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The #1 Auto Transport Company in the Country

National Express will provide industry leading auto transport services to deliver your car to its new location quickly and safely. All with no hidden car shipping costs. We'll work with you to choose a vehicle pickup date and time that works for you. When you ship a vehicle direct with National Express, you can feel confident you are dealing with one of the best car shipping services in the country, not just a car shipping broker. To transport your vehicle, take the following steps:

Step 1

Schedule Vehicle Shipping Online or By Phone

National Express is the best in the business. That's why we make it simple to schedule car transport services. You can get a free instant quote over the phone with a customer service representative or online with our car shipping quote calculator. Here's what we need to know to get started:
  • Provide our vehicle pickup and delivery zip codes
  • Pick your automobile type and size
  • Choose between open transport or enclosed transport
  • Choose from a variety of available car shipment scheduling options
  • Place the auto transport order by providing addresses, names, and payment information
Remember, as a nationwide car transport company, we provide the most secure door to door shipping.  You can even place some light weight personal items in the vehicle!

Step 2

We'll Arrive at Your Location and Pick Up Your Car and the Auto Transport Process Begins

We absolutely make every possible effort to accommodate the timeline you want for your auto shipping and get your car safely delivered. Feel at ease with our with our top rated auto transport services. We go anywhere in the country and promise to do a great job from the moment we pick up your vehicle. It's always a great idea to prepare your car for auto transport services by cleaning it inside and out, removing any important personal effects, and as a courtesy to the carrier making sure there is around a quarter tank of gasoline in the gas tank. All you need is a little fuel for loading and unloading it off of the car hauler. The day before your car is to be collected, the carrier will make a call to the person you designated as your pickup contact. You or someone you authorize will do a detailed inspection with the carrier on pick up day to inspect any prior damage and other issues. When the Bill of Lading and inspection are completed, your vehicle will be loaded up on the car carrier.

Step 3

Your Auto Transport Service is Now in Progress

Remember, you may reach out to your car transport carrier at any time throughout the route to ask questions about arrival dates and anything else that comes to mind. To assure that your auto is safe every step of the way, our vehicle transport truckers go through comprehensive safety and procedure training. You will see you have us behind you throughout the whole process.

Step 4

We Get Your Car Delivered to its Final Destination

When it comes to delivery, the auto transport carrier will approach your property as safely and lawfully as possible. In most cases it is curbside / door to door. However, if the carrier does not fit, they will meet you at the nearest safe location. When they arrive, the outstanding payment on your vehicle shipment may be paid to the trucker after they unload and do the inspection report or Bill of Lading.  Go over the inspection.  In the rare case of damage, a claim is made. Otherwise enjoy, your car arrived safely!

National Express Auto Transport provides the Best Possible Service

You will find many car shipping companies ready to get your business. All will say that they are one of the best car shipping service. But do they hold up to the challenge of handling your car safely? Cars, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, or Vans, all can ship. This what you get when your pick up up your vehicle with a national service provider with years of experience.  Have something special? We have car moving for classic cars, exotic cars, and more. There's so much we do that others don't.  We provide auto transport for multiple vehicles as well.  No matter what the transport type, all feature the best cargo insurance coverage available.  That's what you get when dealing with one of the best car shipping companies in the country! Using National Express is the best way to ship. We accept all major credit cards and offer a simple and fast booking process. Our online form takes moments to complete and you will be ready for pickup in no-time.

Accurate Car Shipping Quotes

No system is perfect every time, but we strive to give an accurate quote to you instantly 24hours a day and seven days a week.  Because you just need the real car shipping costs. Not some padded down price to lure you to book with the false promise of a free rental car or a free car wash because your needs were not met. In the end you'll be get stuck later on with undisclosed or hidden fees.  This is something that constantly is seen in the auto transport business. Not all shipping companies follow our lead of shipping cars affordably and in a timely manner without leaving you with more questions than answers. Our quotes also include up to 100 pounds of personal items along with door to door services rolled into the car shipping cost.

