Military Car Shipping (PCS Your POV)

We take care our Military customers. Our freedom to run this very business is assured by the protection our service men give this country, so how can we not reserve the highest standards for our men in women risking their lives for these freedoms we hold dear. Active duty or veteran, you receive a discount. With active military, we know how to handle your needs. National Expres will move and protect your privately owned vehicle (POV). Short distance or across the country, we can get it done.

military car shipping service

Deployment – Transfer – Active Duty Shipping for PCS

We know the complications of being active military. It’s not a regular job. You can’t clock out to go meet us at the gate of your base to get your car. We know that in almost all cases we cannot enter the base. That’s why we help you by meeting you at the nearest location off-base on your schedule in those situations. Same with pick-up. You can also designate family, friends, or colleagues to release and accept your vehicle by adding them to our authorization form. Whatever the case, your military auto transport will be taken seriously and we will put our best foot forward for you. POV’s are considered privately owned vehicles and the term normally refers to auto transport for military service men and women as well as civilian employees. In many case these vehicles are authorized to be transported at the government’s expense. For the cost to ship online, go here. In many cases, military personnel use International Auto Logistics (PCSmyPOV) which is a special purpose company that handles automotive transportation and logistics services to the U.S. Government. You may have already looked into working with your nearest vehicle processing center (VPC) in your duty station to make arrangements but are also looking for private / direct vehicle transport options. If you have a second vehicle, are in specific areas of the government, have a second vehicle or special vehicle, you may be been told you need to get shipping on your own. This is considered “Personally Procured Transportation”. We see that with civilian government employees. Attachment K3 mentions that only civilians employed by the government can use Personally Procured Transportation at the government’s expense. Either way, contact reach out to the local Transportation Office (TO) or the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) to make sure you need private shipping from us. Section K3-3 C States:

You may be authorized to ship a POV if:

1. You are a Uniformed Service Member and:

a. Have been ordered to make a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to, from, or between

Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) Permanent Duty Stations (PDS),

b. A change in a ship’s home port is authorized, or

c. Specific conditions are met dealing with the Continental United States (CONUS)-to-CONUS

transportation of a POV.

2. You are a Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employee and:

a. Have been transferred in the government’s interest,

b. Are a new appointee, or

c. Are a student trainee assigned to your first PDS.

3. For POV transportation upon retirement or separation, the time limit for shipping a POV is the

same as for travel and household goods transportation limits, 1 year from the date of

retirement/separation with severance pay or 180 days from the date of separation. See JTR

Chapter 5, Paragraph 0530, Shipment of a POV.

Military POV Discounts

With National Express you get a great rate you deserve. It’s because of all the work you put in for your country. Some are deployed far away from loved ones, spouses, and children. For this sacrifice we are proud to give priority for those protecting our country. If your POV is not covered by the government, we will gladly offer you discounts. Inquire by calling 800-284-7177 today.

Veterans Welcome for Military Discounts

You don’t have to be active duty. You will receive our forever discount. Veterans deserve the same as active duty, and we provide the same service and discounts for you as well. Our military auto shipping is always door to door. We will make arrangements to meet you at your home or place of business. Like with active duty military, we request a a valid military or veteran identification to apply your discount. This prevents those just claiming they are service men and women to get some money off their transport.

Things to Remember

  • Contact the local Transportation Office (TO) or the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) and verify what they will pay for and what you will have to pay for.
  • If you are a deploying service member, be sure to check here for information regarding transferring to a new post.
  • Don’t forget to ask for your military discount.