How Can I Bring My Auction Car Home?

Paying and getting a vehicle from the auctions is straightforward. There are generally two ways to get your vehicle from Copart, IAA, or any other auction.

The first one is just going to the lot getting it yourself, however you may still need a trailer as it may not be possible to drive it home. The second and most common way is to have it shipped with an auto transport company.

Key takeaway: All payments must be cleared to allow you to enter and get the vehicle. If you are using a credit line, Copart specifically can put a credit hold without notice. If not, all buyer fees, storage, and balances must be at zero.

Hiring and Auto Transport Company

Hiring an auto shipper is the fastest and easiest way you can move a vehicle out of an auction, especially if you are far from the lot

Going to Pick it Up

Picking Up From Copart

Copart makes it really simple to go get your vehicle. Remember you have only three days after auction day to show up or you can see yourself swimming in storage fees. Have your member number and lot number(s) of the vehicles being picked up handy. Visit their pick up page for full details. Remember to stop by for pick-up during their regular business hours.

Picking Up from IAA

IAA is similar as far as the process for pickup goes to it's competition. They are however a little more lenient on timeframes as they count only business days and give more days. Get payment details from their documents and forms. You have four business days after the auction day to pick up your vehicle. Bring your lot number and buyer number with you. If paying in person make sure you have your certified funds or other payment method with you.

Picking Up from Anywhere Else

In nearly all cases, most auctions operate in the same manner. All buyer fees must be paid, vehicle must be paid in full, and all storage must be paid before vehicle is released to you or the carrier.

Paying for You Auction Vehicle

Paying Copart

You can pay over the phone, online, or in person and then go get it at the one of 200 locations that your vehicle is waiting in.  The payment can be sent a wire transfer, credit or debit card. They recently added MoneyGram®. You have three days to pay. These are calendar days not business days. You can go to their payment options to get the most up-to-date payment details. If coming in person you can bring a money order / cashier’s check as well. Also see their pick up page for those details.

Paying IAA

IAA is similar as its two competitions far as payment options go. Just like pick up, they are a little more lenient on as they count only business days. You can of course pay over the phone, online, or in person. IAA gives you two business days from the auction day to pay for your vehicle so weekends do not count against you.

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