No Hidden Fees Ever When Shipping with Us

We provide an all-inclusive auto transport service.  No surprises in your free quote. No changes to car shipping prices after you arrange a date for your pickup with our top rated auto transport services. We hear many customers that are told they had to pay more when the car arrived without having any idea and the broker will blame it on fuel prices. The carrier shows up and they won't leave until they get what they agreed to with the car shipping broker. The problem is the auto transport company you hired had undisclosed fees on their contract with you. This is never the case with our car shipping company. At National Express, you will never pay more than the final agreed price to deliver your car and won't have to overpay so that your vehicle arrives in a timely manner. That promise is an integral part of the vehicle shipping process regardless if it's local or international car shipping.

Excellent Reviews from Over 2,000 Verified Customers

Count on our 2,000 vehicle shipping reviews. Feel confident as we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau as well. This will demonstrate to you that we are one of the best car transport companies in the nation. We want you to feel we have done a fantastic job and to tell friends and family, just as other customers do.  By providing you with the best car shipping experience, we know we will win you over time and again.  That is entirely because we want your vehicle have smooth pick up with a friendly truck driver, easy delivery, and arrive in perfect condition. Choose as as your shipping company today. For you convenience, we offer a car shipping cost calculator accessible from anywhere on our site that takes several factors to get you an accurate auto transport quote. The best part is that it gives you vehicle shipping rates instantly for both open car service and enclosed transport.  Always count the final price of your car shipping quote to include shipping door to door. It's all part of the price to deliver your car to its new home. No terminals needed.  Nationwide auto transport without compromises or an outrageously high car shipping cost .

A Car Transport Service that is Safe and Reliable

We are the auto transport company with a motor carrier number, not a lead farming site. So your car shipping quote will be right from us, you list your car direct with us, without emails and phone calls from unqualified or unreliable work-at-home brokers. Our car shipping cost calculator's pricing engine gives you a free quote and one that's reliable too.  All without bait and switch car shipping prices. At National Express, the absolute goal is to give you the ultimate experience so you will come back again and again to use us as your car delivery service.

An Auto Transport Company that Creates Results with No Compromises

You will have peace of mind knowing your car transport quote is direct from us, having your car picked up with qualified and fully vetted auto shipping carriers. That's the difference you get when you use a qualified auto transport. At National Express, we do not work fly-by-night carrier partners, inexperienced drivers, or unqualified staff like other car shipping companies.  You see the results as your vehicle will have arrived safely. Each customer represents a part of our reputation and commitment to the auto transport business. That is why you will quickly notice our car transport carriers are hand picked as their consistent performance and the process is a direct reflection of our promise to you. This sets us apart from other vehicle transport companies. How do we provide the absolute best car shipping service? Aside from the above, we have the most options out there. We are one of the best car transport companies offering long distance towing, cross country car shipping, state to state auto transport, auction auto transport, expedited vehicle shipping, and more. Any vehicle year, make, and model.  Open car transport service? No Problem. Enclosed transport?  We do that too.

Inop (Non Running) / Oversized Vehicle / Salvage Car / Special Transport

Is your vehicle not in running condition? Heavier vehicles? Have something you think nobody wants to take?  Don't be so surprised as our auto transport carriers handle those as well! We don't stop short, we take you all the way. This is why we are #1. Regardless of the transport type and unlike other auto shipping companies, National Express handles it and does it putting you and your situation in mind, every time.  Choose us to have your next car delivered from start to finish!

Full Service - State to State - Coast to Coast - Transport Company

As a full service vehicle transporter, carriers travel all over the entire country covering all 50 states for vehicles in running condition and non running condition. This includes all types of vehicles to Hawaii and Alaska. We also feature auto transport services to Puerto Rico and Canada. This makes shipping across the country fast and easy.  As you may already know, National Express is the leader in the auto transport industry.

