Military Vehicle Transport

Military vehicle shipping is a specialized service for both active and retired military personnel. Because you can receive your PCS (permanent change-of-station) orders at short notice, it's imperative you choose a military car shipping company will do everything possible to provide a military vehicle shipping service painless and simple.

Using an auto transport company to source a car carrier will allow for extra vehicles that military PCS vehicle shipping will not include. Pick and deliver your car to your new home, post, or as close to your assigned military base as is possible. Enjoy a much deserved military discount.

What is Military Car shipping?

Military Car Shipping refers to the services offered by a car shipping company that specializes in shipping or transporting vehicles for military personnel.

This is particularly important due to the nature of military service. Military personnel often have to relocate domestically across the country or internationally, getting their PCS (permanent change-of-station) orders sometimes on short notice. This can include moves across the country or even overseas in places like Hawaii. For that they will turn to reputable auto transport companies that can do the job correctly.

Our military auto transport services handle all aspects of shipping a car, including pickup and delivery even with tight deadlines. No other shipping company takes better care of our service members in need of quality car shipping.

We provide services at a military discount rate for personnel as a way of saying thank you for your service. We understand the procedures, which can make the process more streamlined and easier for service members like you.

How Military Car Shipping Works

In the auto transport industry, military car shipping is handled in the same manner as regular car transport with the exception that is catered towards active and retired military personnel. However only q qualified military car shipping company will do the job correctly.

How Much Does Military Car Shipping Cost?

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves are common in the military, and sometimes they involve relocating vehicles. The cost of shipping a vehicle for a PCS move can vary greatly depending on several factors:


The further the distance, the higher the cost. Shipping a car across the country will naturally cost more than shipping it a few states over.

Vehicle Size

Larger vehicles typically cost more to ship than smaller ones. This is because they take up more space on the transport truck and may require special accommodations.

Shipping Method

You can generally choose between open or enclosed auto transport. Open transport is less expensive, but enclosed offers an additional layer of protection for your vehicle.

Location and Accessibility

If the pickup or drop-off locations are in remote areas, the cost may be higher. Costs can be lower if you drop off and pick up the vehicle at a transport terminal.

Time of Year

The auto transport industry has its peak and off-peak seasons. Prices can be higher in the summer, which is often a peak time for moves.

A ballpark range might be anywhere from $500 to over $1,000 for domestic auto shipping, but this can vary widely. International shipments can cost several thousand dollars. Many offer discounts for military , so be sure to ask about that if shopping around.

For specific costs, it's best to get quotes from several different car shipping companies. Remember, cheaper auto transport isn't always better, and the same goes with military car shipping companies. So look at reviews and the company's reputation as well as the price. Only contact those with the best car shipping company reviews. Anyone can offer a military car shipping service, however a short sum come through.

Does the Military Ship a Car for Free?

Does the military ship? Yes they do on occasion help with one during your military relocation with their military car shipping program. For military members under official PCS orders, the government may cover the cost of auto shipping for one privately owned vehicle (POV) within the United States or between overseas locations. Service members should check with their transport office for details about what is covered under their specific orders.

As mentioned in the entitlements documentation section under PCS vehicle shipping, you must speak to the transportation office to see what benefits apply or hire a car transport company to provide military vehicle shipping services.

In the document it states:

The cost of transporting your POVs to your new duty station is largely your responsibility for a CONUS to CONUS move. There are exceptions, so always contact your local transportation office.

That's why we supplement you with vehicle shipping for any car that does doesn't quality for government PCS car shipping. This can include a second, or even third vehicle. Many military families have sent multiple vehicles at a time with our services.

If allotted one car for PCS vehicle shipping, you must budget the cost yourself and hire a car shipping company that knows how to ship vehicles to your new duty station quickly, safely, efficiently, with door to door service whenever possible.

When Military Car Shipping is Paid For By the Government

In many cases a military member vehicle is authorized to be transported at the government’s expense. Military personnel use International Auto Logistics (PCSmyPOV) which is a special purpose company that handles automotive transportation and logistics services to the U.S. Government directly.

You may have already looked into working with your nearest vehicle processing center (VPC) in your duty station to make arrangements but are also looking for private / direct vehicle transport options. 

When MilitaryVehicle Shipping is Not Paid For By The Government

As previously mentioned, if you are in specific areas of the government, have a second vehicle or special vehicle, you may be been told you need to get shipping on your own.  That's why it's always good to know we provide a military discount in case the you cannot have the military pay.

