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Carl has a decade of experience in the auto shipping industry. He has worked in nearly every aspect of the car shipping business since 2014, initially taking charge of various roles in the company such as dispatching, sales, and customer service.

During those years, Carl amassed an invaluable amount of experience which has contributed to his writing of every article and and guide on NX since taking over content in 2015.

Carl has also taken those years of industry knowledge and has spearheaded the training and development of every salesperson, dispatcher, and manager at NX to assure the core values of honesty and integrity are adhered to every day.

In addition to the vital experience amassed hands on, Carl began further growing his knowledge by taking the road towards additional certifications. Such as getting certified in Finance and Insurance by the The Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. Also towards a Certificate in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution by Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). Finally thanks to Osha Eduction, an all inclusive DOT Hazmat Transportation for Hazardous Material Handling HM-181 Training.

Adding all of this together, Carl has been able to integrate technology, customer service, and industry knowhow to springboard the company to one of the best car shippers in the nation you see today.

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