No Upfront Cost for For Our Auto Shipping Services

You will not pay a cent for auto transport until we have scheduled pickup and delivery. Someone asking for a fee upfront?  Don't let anyone lock you in. You want a car transporter that does not get paid anything until they have fulfilled their job of getting your car shipped. The best car shipping companies have this in common. No upfront fees.  Unlike other car shipping companies, we don't want anything until we've done what you have paid us to do.  Some car transport companies think that they can get paid just for booking. But there is so much more to it than that.  Vehicle shipping services require follow-up and assuring that a car is picked up in a timely manner.  It's not set it and forget it with auto transport. We make ourselves available to help rom the moment the order is booked and until the vehicle arrives . That's how an auto transporter can do a great job.

Fully Insured Auto Transport Company

Did we mention we have include comprehensive insurance in the shipping cost?  There are no extra fees for this insurance coverage for vehicles shipped using our reliable and very highly rated car transport services. We want to know you can feel safe knowing we also take time to verify the carrier's insurance is up to date by using carriers currently active on Central Dispatch. (Please note personal belongings are not covered by insurance)

Always A Reasonable Price to Ship a Car

When you get your free quote instantly, it's the best price every time. It takes into account several factors that determine carrier availability for pick up and delivery in a timely manner. Even auto transport booked on short notice is no problem for thanks to our massive carrier network. That makes us stand out form the entire industry. Didn't plan ahead? Other car shipping companies may try to take advantage. But not National Express. We won't overcharge you and can still ship your vehicle affordably, reliably, and pristine condition. Our car transport rates are always derived using our shipping calculator that is tailored to price shipping based on the minimum effective price that a carrier will accept to take your vehicle within our promised 1-3 days for metro to metro transport.  We are a volume transport company, meaning we are not here to make hundreds for each car shipped.   This means you have the lowest possible shipping cost for your vehicle, not matter the type of car transport service your book with us.  That's what makes us the best option when choosing an auto transport company.

Door to Door Auto Transport Services

All auto shipping with National Express is coordinated to deliver your car door to door. and if physically possible and legal, right to your exact address and location. That's right, as one of the best car transport companies in the nation, our auto transport carriers provide this as part of every car shipping quote without an additional cost to ship. If our carrier fits safely and legally, they will deliver right to your doorstep. It's always easier for auto shipping company to pick a spot next to the highway. We demand more of our carriers.. If any chance the carrier truck does not to get the car direct from your location as they do not fit inside your street or complex, they are contractually obligated to get as close to the delivery point to give you the best result.

Tailored and Customized Transport Just For You

Even while offering the most customized and convenient options as expected by full service car moving companies, we still price auto transport service to pick up vehicles in 1-3 days on average from your first date of availability for metro to metro areas and 1-5 days for rural or harder to reach areas where car moving companies may not often travel. Don't hesitate to get a quote today and get started.

Five Star Customer Support for You and Your Vehicle

Our dedicated car shipping team of auto transport representatives will professionally coordinate car shipment to your new destination right from your current location.  Our auto transport company is not just open for normal business hours. We are available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week to meet your auto shipping needs.  This is where you will see the excellent customer service our customers have enjoyed. Just look at our 2,000 transport reviews.  You want your vehicle picked up using the safest and best auto transport company out there. We are with you providing good communication a great experience, and to treat you the best way possible throughout the whole  process. Check out our detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ knowledge base) which is one the most comprehensive car shipping resources in existence.  Going with a company that is there from beginning to end is the first step of the entire process. Not are we an auto transport company that has your back, we are on the cutting edge of the car shipping business by exclusively providing advanced driver monitoring. That means we monitor and record any and all interactions you have with auto transport carriers so we can be 100% sure the driver tasked to deliver your car is giving you timely updates and providing you customer service that meets our rigid standards for quality for your auto shipping needs. We want you to not just refer, but highly recommend us to friends, family and coworkers as our #1 choice for car transport services!  