Contact reach out to the local Transportation Office (TO) or the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) to make sure you need private shipping from us. For reference, section K3-3 C states:

You may be authorized to ship a POV if:

1. You are a Uniformed Service Member and:

a. Have been ordered to make a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to, from, or between

Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) Permanent Duty Stations (PDS),

b. A change in a ship’s home port is authorized, or

c. Specific conditions are met dealing with the Continental United States (CONUS)-to-CONUS

transportation of a POV.

2. You are a Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employee and:

a. Have been transferred in the government’s interest,

b. Are a new appointee, or

c. Are a student trainee assigned to your first PDS.

3. For POV transportation upon retirement or separation, the time limit for shipping a POV is the

same as for travel and household goods transportation limits, 1 year from the date of

retirement/separation with severance pay or 180 days from the date of separation. See JTR

Chapter 5, Paragraph 0530, Shipment of a POV.


Can I Arrange My Own Military Car Shipping and Be Reimbursed for Military Car Shipping?

In some cases, yes. This is considered “Personally Procured Transportation” in military car shipping terminology. That means military members are setting up your own personally owned vehicle auto transport for deployment. We see this type of auto shipping arranged mostly with civilian or government employees as well as personnel going to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

For information, check out Attachment K3 , which mentions that how those employed by the government can use Personally Procured Transportation (auto shipping) at the government’s expense.

Coordinating Military Car Shipping

We know the complications of being active duty personnel and trying to arrange military shipping services. That's why as on of the best car shipping companies in the nation, we know what it takes to make military car shipping work. We provide a high quality service to assist you that is top rated with the better business bureau. You also enjoy our car shipping military discounts.

We Work Around Your Duty Station Restrictions

It’s not a regular job. You can’t clock out to go meet the auto transport company at the gate of your base to get your car.

We also know that in almost all cases we cannot enter the installment where military members reside. That’s why we help you by meeting you at the nearest location off-base and on your schedule in those situations. Our military car shipping services are designed to work around you and your availability.

You can count on us having that same flexibility when we come to get your vehicle as well. You can also designate family, friends, or colleagues to release and accept your vehicle by adding them to our authorization form.

Whatever the case, your military auto transport will be taken seriously and we will put our best foot forward for you. A POV is defined as a privately owned vehicle and the term in car shipping normally refers to the transport of car for military service men and women as well as civilian employees.

Packing Personal Items for Military Auto Transport

Unless going to Hawaii or Puerto Rico, you can pack personal items in your car. The limit is 100 lbs. Be sure to look over any restrictions on what those personal items can be when shipping to a military base.

Discounts On Military Car Shipping Costs

With National Express you get a great car shipping rate you deserve. It’s because of all the work you put in for your country. Some are deployed far away from loved ones, spouses, and children.

For this sacrifice we are proud to give PSC vehicle shipping discounts for those protecting our country. If your POV is not covered by the government, we will gladly offer you discounts on your POV shipment, above our great every-day reasonable prices. All with excellent customer service.

Veterans and National Guard Also Receive Military Discounts

You don’t have to be active duty to receive our military discounts for car shipping. National Guard, you are not left out either. You will receive our forever discount you deserve to ship your car, just the same.

Our military auto shipping is always door to door. We will make arrangements to meet you at your home or place of business. Like with active duty military, we may request a a valid military or veteran identification to apply your discount to the final price.

How To Set Up Your Military Car Transport

You can get an instant quote for your military car move with our car shipping calculator Find it anywhere on our website to obtain a quote right away for personally owned vehicles. It only takes a few seconds, and before you know it, you'll have the price of transporting your car. Remember, the discount won't appear automatically so call us to we can deduct it off the price.

To Get Your Quote Instantly

You may enter your pick-up zip code (or city and state), same for delivery, vehicle year, make, and model, if the vehicle runs, transport type, and first available shipping date.

The first available date is the earliest date when your car will be ready for the pick-up. If you aren't sure what dates to pick, take a look at how long it takes to ship a car. Remember, the automated rate does not include the discount. So call us to have it applied for you.

You can also contact at 800-284-7177 or email one of our military PCS vehicle shipping advisors. Our experts can help.

No Hidden Fees

As with any of our auto transport quotes, military car shipping, there are no hidden costs involved to ship your car. It is part of our guarantee to you and all customers that come to us to ship a car.

Remember, depending on military base restrictions, the military auto transport service we provide is door-to-door if we are allowed to enter.

Booking Your Military Car Shipping

Book a military car transport service online or by calling us or requesting call back by email. It's definitely worth contacting us because as a veteran or active personnel, you get a discount to ship a car.

