Cheapest Way to Ship a Car - Open Car Carrier

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The #1 Cheapest Method

By far the cheapest way to ship a car state to state, across the country, or even locally is with an open air car carrier. It is fast, safe, and saves the most money. They are readily available everywhere, as a result it makes open carriers less inexpensive.

There are more open carriers on the road than any other type. This can be a single open car carrier or full size semi trucks capable of taking 9-10 vehicles. That's why open transport is perfect for daily drivers, family vehicles, and most sports cars.

carrier full of cars on a road
Open Carrier Filled with Vehicles

Open Carrier Vehicle Haulers

These Open Carrier vehicle haulers and trucks converted into single or double-decker trailers to carry vehicles. A small-sized trailer can take 1-5 vehicles. A full size truck can haul up to 10 vehicles at a time.

They account for nearly 90% of the auto shipment business. You have a greater chance to find an Open carrier Vehicle Hauler immediately and the lowest possible price.

The Cost

Rates for car transport will vary depending on mileage, vehicle size, vehicle weight, the route, and fuel rates. To get the pricing for your shipment, visit our calculator.

Key Benefits of Using Open Car Carriers

They Are Easily Available On The Most Routes

Open Air Carriers are everywhere. There are nearly 18,000 open carriers nationwide. There is little chance you have not seen them. They are on the highway and at nearly every rest stop. Because of the capacity and versatility of these carriers, they are the most common.

Competitively and Affordably Priced

Because they are so common and they can carry a large number of vehicles at a time, the business is competitive. The vehicles onboard divide the cost as well. Typically, open carriers can take as many as 8-10 vehicles at a time but the exact number depends on the kind of the vehicles and the length of the route.

Ship Door to Door

Since these carriers are versatile and convenient, they can deliver vehicles right to your door. This can be to your home or even business location.

Fully Insured

Insurance coverage is mandatory for all auto carriers in the country. The Motor Carrier Division of the Department of Transportation regulates the auto shipment sector in the country. It makes it necessary for auto carrier companies to buy insurance coverage of a minimum $250,000 for the vehicles they transport and $750,000 for liability insurance coverage.

Drawbacks of Open Car Carriers

The one drawback is that with an open carrier is that your vehicle is outside. Your vehicle is exposed to the elements such as the sun, rain, snow, and dust. It's possible that it could use a quick car wash by the time your vehicle reaches your doorstep.

Nothing will touch your vehicle apart from being exposed to sun, road dust, and rain, during its journey.

Low Cost and Good Service Depends on The Auto Transport Company

We go over picking the right auto transport company in detail. But in summary, before you even get into picking from the prices you received, know that, reviews and reputation is key. A legitimate shipper has insurance, is licensed, and is at least BBB Accredited.

Be careful with that amazing deal. Their agreement may leave room for hidden fees and their service could be lackluster to say the least.

It's important that you find the company, not that they found you. If they called you from some marketing list, it's usually a sign of trouble. You may have noticed that this industry can have intrusive marketing that uses unwanted calls and texts.

Is Open Carrier the Best Fit For Your Vehicle?

Open carrier is best for most vehicles that are daily drivers, see rain, and see the elements on a regular basis. So if your car is garage kept, put away in the winter, and does not see any kind of unfavorable weather, this cheapest form of shipping may not apply.