Our Goal is to Make your Door-to-Door Nationwide Car Shipping be Safe, Fast, and Affordable

National Express has a simple shipping process to make you feel at ease.  We also don't bait and switch with inaccurate car shipping quotes riddled with hidden fees  Our free shipping calculator  is quick and easy and takes less than a minute to fill in for your auto shipping rate.  Your price to ship is low thanks to car being transported with other vehicles and not just as one vehicle. This is what makes car shipping services available on almost any budget. There may be car shipping services out there with a lower price. However, bargain auto transport deals are usually more than you bargained for.  Many "great deals" have pitfalls. Like late pick up and delivery, or damage when the car arrived. You want transport your car safely. Unfortunately, these shipping services are bad actors that give reputable auto transport services a bad name. We will take the time to know and understand each of the vehicles shipped individually and therefore providing the best service possible. We never bombard you with phone calls or emails for car transport services. We do not sell your information or use it for any other purpose than to generate a car transport quote, and to ship your car from start to finish. Our national auto shipping service tailors our vehicle shipping services to your needs from beginning to end. We are always there to help you along the way to assure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition. There are several auto transport companies out there to pick from all promising to transport your vehicle and deliver it on time. Finding the right car transporter can be frustrating. You expect great results without having overpay to get it when it comes to shipping your car. We have excellent auto transport reviews  from several verifiable sources like the Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, and more. We have experts to handle special requests like top load auto transport (usually best for convertibles) and enclosed transport for exotics and classics. We offer curbside delivery at no additional cost to ship. National Express unlike other shipping companies has the knowledge, courtesy, and experience you expect in vehicle transport. We value your time. We have built an auto transport company completely from the ground up with these philosophies as the forefront of how we do business in the industry.

We are Licensed, Bonded, and our Carriers are Insured

That means our auto transport services crafted to have your car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, boat be fully protected from the moment it is picked up until it arrives. Each of our car transport carriers has a minimum of $750,000 and an average of  $1 Million dollars of liability insurance to keep your vehicle insured and protected until the vehicle arrives. This translates to $75,000 to $100,000 per vehicle. That is more than enough to do a great job car moving normally consists of daily drivers and family haulers. Car shipping can’t get any better than with us. You won’t get “Bob the Tow Truck Guy” with his 1984 Pickup and rented U-Haul trailer getting your vehicle. (Yes we’ve heard these stories from our customers.) You will get a commercial car carrier coming to your door. We control the vehicle shipping insurance. In the rare instance that there is a claim, we handle it for you. We are there from beginning to end.

Making Auto Shipping Easy and Efficient

Auto shipping with us is easy because simply, we are one of the best car shipping companies in the nation. And believe us there are very few that can attest to that. We are a national auto transport company and travel throughout all the contiguous United States.  We also ship vehicles to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada. We offer car shipping to and from all the popular U.S. routes, and even the tough areas with little or no transport traffic.  If a carrier can come pick it up, we can get it. Flatbed service is available for short distance moves. Expedited service is also available for time sensitive situations. We are a full service transporter always at your service providing fast and safe vehicle transport and always with full insurance coverage.

Snowbird Car Transport

We also take care of our Snowbirds! Many are repeat customers that come year after year for their vehicle transport down to sunny Florida, and back in the spring. Coming “south for the winter”? Call us now! Have us handle the whole process of having your vehicle shipped, so you don't have to. Get started and get an online shipping quote from our instant car shipping calculator. We'll be there for you from pickup to when we deliver your car. Never do we tow cars on their wheels as we always use a transport trailer.

Qualified Carriers – No Terminals – Same Carrier from Point A to B

We make auto transport easy. We pick up your vehicle using one carrier. No handoffs to other carriers and no terminals in between risking damage to your vehicle. All shipping is door to door and insured. As one of the best auto transport companies in the country, we use vetted carriers that are expected to meet our rigid guidelines. This assures your vehicle is completely insured and your carrier is totally prepared to provide you the service you expect We stand behind you and put you first.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your car transport experience.

