How to Plan for An EV Road Trip

Taking on a road trip in an electric vehicle is unique compared to traditional gasoline-powered travel. I will cover all you need to know about how to safely travel in your EV.

This guide provides great tips for planning a well managed and enjoyable EV road trip, making sure you maximize your vehicle's potential while exploring a new destination.

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The Pre-Trip Prep

Preparation is key to avoiding issues and challenges that can turn your trip from a happy trail to the "trail of tears".

Understand Your Vehicle’s Range

Familiarize yourself with the range of your EV under different conditions. Factors such as speed, terrain, weather, and the use of air conditioning can impact the vehicle’s battery life.

Do Some Route Planning

Use dedicated EV navigation apps like PlugShare or A Better Routeplanner to map out your road trip. These tools help you locate charging stations along your route and plan stops based on your EV's range capabilities and takes away a lot of guesswork.

Prepare Your Charge Apps

Download and set up accounts on major charging network apps such as ChargePoint, Electrify America, and Tesla Supercharger. Pre-loading payment information will save time at charging stations.

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Coordinate a Charging Strategy

Planning on finding chargers and knowing how and when to charge is extremely important as you will find yourself stranded before your first stop for some juice.

Timing Your Charges

Plan to charge your battery when it drops between 20% and 80%. Charging beyond 80% can be time-consuming as charging speeds typically slow down to protect battery life. Remember, if you are use to ICE vehicles you'll realize very quickly it doesn't take 10 minutes to get in and out of the charge station.

Charger Availability

Always have a backup charging option in case your preferred station is out of service or occupied. Checking real-time availability via apps can prevent delays.

Overnight Charging

If possible, choose accommodations that offer overnight charging facilities. This allows you to start each day with a full charge.

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Packing Essentials

Like any roadtrip since the dawn of roadtrips, you'll need essentials.

Emergency Kit

Include basic car repair tools, a first aid kit, and emergency contacts. Also, pack a portable battery charger if available.

Comfort Items

Bring snacks, water, and entertainment options for longer waits at charging stations.

Weather Appropriate Gear

Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly to ensure comfort, whether it's sun hats and sunglasses for sunny days or warm clothing and blankets for colder conditions.

eco mode

Road Trip Road Tips

Sounds catchy! Anyway, use these pointers to maximize battery power on the road to your fun times at Wally World.

Driving Efficiently

Drive at a consistent speed and utilize regenerative braking features to maximize range.

Use Eco Mode

Many EVs offer an eco mode that optimizes battery use by reducing throttle response and limiting energy consumption by the air conditioning and heating systems.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on any updates from your navigation and charging apps for changes in traffic patterns, charger availability, or unexpected weather changes.

Have An EV Transport Company On Speed Dial

It can happen. Battery issues, you missed your charging station. EV's can break down like any other car as well. You can tow an electric car or you can call an auto transport company like NX to get you back home or to a repair facility.

enjoy yourself raodtrip

Enjoy the Ride!

Plan Fun Stops

Incorporate interesting destinations and attractions that align with your charging stops. This makes the journey more enjoyable and can turn charging time into an opportunity to explore.

Document Your Trip

Consider keeping a travel diary or vlog to document your experiences. This not only creates lasting memories but can also be useful to other EV travelers.

Wrapping it Up

Planning an EV road trip requires some prep, but it can be an incredibly fun experience. If you are a road trip connoisseur but the first time in an EV, once you get past the learning curb for charging and timing your charges, you'll be back to pro status in no time.

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