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Hawaii auto transport is a big business. Hundreds of vehicles get shipped in and out of the islands of Hawaii year round. As it stands, moving to Hawaii can get really expensive. Since everything involves ocean travel, costs pile up very quickly. You want to know how to get the most for your buck and we have the answer.

National Express Auto Transport provides full service door to port auto transport to Hawaii. Our pricing is the lowest possible and our service includes everything. A licensed, bonded, and insured carrier will come and pick up your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. We also offer discounts to military personnel relocating to Hawaii.

In General


The cost for shipping a car to Hawaii averages about $1500.00. This will vary depending on where it’s coming from in the mainland and the type of shipping you are using.


How much does it cost to ship a Car to Hawaii port to port?


If you wish to drop off your vehicle right at our port locations in Seattle, WA or Long Beach, CA, you can and save on the carrier shipping feels. Shipping is only $1,075 with all fees from California to Hawaii. From Washington to Hawaii the rate is also $1075.00. All taxes and fees included with service from port to port. There are only a couple of shipping lines that will go to Hawaii. Although it beats going direct with them, volume discounts given to authorized resellers don’t allow for very much more. Be cautious of rates any lower than that. It may be hidden fees or bait and switch after deposit.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Hawaii Door to Port?


If you need us to get your vehicle from anywhere in the US, we can easily arrange carrier shipping to the port as part of a complete package. A regular carrier will meet you curbside at your home or business to take your vehicle for you.  Examples of peak rates as follows:


Miami Florida to Hawaii transport$1975
Houston Texas to Hawaii transport $1550
Denver Colorado to Hawaii transport $1500
North Carolina to Hawaii transport$1750
New Jersey to Hawaii transport$1850
New Jersey to Hawaii transport$1850


These are examples of the price scenarios which include the cost of each route to the port in Hawaii. Port locations are Honolulu, Kahului, Kawaihae, Nawiliwili, and Hilo . We only provide completely inclusive rates. Meaning we do not hide fees or additional charges..


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Large Car to Hawaii?


The containers used to ship can accommodate SUVs and even most passenger / cargo vans and can easily ship usually with no additional charges. If the vehicle reaches 7 feet or higher, an oversize rate will apply. This can be in the range of $250 more dollars.

When shipping your car to Hawaii keep in mind that there should be no more than a quarter tank of fuel in the vehicle. All vehicles must go empty as no personal belongings are allowed. This is for reasons having to do with liability since we cannot cover anything in the vehicle if it goes missing or breaks. This includes a loose radio equipment or spare parts. It must be equipment that is permanently for affixed to the vehicle or originally placed by the manufacturer.

When looking for  auto transport companies, be sure to check ratings and complaints. Look for more than price. You always want to be sure the bargain is a safe one. Always shop for rates with companies with a good reputation and know what to look for when getting rates. It really isn’t hard to make a choice once you know what to look for in the right auto shipper.

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