We take care of it all, every step of the way. This is what you get from a top rated auto transport company. We have 2,000 top notch reviews from various customers who have used out service. Not to mention a resounding A+ with the BBB! So book your car shipping with confidence! Save time and frustration by picking is the first time.

We carefully select each carrier. Each is a reflection of our service.

You don’t want to leave your car with just anyone. Since you are trusting us to arrange your transport, we can’t leave things up to chance. Your vehicle, and our reputation for putting quality first is on the line. That is why we are one of the most trusted car shippers in the country. If in the very rare instance there is damage to your vehicle, we will also step in to help. We will assure your claim is processed 100% correctly.

Quality Above Quantity Always Comes First

At National Express we want to do a great job for you. Open transport for your family hauler, or exotic car shipping we treat are with you 100%. Regardless of the vehicle or condition of the vehicle. Each customer is more than an order number or a phone number. You can be a seasoned customer that knows how this work, or using us for your first experience shipping a car. We take our time and work with everyone to assure a smooth and positive outcome.

Your Vehicle is Important to Us

Every vehicle transport is important. So whether you are moving your family across the country or buying a car from another state, we are there for you. We have some of the best reviews in the business! With thousands of vehicle shipments and decades of combined experience it shows! We are trusted members of the  BBB Accredited with an A+.

The Absolute Best Reviews in the Shipping Business

We also have over 550 great reviews on sites like Google, 1600 and counting on Angie's List and more! We constantly receive 5 star reviews from our customers all the time. Some reviewers are offered a small rebate on their deposit after delivery. It is not tied to rating score and/or price, but offered as an incentive to share the experience with our company. It also helps that the best and most updated pricing around, with instant access to rates anywhere in the country, including Alaska and Puerto Rico.

We do the Job Right the First Time

National Express Auto Transport is the vehicle shipping company that can do the job right. You will not have to look anywhere else for an auto transport broker or even carrier. We know you aren't shipping something that is small or of little value.. You are moving a vehicle.  You can't risk taking a chance with the wrong auto transport service.  That's why we have more repeat customers come to us than anyone. From our list of dealers that count on us, to customers who remember us when they  shipped vehicles with us years ago, we love seeing repeat customer returns showing us we are doing sometihng right. Aside from our amazing and dedicated staff assisting you 12 hours a day,  if your need more assistance getting started, or just want to educate yourself on auto transport, you can check out our helpful frequently asked knowledge-base that covers over 60 different topics. From auction auto shipping to overseas car transport.

Customized Car Transport Services

National Express has a variety of professional options to relocate your vehicle. We double check your vehicle details to provide you with the safest, fasted, most reliable and cheapest auto transport. National Express is a complete and trustworthy auto transporter operating from coast to coast. We ship hundreds of vehicles day in and day out with service that is the gold standard for the industry. You can even place up to 100 pounds (or less average weight below the window line) of personal items in your vehicle. Whem moving your vehicle from point A to point B, you need someone that will do a great job and do it affordably, all while tailoring the service to your specific needs.  This is not a task that anyone can accomplish. But National Express can.
national express car carrier in black and white

Open Carrier Car Shipping (Open Air)

This is the most common auto transport service and the most cost efficient way transport cars. Up to 10 cars are carried on large truck to anywhere in the country. Your vehicle shipping quote is determined by various factors to and from each location as well as how many vehicles are in range of each location to provide continuous business and is cost effective for the open car transport carrier. "Open" here means that the vehicle is exposed to wind, sun, rain, etc. and is considered safe for most vehicles shipped. It is an excellent value and the cheapest way to ship a car. It also the best way to ship vehicles that are regularly driven.

