College Student Car Shipping

Ship your car to your college or school with National Express. It’s fast, safe and totally secure. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their son or daughter is going off to college without being stuck somewhere on the highway. Students don’t need to take a long cross-country drive that could be hard and unsafe.

Students moving to their school of choice have a lot to worry about. Their’s tuition, class schedules, and of course getting around when you arrive. You need your car. Many head to an out of state university. Maybe you have your family helping you with all these things, or maybe you are the student doing it all on your own and want to avoid the work involved in driving yourself to school. In either case.

To help college students we have provided this information guide to inform help you decide if auto transport is good choice for you.

Why Car Transport to College is Better Than Driving

There are about 100,000 car crashes every year are caused by fatigued driving. About 1550 of those result in fatalities. If you’re moving up to college, chances are you’re on a time crunch. You don’t want to leave your family too early, but you also want to be on campus in time for move-in day and those fun pre-class activities. So, you’ll probably be looking to log in those miles as quickly as possible, even if you have to skip a couple of rest stops and drive a couple of hours into the night. And just like that, you might end up adding to the car crashes statistics.

Theft, Loss, Accidents if You Drive

Chances are if you are driving, you are packing your vehicle.You can risk theft, or a loss from an accident. That can include your computer, TV, and clothes. One moment away from your vehicle is all it can take. Getting in an accident with a packed vehicle could result in damage to all your things, but more importantly injury if items hit the driver. Not the case with shipping the car to school.

It’s Very Common to Ship your Car to School

In general college student car transport has become a much more common in recent years for out of state schools mainly because of safety. Many years ago, it wasn’t like that, and it was safer to be on the road as a student. For years we have all seen it on TV. That typical scene with both parents in the driveway waving goodbye while their daughter that is about to pull away in her car. It is bursting at the seams with shoes, clothes and all her things. Dad opens the hood, checks the oil, kicks the tires and lets her drive off. She’s armed with his American Express. Well today, it’s a little different except she still gets dad’s credit card (or maybe not if you have done it all on your own).

It’s Safe, Fast, Secure

Nothing beats knowing you don’t have to make that long drive. Shipping your car on a carrier is fast and very safe. Have the vehicle shipped to school. Book a flight, and have the car arrived right after. Depending on location and distance, the cost can be almost the same. Prices are reasonable and depending on the distance can be comparable to driving and staying at strange hotels along the way. Even if it is more, sometimes peace of mind and safety is more important that saving a small amount of money in comparison. Your vehicle will travel with an insured and bonded auto transport company that caters to college students.

How College Students can Best Prepare to Ship their Car

Typically you want to arrange your dates around the time you arrive. Keep in mind that transport is not a driving straight through to your location. Shipping a car involves many stops along the way so the carriers are limited in the amount of miles you can drive daily. Truckers drive about 500 miles a day with your vehicle and that is if conditions are favorable. So if you live 1500 miles away it’s going to take at least three days for us to get there. Most college students decide to have the vehicle when they arrive because at home you have family and friends I can help you out where as you maybe going to a totally new place for which you know very little of and how to get around without a car.

Although auto transport services here are all door to door, keep in mind your school may have a problem with a 50 foot truck driving through their campus housing. Even some off campus locations may not have room especially if it’s in a crowded location with narrow streets and several apartments. But there’s no need to worry, our drivers are very friendly and they are willing to meet you at a safe location of your choosing nearby. Remember, we work for you and our college student car transport service will go wherever you want that is safe and near your agreed delivery location.

You don’t need to worry about changing your registration especially if you’re just there for the duration of your time studying. Although you can, in most cases it’s not worth it.

Remember you’ll need to register your vehicle for school parking in most cases, so be sure to contact the college and assure that you are able to get that done. In most cases they don’t need to see the vehicle just know the tag number and ownership information to provide you a decal for which you can use when you begin your glasses and start parking at the college.

Although most carriers don’t mind if you put 100 pounds or so in the trunk or rear of the vehicle (out of sight), keep in mind nothing in the vehicle besides the vehicle itself is insured. So, if you are planning to pack anything please make sure it’s nothing of value.

Choose an Affordable but Stress-Free Shipping Method

As a college student, chances are your budget is already stretched thin on tuition, rent, meal-plans, and of course, those overpriced books. You’re probably taking out several loans on top of spending savings and your own college job earnings. So, when you’re shipping your car to school, you want to keep the costs to a minimum.

Also, the first days back to school are known to be the most stressful. You not only have to worry about getting all your stuff to your school, but you also have to suffer through the frustrations of understanding your new schedule and making sure your social life stays afloat. You don’t want to add the stress of shipping a car to all that.

You’re in luck because open carrier car transport is very budget-friendly and stress-free a shipping method. Use your .EDU email and get a discount. Look at Google reviews. Do you homework.

Door-to-door shipping (or as you might want to call it, door-to-dorm shipping) is probably the most stress-free method for you to go with. With this type of hauling, your car will be picked at your home and delivered right to your dorm’s parking space or your apartment’s parking lot. The alternative is terminal-to-terminal shipping where your car will be dropped off at a storage location closest to your school. It’s cheaper, but if you’re moving to a new place that you’re not familiar with, you might need a little time to get your wits about you. So, adding to that the stress of having to locate said storage location might not be best for you.

Schedule Enough Time for The Shipping

There are a lot of companies that promise to have your car at your campus within 1-7 days. But there are several factors that might make that time much longer. As mentioned earlier, remember that you may want the vehicle to arrive around the time you get to your new school.

If you’re a college student moving between major cities, then that timeframe will be reasonable. Major cities are more likely to be part of the shipping company’s regular route so it will be easier for them to assign your car to a departing freight and get it there in time. On the other hand, if you’re moving from a more rural town or any other variation that involves a rural area, you might have to wait a little longer before you can drive your car around at your college. More rural areas will most likely be outside the company’s main route, and the shipping trucks might not have as much access to them as they would in a city.

Also, if your college happens to be quite far from your home, maybe even on the opposite side of the country, that distance will factor into how long it takes for your car to be shipped. Some even say you should expect the shipping to take up to a month for cross country shipping.

Make sure you start your car shipping process early enough to avoid getting frustrated way too early into the college year.

Understand the Rules About Shipping Along Personal Items in The Trunk

If you’re moving back to school, you probably have a quite a bit of luggage to haul along, as most college students do. So, you might be thinking, why not pack some of it in the car to save a couple of dollars?

While most companies will not allow this because of safety and weight restrictions, there is a handful that will allow you up to a hundred pounds or so of personal items inside the car. They might charge you a little more for the shipping and tag on a couple of extra rules for your load. And of course, you’ll have to search a little deeper to find the shipping company that allows you to ship along extra items.

It’s an exciting time of the year when you get to go back to school to start a brand-new semester. Keep that time exciting and hassle-free by knowing what you need to know about shipping your car to school.