The National Express Auto Transport Price Guarantee


No Hidden Fees with our service. Price you get in writing is what you pay, never anything more. We even Include all taxes, fees and insurance. Most importantly, you don’t pay until we have done the service.

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A Rock Solid Price Guarantee? Is it Possible in This Industry? YES.


So what do we mean when we talk about a price guarantee in auto transport? It’s very simple. We know the business. We have long established relationships thanks to our vast carrier network. Each quote represents the promise we make to every customer.  It’s really simple to do because it’s the right thing to do. 


No Hidden Fees with Auto Transport Services


We don’t hide costs to make the pricing seem lower when you book your order. No extra fee to pick up at your door. No extra fee for insurance. No extra fee for anything. It’s all included in a single low auto transport rate. So when comparing quotes and companies, be sure that you can hold onto that rate with confidence.


Guaranteed Auto Shipping Rates


Your rate is guaranteed. Meaning, if there is some fuel crisis or sudden hike auto transport costs, well, we’re stuck with that price even if we lose money. And believe us it’s happened! I A sudden snowstorm or inclement weather. Road closures due to emergencies that have diverted trucks increasing the cost of getting vehicles transported to their destinations. It can happen. But you shouldn’t be worried about those things. We should.


“Batteries Included” – Auto Transport Quote has ALL Fees


You expect your auto transport quote to be the total cost including everything. And with us it does. Your rate will always include all taxes, fees, insurance, fuel surcharges, tolls, all of it. Door-to-door delivery, also all part of the cost and of course the best service around is included.


No Upfront Charges – Free to Book Your Transport – No Upfront Fee


National express will never try to like you and with the deposit at the time of booking. Booking is totally free. We don’t need any money from you to get started.

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