Car Shipping for Snowbirds


Year after year many residents from the northeast make it down to the south. They spend spend their winters in warmer climates. Mostly in warmer states like Florida and usually for about 3-6 months of the year. For auto transporters, this is one of the busiest times of year. Snowbirds know that they can avoid an expensive rental car rental and the hazards of driving on their own by having their vehicle shipped to them. 

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We cover all the major snowbird destinations. Florida, Texas, and all the Gulf states. Including West Coast destinations like Yuma AZ, Las Vegas NV, and Palms Springs CA. We have years of experience with this service so that you will flawlessly and quickly ship your car, truck, van, or SUV to and from these snowbird states. And since we are Florida local nobody will know how to take care of you and your vehicle better than we can.


Snowbird Auto Transport

Low Rates and Discounts for Snowbirds


The rates we offer are reasonable and we provide discounts to new and returning customers planning their trips after year. Get up to $100 off your return trip when booking both with us. You don’t have to know your exact dates, as you can change them at any time without penalty. As with all our auto shipping services, they are backed by our price guarantee. Seasonal shippers like you, will never pay more than the rate that was quoted. There are absolutely no hidden fees, no bait and switch and all our agreements are in writing.



 Professional and Experienced Carriers Specifically for Snowbirds


We have years of experience providing this type of shipping. We have grown and cultivated a network of certified carriers to provide the highest possible levels safety and reliability that you demand. All transport equipment is up-to-date, and fully certified for use to carry motor vehicles.

The great thing is that you don’t have to just hear it from us. Many customers and share their experiences online and places like Angies list, Google, Yelp, and many more.


Safer than Driving


Is this the first time you ship your vehicle for the winter? There are so many precautions to take. Nearly all of our customers say the same thing: They wish they had thought of having their cars brought down on an auto carrier much sooner. In fact, almost every first time snowbird will contact us year after to year to have it shipped again. No need to hit the road fighting with the elements, traffic, and possible dangers they come with traveling long-distance.

Shipping your vehicle as opposed to driving during this season is a no-brainer. Nothing beats taking a flight to come down and  seeing your vehicle arrive a short time later. By the time you factor in hotel, gas, food that’s when most realize it’s definitely not worth driving anymore.


Fast Service Every Time


Did you plan your vehicle to be moved last minute or have been left behind by another company? That’s is ok with us as we can get your vehicle picked up in as quickly as 24 hours from the time you book with us. There have been plenty of times we have come to the rescue when others have failed.

We know our snowbirds. When booking auto transport you need to be reassured that your vehicle is adequately insured and that the company you’re dealing with is fully licensed and bonded. National Express has $1 million in liability insurance and on additional hundred thousand for motor cargo that is guaranteed to be on every carrier we use.


How Early to Schedule Snowbird Car Shipping


Life teaches you to plan ahead. So you may be wondering how early to book your snowbird transport. But all auto transportation is usually scheduled 2-3 days prior to the availability date of the vehicle. This is the nature of the system. Many vehicles that carriers find favorable can become available to ship right away at random times, so to maximize their load (and bottom line) they will look for vehicles as they prepare to arrive at their next city or town. 


Here to Help


We cater to all snowbirds. So whether you are a retiree trying to get away from the cold winter months, or a seasonal worker coming down to work the snowbird season, we can get the job done. So set us in motion and let us do the heavy lifting. Come south to enjoy the warmth, beaches, resorts, and Golf courses. National Express Auto Transport, has your back.

Call 800-284-7177 or request a quote, and we’ll be more than happy to return a great rate that is guaranteed!


Opportunities for Lower Rates


The snowbird season relatively begins and ends in about the same times every year. Volume begins to increase around October for vehicles heading south and vehicles heading north become much cheaper. The reverse will happen when it’s time for these visitors to return to the north. Rates coming down south will begin to drop in March/ April. This gives you a window where the rate will be much cheaper if your time is flexible.  For example, a midsize sedan coming from Florida to New York in February or early March could ship as low as $450.  The same would be on the trip south.  If you can plan on shipping your vehicle in September your ring will be about the same price.  So some flexibility you can save a lot of money transporting your car on this route.


We service Northeastern Snowbirds



Our Northeastern snowbirds coming from states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts represent a tremendous amount of the transport we do. Year after year we ship our customers vehicles to and from these states as they get away from the cold winters. These states run along what is commonly called the Sunbelt. They include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. The Sunbelt is comprised of 15 states, however the aforementioned are the most popular. Regardless of the destination to stay warm, you require a solid solution to move your vehicle every season and National Express is it.