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Use Open Carrier Shipping


Shipping a vehicle via open transport will be how you can save you the most money. There are more open carriers on the road than any other type. So this will be the the cheapest way to ship a car short distance or cross country.

Shipping with an enclosed truck is another option, however it is several hundred dollars more, sometimes even double the cost. Although it’s the safest, stay away from this option if you want to go easy on your wallet.

There are thousands of these open carriers and since there are so many use them it helps contribute to the cheap price tag.

An auto carrier that is going from your area and traveling through to your destination will take that vehicle and add it to a group of up to 9 others heading in that same direction. Thereby reducing the cost of shipping as it is divided by the all the vehicles onboard.

Lowest Price Doesn’t Mean Best Option

Everyone wants a bargain, and our pricing is very competitive. However, be careful with the lowest prices out there. Many times the lowest price will cost more in the end.

Many brokers lure you in with an amazing deal. But then their agreement leaves room for hidden fees and their service could be lackluster to say the least. Check reviews! Visit the BBB, Yelp, Angie’s List and search Google. For more information on us, go here.

Save by Shipping at the Right Time of Year


Keep it cheap by taking advantage of your flexibility with dates. Like most others, the shipping industry has a high season and a low season. If you’re a little more flexible with your schedule, and you don’t mind waiting a while to see your car on the other side, you might want to wait until the low season to ship your car at a lower cost.

Shipping prices are usually highest during the summer and early fall. This is the high season for the shipping industry. Most people will be looking to ship their cars at this time, and the higher demand will drive up the price. So if you want to be thrifty, wait until the winter or spring to ship your car so you can take advantage of the lower costs.


Use Populated Cities and Towns to Save Big $$$


Also keep it cheap by taking advantage large cities in your area. Live in a small town or suburb? That can make for nice quiet living, but expensive car shipping. If you aren’t near cities and highways, consider selecting a location near those to keep cost low.


Is Open Carrier Cost Effective AND Safe?

It is very safe. Over 7,000 open auto carriers ship cars throughout the country. Open carrier will always be most cost-effective and safe option because it’s multiple cars going in the same direction protected by a large commercial carrier.


Can Shipping it Yourself Cost More?


Renting a trailer and doing it yourself or just filling up the tank and getting on the road can cost you more than just money.  You might be surprised to hear it is not cheapest. The amount that you end up spending on fuel, motels, and food when driving all that way in a truck or your car can easily be much more than you would spend on a shipping company.

That’s not factoring in the amount that you would lose in lost productivity by spending all those hours on the road. Take the number of hours you would spend driving your car to the destination and multiply it by your hourly rate. Is it really less expensive than what you would spend on a car shipping company?

Besides, driving your car over so many miles will spike up your car’s mileage and can lower its value if you add thousands of miles relocating.


Avoid Tow Companies / Wreckers


This method is the least economical and provides the least value. Sure they will be there likely same day and delivery right away, but it is a very expensive option.  Think of taking a flight and buying all the seats on the plane just he could be by yourself. Doesn’t make much sense. A great post explaining the difference between tow companies and transport companies can be found here.




  • Open Carrier is the cheapest way to ship a car as it splits the cost.
  • Save more money on Open Carrier by using more favorable locations.
  • Time of year decides the rates.
  • Flatbed Service / Roadside Tow Truck is the fastest but most definitely the lesser value compared to open and even enclosed.