Fast Car Shipping - Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited auto transport service can pick up a vehicle with as fast as same day. Using expedited car shipping is the fastest way to ship a car. It is commonly done on an open transport carrier as they are the most readily available. This is also known as rush auto transport or express car shipping services.

National Express is the industry leader in fast auto transport services and same day car shipping. This immediate auto transport service is available for both open and enclosed carriers,  all across the country.

You can't risk hiring just anyone for your rush auto transport. If you happen to encounter a car transport company with little to no knowledge of how fast car shipping works it could mean longer wait times. If you don't have any prior experience with auto shipping at all, you could be paying more than you should for far less than you need.

We Handle Unexpected "Rush" Auto Transport Situations

Do you need to relocate but don't have time to plan? Perhaps the last transportation company you used did not deliver on their promises and you have an emergency. This is common and why it's important to hire the right auto transport company with a professional and ethical background. We value your time and what it means to have it done right the first time.

Before you add the requirement of having fast auto shipping to the equation, the work needed to ship a car can already be difficult enough. In situations like these, it's vital to use a trustworthy door to door transport company. We provide a stress-free experience and answers to all your questions, no matter how big or small they are.

We guide you step by step through the auto shipping process. We have decades of experience shipping cars. You can get a customized quote without any hidden fees. Just honest and reliable one time services. All at a reasonable price.

Quick Auto Transport - Immediate Pick Up

Whatever the reason you need us to com quickly, we can do it fast. If you need quick auto transportation when you are in a bind, look no further than National Express. With a carrier network of over 18,000 trucks, there's no better company suited to get you out the door fast.

How Expedited Car Shipping Works

Expedited auto transport service is ideal for anybody who needs car shipping services and has a short time to spare. An experienced quick vehicle shipping company, we pride ourselves in great service and being able to help customers in difficult situations. We will be able to get you on the transport truck as quickly as possible.

What is Considered "Expedited"?

If you want same or next day auto transport, it’s considered expedited because that means one of our trucks has to rearrange their schedule to take your car first. Your slightly higher payout will allow the carrier to bump other vehicles down the line that are paying less on the same route because you are paying more. In this business, car shipping is not first come first serve, but rather who is paying the best amount of money for the type of vehicle shipping requested.

Using Smaller Carriers for Transport

We also target smaller carriers to decrease the duration of the transport as much as possible for even more time sensitive situations. We will attempt to reserve flatbed auto transport if at possible thought not often available.

Using Team Drivers for Express Shipping

When possible, we also try to find carriers using a team driver setup. That means that two drivers instead of one take the route, making travel quick on the road almost continuous. This can cut travel time almost in half, with nonstop car shipping covering over 900 miles in a 24 hour period.

National Express is a seasoned auto transport company. We have an endless network of carriers. Expedited rates give your vehicle top priority so you rest assured you’ll get picked up as quickly as possible.

When You May Not Need the Fastest Auto Transport Available

You may not need an expedited service auto transport service at times that there are certain routes carriers are always circulating. This means they would normally pick up within 24 hours of ordering as it is. Your advisor will tell you if this is that type of route so you won’t needlessly pay more. We put your auto shipping needs first. In a hurry? We’ll be glad check this for you beforehand.

How Much Does Expedited Car Shipping Cost?

When you need to get your car from point a to point b in a hurry, there's no need to break the bank to ship your vehicle. You will get excellent service with the fastest auto transport available in the country.

On average, expedited auto shipping will cost about $200, or about 15-20% more than the regular timeframe of 1-3 days for metro to metro areas and 1-5 days for more remote locations.

Why You Won’t Pay Too Much for a Fast Car Transport Service

National Express does not ask for more money than is needed to ship your car fast and damage free. Our philosophy towards quick auto transport relies on honesty and integrity. Expedited rates are fair and calculated based on the minimum effective cost to procure an auto transport carrier immediately. Not based on your urgency and willingness to open your wallet.

As mentioned, it is often you have waited because you have been left behind by another transport company that didn’t pick up the vehicle as promised. By now you can be very worried about when you’ll get your vehicle on a car hauler. That’s where with out expedited shipping, we will make sure to take your situation into account so we can do what’s best for you .

For tight monetary situations, we will (at no additional charge) we can request an open bed where carriers can make offers. It can be done incrementally to get you picked up in a hurry on the carrier network. That way, we can get as close to your target price as possible. It’s options like these that you will not find anywhere for expedited transport.

On-Time Delivery - Expedited Car Shipping

We provide the highest level of car transport services available. Our expedited car shipping service is the best in the auto transport industry. We are there for you throughout the whole process. You may rest at ease and be totally confident that our expedited vehicle transport team will do the job correctly.

From the moment you get your instant quote, the entire process is catered around you and your specific needs.

Expedited Enclosed Car Transport

Expedited Enclosed auto transport can be used in two scenarios for ultra fast shipping. First, is the obvious need for Unlike a full-sized enclosed truck, which carry up to 9 plus cars, we can directly target single car enclosed transport or smaller carriers that take 1-3 cars. As a result you can ship a car for a smaller duration of time.

Expedited Inoperable Auto Transport

Expedited inoperable auto transport pertains to a vehicle that does not run. We can provide expedited shipping for these situations. Although there are less carriers with the ability to take a car that doesn't run, it's still possible to get same day or 24 hour pickup. 

Understanding What Fast Car Shipping Means

Faster pickup will not always mean faster transit times during transport. Expediting can procure same day car shipping, but transport across the country or just to another state may have limitations on the delivery date because of how long a carrier is allowed to transport before taking required rest periods.

DOT Restrictions on Expedited

That means there are only so many miles a day a truck driver can travel as per DOT regulations. This standard in the car transport industry is around 300-500 miles a day. So the transport may have begun faster but the car arrived around the prescribed timeframe for the route.

The only exception to this would have been if it shipped with “team drivers”. This means the carrier was being driven by two alternating drivers and as a result the car arrived faster. But this is not very often the case.

Team Driver Option

Expedited vehicle shipping will create more availability by alerting more of our network carriers of a higher paying vehicle, however it will not guarantee a truck with team drivers will be able take the vehicle. Waiting for this type of transport may make your loose more time than you expected.