Non Running Car Shipping

The shipping of non running vehicles is a kind of auto transport where the vehicle does not function, operate, is disabled, or is damaged. A non running car needs special equipment and training to be moved on to and off the carrier. These types of cars are known as inoperable or “In-Op” vehicles. They are usually loaded on open transport, however can go enclosed as well if needed.

National Express is your choice for any non running car or disabled vehicle. Not every car transport company knows how to ship just about any kind of inop vehicle. Maybe you need to move a disabled car that does not run to a collision center for repairs. Or you found a great deal when buying a car online and you need an auto transport company to have car arrive to a shop or even your home garage. We are one of the only companies that specializes in disabled car transport.

We know what it takes to ship both vehicles that roll and steer and those that don't. Customers come back time again because their car arrived safely.

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How Non a Non Running Car Is Transported

A car that and can be steered requires training and right equipment such as a winch to pull the car onto the trailer. While proper relocation of inops with severe damage (such as salvage vehicles) some auto transport services may not move at all and need to be carried on to the trailer with a tow truck or fork lift. Our trusted advisors can assist you on this.

Tip: You may not need to pay for inoperable vehicle transport just because of a dead battery! If it's only a battery issue, we can make sure the carrier has jump box to get it moving with no extra fees.

National Express Auto Transport has the expertise as a leader in the auto transport industry. Regardless of the vehicle model, if it's a classic car, project car, race car, or just a regular breakdown, with our inop auto transport services we can get your car safely loaded and off to the delivery location of your choice. Not all companies are equal. We are with you throughout the entire process.

Specialized Car Carrier Network

Our network of carriers has specialized carriers that provide inoperable auto shipping, which includes even cars that cannot roll such as heavily damaged vehicles or vehicles that are used for parts, low clearance vehicles, rare classic vehicles, and more. Even if the vehicle you want to transport does not have wheels, we can still get it on a car carrier.

Collision damage, project vehicle, or parts car. we can do it all. Very few auto transport companies are properly equipped to handle all these special cases. If you have any doubt, reach out to an auto transport representative.

What About Non Running Cars that Don't Roll and Steer?

You can ship a car that does not roll and steer under certain conditions.  In the car shipping industry, car carriers do not have any way of loading a vehicle that does not roll and steer without loading assistance.  

This means for vehicles that do not run and do not roll or steer, there must be ONE of the following:

  • Forklift at the pickup site
  • Tow truck at the delivery site
  • Forklift at the delivery site
  • Tow truck at the delivery site
  • Carrier picking up must be a drop flatbed

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car That Does Not Run?

A good auto transport company can move cars with mechanical failure. If a vehicle simply does not start, can be moved / pulled it will not very expensive or difficult. It can be as little as $50-200 more to get it shipped, depending on distance.

For a vehicle that does not roll or steer, the cost to get it on and off the transport truck can be significantly more depending on the severity of the situation. As previously discussed, disabled cars such as these may require assistance, such as a tow truck or forklift. But don't worry, we can make sure we don't break the bank to get you with the right truck driver and car carrier.

You can go online and get a free quote with our car shipping calculator without having to call us. Enter a few quick details like the year, make and vehicle model, zip codes, let us know it's not a running vehicle, and you will receive an instant auto shipping quote with no hidden fees and the most affordable rates.

With National Express you never pay in full up front. We take a reservation fee only when a carrier is assigned, leaving the remaining balance to be paid at delivery.

How To Ship a Vehicle that Doesn’t Run

National Express provides the best service for a vehicle that does not run. We are the right auto transport company as we specialize in the handling of your non running car, even for those in the most difficult situations.

Even if it’s a local move, you don’t need a tow company. In almost every case, a car transport company is much cheaperTow companies come out to you at that moment, and are paid a premium for fast recoveries and related services. Whereas car carriers can handle multiple vehicles to and from the same location, splitting the cost. More information on that by reading this post.

Steps to Ship Non Running Cars

For an inoperable or otherwise disable car, you should be ready ahead of time by taking important steps to assure the our shipping company is ready and has the required equipment.

Properly Represent the Vehicle

It's very important to properly represent the vehicle. We cannot stress this enough. It’s a common misconception that if a customer reveals extra issues when attempting to transport a non running / inoperable vehicle, it will be a reason to raise the price. That is actually not the case. Be sure to disclose if the car that does not run doesn’t roll, has extra parts, or rolling shell.

It is however important we know the details about the vehicle in order to send out the right carrier with the proper equipment to safely load it. Not doing so may result in having to take extra time to find a transport vehicle that can take it. That way the transport carrier coming to your door has the knowledge and training for your specific vehicle’s condition.