We search our vast network of trusted, fully insured, and bonded military auto transport carriers after your order is placed with us.

Your designated vehicle car carrier will contact you a few hours before your pick up time to double-check that someone is available to release the POV and that your site is safe for heavy commercial trucks such as a large auto transport carrier. If not, they will meet you at the nearest safe location. The same occurs at delivery.

Pick Up Of Your Military PCS Vehicle Shipping

From there, sit back as we take over all aspects of your military car transport. We'll contact you to confirm your pick-up date and provide additional information about the military auto transport procedure. Unlike other so called military car shipping companies, we keep you up to date and in the loop. In addition, we use ship your car with the best and most trained truck drivers to come and pick up your POV.

We'll take an initial payment at that time from your credit or debit card if you have chosen to use our discounted cash price. If you have opted to use our all-on-card option, the whole fee will be charged at that time. Always without any hidden fees.

Delivery of Military PCS Shipments

Don't worry if your specific location does not have access allowed or is too small for the car carrier. The carrier can meet at a local parking lot if they are not allowed to gain entry. If it's simply that the car shipping carrier does not fit, perhaps there's a larger street close by or other roomy street you can meet up. You may also choose to let someone else, such as a neighbor, friend, family member, or co-worker take care of receiving your vehicle at the final destination safely.

At the time of your pick-up, both you and the driver have to carefully inspect your vehicle for any existing damage. You have to record this on the Bill of Lading, which you then have to sign. This is a very important document, and you’ll get a copy for safe keeping.

When the carrier delivers your car, whether in cash, cashier's check, Zelle, or money order, you'll pay the remaining balance. If you used our all on card option, no balance is due.

The military car carrier will conscientiously load your vehicle onto the trailer, and you can say your goodbyes. At any stage of your vehicle's journey, if you want to check on its progress, you can contact the truck driver. We can also arrange regular updates by phone.

Soon after, you'll receive a phone call informing you that your car is on its way. You'll be notified with a few hours notice so you can ensure you're there. If you can't receive your car at that time, you may name a friend, neighbor, family member, or coworker to accept delivery on your behalf. They must be at least 18 years old.

After the military vehicle shippers have delivered your car, the last stage is to examine it to ensure that everything is in working order before signing the Bill of Lading to accept delivery. If you chose for a Discounted Cash Price, you also make the final payment. You can pay cash, using a cashier's check or money order, or

We can arrange for your military automobile transport with you paying nothing up front. You will only be charged for your military PCS transportation when we have allocated your shipment to a carrier and sent your car for shipping. To discover how much it costs to have your automobile transported, use our immediate online quote calculator.

During your military PCS relocation, your automobile is protected. You can rest certain that total peace of mind will be given to you. We include the cost of insurance in our vehicle transport prices, so don't worry about being charged extra.

Is Insurance Included With Military Car Shipping?

Your vehicle will be covered by the carrier's insurance so don't worry that if in the rare case there is damage, you will have to use your personal insurance. Do not hire car shipping companies that are not insured. This could be a nightmare for all car owners, not just members of the armed forces.

Are Enclosed Transport Carriers Available for Military Car Shipping?

Absolutely! Active and retired members of the armed forces can have a car shipped to any destination with a PCS vehicle shipping discounts! Enclosed auto transport is the safest way to have your car delivered. Ship your car with us with the best enclosed transport company , National Express!

Contact Us to Activate Our Active and Veteran Military Discount

We thank you for your selfless devotion to our nation and for making us safer. Call National Express to acquire a $50-100 discount on our military car shipping services. That is the best military discount currently available for military customers in comparison to all our competitors. Call us to take advantage your discounted military car transport.

Quick Things to Remember

  • Contact the local Transportation Office (TO) or the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) and verify what military car shipping program they have will pay for and what you will have to pay for.

  • If you are a deploying service member, be sure to check here for information regarding transferring to a new post.

  • Don’t forget to ask for your military discount to save money on our vehicle shipping service in place just for you.

  • Look nowhere else than National Express Auto Transport for the best military car shipping services around.

Talk to Our Trained Military Car Shipping Advisors

Our professional military car shipping experts will assist you with the military vehicle delivery service. You'll never feel alone during the car shipping process. We'll be there for you from the minute you contact us until the final delivery of your automobile. It's critical to us that you understand how much we care. We want to see your experience was top notch and that your car arrived safely.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. As a result, we want to be your first choice for military POV transportation. We are top rated vehicle transport company servicing all 50 states, including Hawaii. Even Puerto Rico. We will have made sure your car arrived the way you left it.. Call and make National Express your go-to auto shipper today.