Is Shipping a Car Worth It in 2023?

Quick Answer: 

It depends. Shipping a car is worth it when it can do one or all of the following: Save money, time, and remove stress.

For example, long distance driving can be hazardous and stressful and make it worth the cost to ship. Older cars may not make it and incur a costly repair. Car transport can also be cheaper than driving on long distances because of food and lodging costs as well. What you value your time will determine if it's worth driving too. These three factors determine if it's worth it to ship your car. What do your factors say?

In Detail:

According to census data, as of 2023 it is estimated that over 40 million Americans move per year. The average person moves just over 11 times in a lifetime as well. That leaves a lot of people at one time or another wondering - Is shipping a car worth it?

You are not alone when it comes to getting the answer for that question. Car shipping is an 11 billion dollar industry that has continued to grow despite the 2020-2022 pandemic and lack of new car inventory. As of 2023, that inventory and chip shortage is subsiding. As a result, thousands of individuals this year will hire someone to ship a car.

In fact, the industry has grown for car buyers arranging shipping for vehicles. They need the cheapest way to ship a car long distance in order to get the best deal out the door that is possible.

Some car owners are holding on to their vehicles longer because it has become very expensive to trade up. That creates the need to have a vehicle transported if that person moves.

Auto transport companies specialize getting your car direct to you without extra effort on your part. Making car transport very much worth it.

Many are not aware that an auto transport company actually moves most vehicles for individuals that are either moving, buying from dealers, and even getting cars from auctions.

It's also very well worth using a car shipping service because it saves time and the cost to ship can be affordable in comparison to driving it on your own.

Reasons It Is Worth shipping a Car

Using auto transport companies is a convenient option and very well worth it for a variety of reasons.

By choosing to ship a car, you will notice it is indeed very cost effective in comparison to driving. In most situations it is worth using auto shipping companies when combining costs along with going over other possible issues that could occur.

Quick Facts:

  • Save money by not paying for Fuel, Food and Lodging
  • Avoid driving very long distances using a car shipping company
  • No need to travel through dark desolate highways at night when you ship your car
  • No unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle
  • No need to drive in congested roadways through major cities
  • Avoid Mechanical Issues and Breakdowns
  • Eliminate the Possibility of Accidents While Driving

Save Money by Not Paying for Fuel , Food, and Lodging

It's easy to underestimate how much you will pay to stay for hotels. In fact, most will miscalculate all the costs involved in a long road trip. It is frequently not worth dealing with the time and hotel stays.

Driving your vehicle is less cost effective. Working with a car shipping company does away with all that extra planning and cost.

Although fuel prices have increased car shipping prices over the years, remember that it also affects those driving vehicles cross country themselves.

Avoid Driving Very Long Distances Using a Car Shipping Company

Consider the time and effort it will take to drive long distance. By using an auto transport company, you can simply have the vehicle loaded and it will arrive safely. Take a flight or a train, your car will hav arrived a few days later.

No Need to Travel Through Dark Desolate Highways at Night When You Ship Your Car

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says driving late at night can be deadly. Additionally, the NHTSA says 37% of drivers say they have nodded off for a moment or fallen asleep while driving at some point.

For that reason along, shipping a car may very well be worth it, even if the cost were to be more.

No Unnecessary Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Using shipping companies saves money when crossing state lines. The price you pay can easily be much less than repairs or maintenance.

When both open transport and enclosed carrier shipping, your vehicle rides on a trailer without the wheels touching the ground.

No Need to Drive in Congested Roadways Through Major Cities

When driving cross country, you will pass through cities and towns where high traffic roads, construction, road blocks, are very common. When using an auto shipping company, the carrier deals with these delays and frustrations for you.

Avoid Mechanical Issues and Breakdowns

When driving a vehicle long distance, anything can happen on the road. If anything major happens such as an engine failure or other mechanical issues could cost you thousands over what auto transport costs.

Eliminate the Possibility of Accidents While Driving

Most importantly, you won't have to worry about getting into a car accident by driving on your own. Remember, it's not always you that made the error.

One careless driver could mean serious damage to your vehicle and you! So it makes very good sense to use a transport service.A major accident dwarf what car shipments cost.

Benefits of Shipping Your Car

Auto transport companies like National Express specialize getting your car direct to you without extra effort.

As you can see, it's very well worth using a car shipping service because it saves time and money if you consider what you may have to pay if you were to drive the vehicle yourself.

Wear and tear on the car, gasoline, overnight lodging costs across the country, stopping periodically to make sure the vehicle is safe, the possibility of accidents, and added maintenance like oil extra changes can easily put a dent in your wallet.

Let's not forget that nothing beats having something as time consuming and costly as moving your car done by professional services.

When Shipping A Car Is Not Worth It

Although it may be obvious, there are times deciding to ship a car may not be worth it. In fact, it's usually easier to know for sure when it is not necessary to ship a car rather than when it is.

Everyone's situation is different, however if moving only a short distance or buying a car close by, then arranging to ship a car may not be needed unless it does not run.

A short road trip can take a small part of the day. You can leave an arrive exactly when you want.

If you are using a moving truck to take your personal belongings yourself, you may use a tow dolly if you are comfortable doing so.

The list goes on. If you are not sure, you can always call our car shipping advisors for more information.

Working with An Auto Transport Company

With National Express, the shipping process is fast and easy. We can arrange shipping a car locally, to another state, and even across the country.

Pick a shipping method such as open carrier transport service, which is the cheaper option or enclosed carrier which is the safest way to ship a car.

Whether you are buying a new vehicle or shipping your current car, we can help it get to the final destination quickly, safely, and reliably.

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Car shipping prices are dependent on many factors. This includes, distance, vehicle type, vehicle size, vehicle condition, and more.

For some vehicles and distances, it's more with it for you than others. However, for more information, see how much it costs to ship a car or get a quote instantly our car shipping calculator.

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