We can help with various special situations, so don’t hold back on asking an advisor questions on what to do.

Have Keys

Even if it is unlocked, not having the keys can keep us from moving the steering wheel and unable to ship out of Park. If a vehicle is without keys should be be in neutral gear and be facing in the direction they are to be loaded. If it is stuck in park or in gear, pick up may not be possible. The same goes for if the steering locks. The transport will need loading and unloading assistance as if the carrier is shipping inops that are damaged because they cannot roll. Even if all that is missing is just a key.

Make the Vehicle Accessible

The transport carrier needs to have access to your vehicle. The car should be ready in a location a car carrier can back up and line up with the car as much as possible. Keys are needed and if not available, the car should be in neutral.

Loading and Unloading

Make sure communicate with our car shipping representatives to verify important information such as if there is loading and unloading assistance if your car does not roll or steer. Be ready at the delivery location as well as the pick up should you need to request a forklift or tow truck to get the car on the transporter.

Check for Leaks and Hazards

When preparing for auto shipping of a non running car, the carrier needs to be able to safely load it. If this is a damaged vehicle, it may needs to be drained of fluids to assure non fall on the carrier and could cause a hazard.

Have Enough Space

The transport carrier may need more space than it would for a vehicle that runs. Just as when they picked it up, the car carrier will require a smooth flat area to bring the vehicle down or it will have arrived safely.

Personal Belongings and Loose Parts

Like all other types of auto shipping, such as on an enclosed carrier, flatbed truck, or otherwise, personal belongings should be limited to no more than 100 lbs. If the vehicle has loose parts inside, they should be fastened down and not be of additional weight during transport. For example, it's common to ship a classic car that is going to be restored to come with a loose bumper or engine part. This these loose parts should be removed components, not extras.

If the Inoperable Car is Coming from An Auto Auction

It's common to find great deals on inoperable vehicles at auctions. Although some auctions will have auto shipping in house, however it's very expensive and usually not very efficient.

We specialize in shipping cars from auto auctions door to door quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Be Intimidated About Transporting Inoperable Cars

For some customers it’s a classic that doesn’t run from a seller or family. You may have recently purchased a rare car or a car of your dreams and can only afford it if hire a shipping company that will bring it to you so you can bring it back to life. We love those! It makes us happy to see customers start their dream project. What auto shipper can say that?

You’re not going to be charged a fortune to ship an inoperable vehicle. It can be a car, truck, SUV, or even transporting of an RV that doesn’t run. There are a few pointers here that will help you understand the process easily. So let’s begin.

The average cost for a short distance disabled car auto transport is usually just an additional $25 or $50 for a vehicle that does not run. For inoperable transport traveling long distances, the cost to ship could be up to $150-200 more on average and the window of pick up is longer than the usual 24 to 48 hours we offer to our regular long distance auto transport.

Non running transport can take an average of three to four days to get picked up if even it it’s ASAP The reason for this is due to the far less amount of properly equipped transport trucks available to move a vehicle that does not run. For example, in most of these cases carriers will need a winch to pull the vehicle or need to push the vehicle, which requires a little extra work to move it on to the loading area. Whereas a running car is just driven up to the trailer.

Also, when vehicle runs and requires long distance transport, we usually use the 10-car, two story trailers. However, these have various ramps that are adjusted as each car is moved back-and-forth into its position. Therefore, they do not easily handle shipping inops that have to be winched.

That means for a non running vehicle transport that is expected to travel across the country, the fee could be more than $200 for shipping a non running car due to the carrier type holding less vehicles for transport. Although these use less fuel, cross country shipping a non running car means a smaller load for less money.

wedge trailer works for winched vehicles

A vehicle that does not run would be nearly impossible to winch on a conventional truck like that one, therefore a different type of truck that is a little less common for long distance moves is used. Like a three car hauler truck equipped with a wedge trailer.

If your car has exposed engine parts , interior, or other electronics, you can opt for enclosed transport to ward off any harmful weather conditions that could cause additional damage.

Enclosed Carrier - Non Running Vehicle

Can you ship a car with enclosed auto transport if it is a non running car? The answer is absolutely yes. There may be some issues on loading and unloading vehicles that do not rill roll and steer, however. Open transport at times is not enough, as some non runners have parts and electronics that cannot be exposed to weather conditions. Some inops are so fragile they will need benefit as liftgates limit movement. We can provide an instant quote for inoperable enclosed transport as well.