enclosed car shipping

Enclosed / Covered Auto Transport

Enclosed transport is the best way to ship more upscale, luxury vehicles, or rare vehicles. Enclosed refers to the vehicle being transported in an enclosed area. The vehicle will be kept away from the elements that could affect it on a standard trailer. We highly recommend this service for valuable and sensitive vehicles like an exotic car or classic car.  You are likely handing a car in excellent condition when using this service. Therefore, our job is to keep it that way. Not only will be protected inside the transport trailer, it will also be kept away from prying eyes while traveling to its new home. Enclosed carriers usually also feature air ride suspensions, higher insurance limits for expensive vehicles, as well as lower clearances for sports cars and race cars. All the possible steps are taken to assure your vehicle is taken care of as you would if it was your truck moving your vehicle.

barn vehicle, broken down vehicle, inoperable black and white small

Non Running Vehicle (“Inop”) Transport 

So you finally found that car you used to have in high school. Just that the only one you could get your hands on needs, well, a little work. Like maybe an engine. It’s ok, we can handle it. Project car or a classic car? We have car transporters of all kinds, and you’d be surprised the conditions vehicles we’ve moved have been in. Even if it doesn’t roll, brake, or steer we can ship it with our safe and convenient auto transport service for non running vehicles. And just as if it was in perfect shape, it goes on our carrier fully insured. It doesn’t get better than that! Call us today! or Get a Quote to get started on bringing your dream car (or what’s left of it) home!

auto transport truck in rear view black and white

Ship a Car Across The Country (Cross Country)

We are National Express, it’s in our name. As one of the best car shipping companies in the country, we've got you covered! We have services that get hundreds of vehicles shipped spanning from coast to coast all year round! That means we go across the country hundreds of times per year. As one of the most trusted and safest auto transport companies, you sit back with the peace of mind that you can fully entrust us as your auto shipper to move your pride and joy anywhere in the U.S., door to door. Use our auto transport calculator to get an instant rate for your cross country / state to state shipment today.

car transportation services - suv on truck - black and white

Long Distance Towing

The demand for long distance towing services are in high demand all over the country. Our friendly truck drivers are up to the task. We are on auto transporter that specializes in two the most popular methods used for pick up of a vehicle. These would be both open carrier and enclosed (covered). Your long distance tow will be door to door with all fees, taxes, and insurance included. Learn more about our long distance towing services and more about the industry. Get the best rates around with National Express.

Route 66 - interstate car shipping

State to State Auto Transport

Looking to ship a car to another state? Need an auto transport company that is fast, reliable, and highly rated? You’ve come to right place. Make us your first choice! We provide a free and instant quote to ship your car from one state to another safely and quickly.  Make use of our rigid standards placed on our auto transport carriers to ship your car state to state. Know that we are here for you every step of the way with the absolute best auto transport services for any state , even Hawaii and Alaska.

multiple car transport

Multiple Car Auto Shipping Services (Multi Car Transport)

You can save a pretty penny by shipping more than one car at once from the same pickup and delivery location. Our multi car shipping services save money and time with coordinated efforts to move your personal cars or company fleet.  If you are moving with your family and have more than one car you can save a lot. Multi car transport is also a great way to save money for dealers, companies relocating several vehicles. This is what you get using a full service professional auto transport company. 

salvage car transport vehicle black and white

Salvage Car Auto Transport (Inop / Auction)

Salvage cars need to be moved with expertise. Many require special transport services, equipment, and extra care due to loose parts. National Express can ship your salvage car safely and quickly without an excessive cost to ship. We specialize in handling these sensitive vehicles thanks our network of experienced truck drivers to any of the delivery locations you can think of. Are you a dealer or scouring through the auctions looking for that dream car you can repair and rebuild?  Whatever the case, National Express Auto Transport has you covered. 

To ship a salvage vehicle, it must either roll and steer or be forklifted on and off the carrier. As with all other auto transport companies, carriers to not have cranes of forklifts on their carriers to transport anything car that does not roll.

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