s time to look for an auto shipping service, it’s important to know more about how car transport works. Learn how we come up with your car shipping quote at National Express.

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How Do Auto Shipping Quotes Work?

Since vehicle shipping costs are based on size, distance but also seasonal market for a time of year. Whether you get your auto shipping quote online or over the phone, each price quote is prepared based on the season, distance, and size, along with current national costs per mile.

Choosing the right shipping company is vital to getting the best auto transport carriers for the best possible price. Know and understand that not all car shipping brokers are equal in this business.

Choosing a Good Shipping Quote

Be careful extremely low or bargain low-priced vehicle shipping quotes as they will often result in delays and other inconveniences that sometimes cost you more than money, but time as well. Lower prices increased the time needed to have the vehicle shipping company get your vehicle loaded. So, when comparing auto transport companies, be wary of defaulting to the lowest price.

You can have total peace of mind knowing that the car shipping service you have chosen for your vehicle is the very best and that there are no hidden fees, bait and switch or other unwanted surprises with your vehicle delivery.

Carrier Vetting and Background Check

NX does a proper license and quality check with each vehicle shipment carrier for every transport we do. We verify car shipping company carrier ratings, and in addition, most importantly obtain a certified copy of their insurance coverage certificate which comes directly from the government approved agency where the certificate of insurance (COI) was issued from.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Shipment

You want to ship your car without it being a hassle. Not knowing the steps to take in order to ship your car can amount to a very stressful situation. This is why at NX we have highly trained experts that have experience in the auto transport and car shipping industry to be your direct from the beginning to end.

These car transport concierge will walk you through all of the steps involved in the car shipping process, from knowing how to have your car ready for the pickup to shipping your vehicle to a delivery location, whether it’s in the U.S. or overseas.

Sit back, relax as we will go over everything you will need to know about shipping cars so it is a seamless process.

At NX, we very much pride ourselves in our quest for excellence and total customer satisfaction. Have questions? We have answers for all your car shipping questions. Call us today, 800-284-7177 send us a chat, or even an email. We’ll respond and attend to your car shipment immediately.

How To Ship A Car

Know the best way and popular way to ship your car?

The best way to ship a car includes open carrier car transport, enclosed carrier transport, flatbed car shipping, and single car enclosed car shipping. To quality as best, all should be door-to-door auto shipping services.

It is the most popular (and cheapest way) of the auto transport methods is the 8 to 10 car open carrier.

The disadvantage to this method of car transport is that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during transport. That means if you happen to be shipping a classic car, high-end luxury vehicle, a exotic car, it will not offer that extra layer of protection.

Regardless of this drawback, these large 2 story trucks can accommodate car transport for just about any size of car, truck, van, or SUV. So great option, nonetheless.

Open car transport that is also door-to-door, is also considered the best way to get the cheapest auto transport rate possible in the auto transport industry without sacrificing any convenience.

If you do happen to have a high end vehicle and along with that, don’t have a strict budget constraint, you can consider enclosed auto transport. Enclosed transport, also known as “covered” transport, or enclosed trailer transport, is the safest way to transport a vehicle. It provides extra peace of mind in the form of an extra layer of protection against the elements like road debris, but also keeps the vehicle hidden from prying eyes.

The great thing about working with NX, is you don’t have to leave any questions to chance. Our car shipping experts will be more than glad to explain your options as well as the different price points for each method of transport. Call 800-284-7177, or reach us by chat or email.

NX wil only use fully FMCSA Licensed and verified insured car shipping carriers so you know that the driver that comes to load your vehicle is reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

As always, we guarantee there are never any hidden fees or charges, no bait and switch, and fully capable car transporters coming to your door.

Insurance - How Does It Work With Door to Door Car Shipping?

Not only is it important to have car shipping that is timely, fast, and reliable. But it's also important to guarantee that your vehicle is protected by the veil of insurance coverage.

When you entrust NX with your vehicle relocation, you can count on knowing no matter what, you are covered.  Every carrier in our roster is fully licensed and insured with the FMCSA, which stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  The governing body that determines the eligibility for a car transport carrier to be on the road. One of these requirements is adequate insurance.

Why National Express Auto Transport?

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Every car shipping quote includes taxes, insurance, and fuel surcharges. No hidden fees like other auto shipping companies.

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Book car transport services for free.  We work without charging a penny until we have vehicles shipped.

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Carriers In our network meet strict insurance requirements so you have peace of mind when shipping.

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With 18,000+ car transport carriers on network we take your vehicle in as fast as 1-3 days.

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 Highly trained with Integrity and Honesty. It's how we stand out in the car shipping industry.