Snowbird Auto Transport

Snowbird auto shipping is a type of vehicle transportation used by individuals who travel to warmer climates (such as Florida) during the winter months. 

snowbirds auto transport service by national express
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National Express is a BBB Accredited Auto Transporter.

Snowbirds hire an auto transport company to ship their vehicles to drive during their stay.   Snowbird car transport is once again used in the spring, as these snowbirds now return to their homes in the northern states.

What people find great about snowbirds car shipping, is that it allows individuals the freedom of using their own vehicle instead of renting. Renting a vehicle for months at a time can be costly. That is why nothing beats having your car shipped door to door. A snowbird can fly to their destination and simply wait for the driver to drop off the vehicle to them.

Feel free to bring up to 100 lbs of personal belongings, at no additional charge, when using our snowbird transportation services! This can be the shipping one suitcase or box holding personal items.

Who Uses Snowbird Car Shipping?

Snowbirds car shipping services may be used by anyone who wants to go south for the winter months but does not want to endure a long drive with their vehicle. Having a car delivered to a location is safe and convenient.

Snowbird auto transport services are also useful for individuals who want to go on a brief trip to the south and don't want the trouble of renting a vehicle during their stay.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car for Snowbirds?

The cost of snowbirds car shipping from the north to the south or back is determined by a number of various factors. The vehicle's size and weight, the distance to be covered, and the service selected for transport. If you want an instant quote for snowbird car transport, use our instant online calculator.


DistanceCost Per mileSample Rate
500 Miles$1.10$550
1000 Miles$0.78$780
1500 Miles$0.60$900

Be Aware of Peak Dates and Save Money

Peak season begins for snowbirds car shipping with southbound winter snowbird auto transport route around early fall and ends in and ends in early spring time.  Prices increase during these heavy times. Conversely, during each season the opposite route drops to its lowest cost of the year because trucks don't want to return empty.

During Thanksgiving week and the two final weeks of the year, including the first 3-4 days after New Year's Day, expect higher rates than those listed above. For the most accurate rates, please visit our Car Shipping Calculator.

Low Rates and Discounts for Returning Snowbirds

The rates we offer are reasonable and we provide a customer discount to returning snowbirds planning their trips year after year. Get up to $100 off your return trip when booking both with us. Get $100 off for coming back to us next year. We offer cheap snowbirds car shipping, with zero compromises in quality. Have your vehicle arrive in perfect condition, with one the most trusted car shipping experts in the country.

You don't have to know exact dates as you can change them at any time without penalty. As with all our auto shipping services they are backed by our price guarantee. Seasonal shippers like you will never pay more than the rate that was booked. There are absolutely no hidden fees, no bait and switch, and all our agreements are in writing.

Why National Express is Snowbird Auto Transport Central

As an experienced snowbird auto transport service we have years of experience providing snowbird car shipping services. We have grown and cultivated a network of certified carriers to provide the highest possible levels safety and reliability that you demand.

All our snowbirds car transport services are performed with equipment is up-to-date, and fully certified for use to carry motor vehicles. The great thing is that you don't have to just hear it from us. Many customers and share their experiences having a vehicle delivered online in places reputable third party review sites like Angi, Google, Transport Reviews, and many more.

We provide a professional service that guarantees your vehicle arrives in the same condition it left. Our car shipping experts know how to provide excellent customer service. With decades of experience transporting vehicles, we know a thing or two about snowbirds car shipping. We are there for you through the whole shipping process, from start to finish. We pride ourselves in excellent service. You will have peace of mind knowing your car arrived safely.

As a leader in the auto transport industry, we know what it takes to get a vehicle safely from pickup to delivery. All this is bundled into to a reasonable price from a reliable shipping company. National Express is your best option for car shipping.

We Cover all Your Snowbird Winter Southbound Transport Destinations

We cover all your popular snowbird destinations. Florida, Texas, and all the Gulf states. This includes West Coast locations like Yuma AZ, Las Vegas NV, Palms Springs CA, and more.

We Take Care of all Your Snowbird Northbound Transport Destinations

We cover all your major snowbirds car transport spring return destinations as well! These include but are not limited to shipping from Florida to New York (both upstate and Long Island areas), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, and more.

Snowbird Car Transport is Better and Safer Than Driving

Long distance travel on desolate roads can be difficult, tiring, and hazardous. It's far more secure and far safer than driving to hire a car shipping company to pick up and deliver your car. With our snowbird car transport service, you also save money because you aren't constantly filling up the tank, and it saves wear and tear on your automobile.

No need to hit the road fighting with the elements, traffic, and possible dangers they come with traveling long-distance. There are many steps needed to stay safe and during the winter this can be difficult. Shipping vehicles as opposed to driving them during this season is better because it's safe, and not just convenient. 

Tip: You avoid driving in bad weather, driving if you have issues with mobility, impairments cause by medications, and more.

Is this the first time you ship your vehicle for the winter?

Nearly all of our customers say the same thing: They wish they had thought of having their cars brought down on an auto carrier much sooner. We provide a great service that is stress free. In fact, almost every first time snowbird will contact us year after year to have it shipped again. Nothing beats taking a flight to come down and seeing having us take over the whole process. National Express can provide Car shipping that is set and forget.

Snowbirds Car Shipping on an Enclosed Carrier

As with our other door to door auto transport services, snowbirds auto transport is available enclosed as part of our premium car transport options. Selecting enclosed transport is the safest way to ship a car. It's an excellent auto transport service for classic cars or high value luxury cars.

You can ship your car isolated in a sealed truck. As a result, your vehicle transported away from the harsh elements. With National Express, you get a a professional service that from an auto transport company that knows how to take extra care of your special vehicle. When inquiring about snowbirds auto transport, ask about the enclosed car carrier shipping option.

Expedited Snowbird Transport Available

Did you plan your vehicle to be moved last minute or have been left behind by another company? That's is ok with us as we can get your vehicle picked up in as quickly as 24 hours from the time you book with us with our expedited services. As with any other transport type, expedited snowbirds car shipping is a door to door service.

There have been plenty of times a customer has hired the wrong firm advertising snowbirds auto transport and we have come to the rescue those cars in a hurry. We do an excellent job, even for a rush job under pressure. We will get you on a truck in no time!

How to Schedule Snowbird Car Shipping

Life teaches you to plan ahead. So you may be wondering how early to book your snowbird auto transport. The lead time for setting up snowbirds car shipping services should be done around 1-2 weeks prior to assure the best pricing. This is for both an open and enclosed trailer.

Additionally, it's important to note that a driver will usually schedule 2-3 days prior to the availability date of the vehicle. That means you can book your auto transport as early as a couple of days ahead of time. No need to reserve months in advance, our carrier network is ready to get you in days, not weeks.

Ready to get started?

We have the carriers with a trained and courteous driver ready for delivery to your destination. Join the hundreds of customers that have have had a car arrived to sunny Florida or any of the popular snowbird destinations in perfect condition.

Our drivers and customer service agents are there to provide you excellent service from the moment the car is picked up to the moment it is delivered. Always with the utmost attention to detail you deserve. Use our years of experience with snowbirds car transport and overall great service in the transportation industry to your advantage. Don't risk hiring the wrong auto shipping company.