TJ Freije - 2024 World Automobile Auctioneers Champion

At NX we are huge fans of auto auctions. A very known name in the business is no other than Richard Freije. Car carriers have graced the best auctions in the country hosted by TJ. It's common that bidders from afar need auction cars shipped like those coming from the Annual Big Boy Toy Auction in Clayton, Indiana.

In the bustling heart of Clayton, Indiana, a remarkable event unfolded at the ADESA Indianapolis Auction on April 26, 2024. The World Automobile Auctioneers Championship drew over 75 of the nation’s top auctioneers and ring-men, but it was Richard "TJ" Freije who emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious title and further solidifying his legacy in the auction world.

TJ Freije, the dynamic president of Freije & Freije Auctioneers, has not only upheld but also elevated a four-generation legacy of auctioneering excellence. However TJ is not a stanger to winning awards for his hard work. Previous wins include being the 2016 International Auctioneer Champion, the 2013 World Automobile Team Champion, and his home state's Indiana Auctioneer Champion. This showcases his longstanding dedicated to the art of auctioneering.

The championship was not just a personal triumph for TJ himself. it was also a family celebration as they are a line of auctioneers spanning generations. For example, Tyce Freije, a proud fourth-generation auctioneer, impressively secured third place in the individual auctioneer's contest. Alongside his ringman partner, Taylor Knotts, Tyce also clinched third in the team competition, highlighting the duo’s exceptional synergy and skill. You can see him here in 2015 as a junior auctioneer.

Freije & Freije Auctioneers have transcended the traditional boundaries of auctioneering by expanding into a nationally recognized firm specializing in classic car auctions. Their partnership with Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc., which happens to currently be the fastest-growing live auction company, underscores their influence and reach within the industry. Both TJ and Tyce Freije are pivotal in selling heavy construction and transportation equipment, maintaining a regular schedule of high-profile auctions across the country.

Post-victory, TJ Freije shared heartfelt sentiments, attributing his success to divine inspiration. 1Reflecting on his journey and the values instilled from his days in football and coaching, where he earned the nickname "The Fridge," TJ emphasized the importance of #TeamFridge—a philosophy of commitment to family and team that resonates deeply within their business practices.

While the championship marks a significant milestone in TJ Freije's illustrious career, he regards it as secondary to his primary goal of fostering a loving family environment and a dedicated team at work. This ethos is at the core of Freije & Freije Auctioneers, propelling them toward future successes and innovations in the auctioneering field.

The National Automobile Auction Association, the esteemed presenter continues to host this annual spectacle at premier auto auctions across the United States. The event not only showcases the elite talents of auctioneers and their teams but also celebrates the vibrant culture and intricate skills and bid calls that define the auctioneering profession.

As we look ahead, the achievements of TJ and Tyce Freije at the 2024 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship will undoubtedly inspire both current and aspiring auctioneers. Their dedication and passion for the craft serve as a benchmark for excellence in the industry, reinforcing the profound impact of legacy, leadership, and teamwork in achieving remarkable outcomes.

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