Shipping a Luxury Car

Shipping a luxury car is not quite the same as shipping a regular daily driver. Most luxury vehicles will benefit from enclosed transport. Enclosed transport runs about $1.50 per mile, or anywhere from 30-60% more than open carrier shipping. A good auto transport company will work with carriers that perform detailed inspections. These happen at pickup and drop off. Drivers use coverings to protect the interior. 

Buying a high end luxury car is a big investment but is also be a personal one. It could be a long time goal of finally having a certain vehicle in your garage. Maybe it is a symbol of reaching a financial goal. It probably involved a good amount of hard work. So making the choice for luxury car transport services also deserves planning and research.

How Should You Choose a Luxury Car Shipping Company?

You will definitely want to do research when choosing the company that will handle the shipping of your prized vehicle. 

It’s a good idea to choose an established auto shipping company. Someone with good reviews for your luxury car, instead of going with an unknown start-up. A well critiqued and established company is more likely to have tried and trusted shipping methods. They use industry experts that know exactly who to handle your car during the shipping.

Established luxury auto carriers are also more likely to have the right gear. For example, some luxury cars can't be loaded with regular ramps if they are very low. A lift gate truck is needed in these cases.

Take some time to review the website of the company you wish to work with. Talk to agents, and if you can request photos of their trucks and examples of vehicles they have shipped. This way you can have a good idea about how they operate.

What Kind of Shipping Works Best for Luxury and Luxury Cars?

Safety would be your primary concern when you’re shipping a luxury car. You will want to go with a shipping method that will ensure your car gets the special care it needs. This means you may have to spend a few extra dollars. It's worth it for something with a high price tag. Door-to-door, enclosed transport are safer than other open carrier in these cases.

But not all are luxury vehicles are equal. For example, if shipping a Lexus that has seen better days, it's still a luxury car but perhaps an older one. Open transport will be just fine there. But if it is a restored Mercedes convertible, it may be old, but holds value because it is rare.

Regardless, it's always Door-to-door. The carrier loads the car at the dealership, seller, or your old house. They deliver directly to its new home. Open or enclosed, you will want to choose enclosed transport that goes right to your curbside for luxury car shipping.

With enclosed shipping the car is moved in a carrier that has all four sides and a roof. Some are even climate controlled. How nice is that? 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship and Luxury Car?

If going enclosed, be prepared to pay 30-60% more. This is a premium service. Your vehicle is shielded from the outside world. Enclosed carriers for luxury cars also can take less vehicles on. 

Some companies give an estimate of about $1.50 per mile for the first 1000 miles. It can drop to $1.15 for anything more than 1000 miles.

If your vehicle is coming from Puerto Rico or Hawaii, the rates will be higher. Keep in mind, ships carry the vehicles inside, no matter which shipping you use. But, vehicles will sit in an open air lot between port drop off and pickup with the carrier. 

Remember to use our car shipping calculator to make sure you get the most accurate pricing.

How Long Does It Take to Transport A Luxury Car?

As a general rule, expect that the carrier can travel anywhere from 300-500 miles per day. How long it takes will have to do with weather and road conditions. Also, the availability of the others that are receiving the vehicles plays a part too. 

There is one other advantage of selecting the pricier enclosed shipping option. Some of these carriers hold less cars, so they can arrive quickly due to less drop-offs. 

It's usually about 5-7 days if you are to take the national average into consideration when waiting for delivery. It's a lot less for shorter distances, obviously. If you are talking about a coast to coast or cross country transport , it can take up 7-10 days.

How Does the Insurance Work?

Luxury vehicles require higher insurance. You will see a higher coverage than you would with a regular car transport.

Insurance policies differ from company to company. One company’s insurance might offer more comprehensive coverage for the shipping, while another might only cover specific damages. Make sure you understand how a company’s insurance works before you hand over your car.

In all cases, insurance covers the exterior only. For example, this insurance will not include items in the vehicle. However, your regular vehicle policy may cover anything not related to the exterior. You can check with them.

Remember to Plan and Research Before Shipping Your Luxury Vehicle.

The planning involved in shipping a luxury car should not be stressful. With proper research you will come out winning. Plan on how to ship and who you plan to use for the job. This will allow you to make it painless and simple. Remember, reviews are key. Experience is a must. Finally, pick the right kind of carrier for the job. 

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