11 Surprisingly Affordable High End Sports Cars

The charm of classic sports cars endures, drawing in automotive lovers with their sleek designs and powerful engines that recall a nostalgic past. Owning these exquisite machines may seem unreachable due to high costs for mint condition models, but a keen enthusiast can discover hidden treasures—cars that deliver the prestige of a well-known brand without a hefty price tag. This exploration into budget-friendly classic sports cars reveals some underrated options that could allow entry into the coveted realm of classic car collectors.

Aston Martin DB7: Affordably Exclusive

Making the top of this list, is the esteemed Aston Martin DB7 which presents a paradox in the classic car marketplace despite its premium status (which I like to read than in a British accent by the way).

Designed during a financially turbulent time for Aston Martin, it saw a production run of over 7,000 units until 2004, which diminished its rarity but not its attractiveness. Manufactured under Ford’s ownership, the DB7 borrowed parts from less luxurious Ford and Mazda models, leading to its unfair reputation as a "parts bin special." Nevertheless, it delivers the exhilarating performance expected from an Aston Martin, although ongoing maintenance can be expensive. For those ready to handle its upkeep, the DB7 represents an enticing entry point into Aston Martin’s world. Check them out here for around $30k!


Porsche 968 Cabriolet: A Middle-Ground Classic

Hailing from a discontinued VW project refined by Porsche, (but why right?) the Porsche 968 Cabriolet does happen to have its struggles with a mild identity crisis in the collector’s market—it’s neither old enough to be a classic nor modern enough to rival newer models.

This status might make it an attractive option for those seeking an uncommon route to owning a Porsche at a lower price point. Check them out here for around $28k!


TVR Chimaera: The Bold Classic

Combing raw British sports car spirit with an adventurous ethos, the TVR Chimaera has shown its robustness through a notable 20,000-mile journey across continents without severe issues.

Offering a thrilling driving experience, the Chimaera is unique for those wanting to make a statement on the road. Check them out here for around $20k!


Jaguar XJS V12: Majestic Yet Challenging

Launched as a successor to the iconic E-Type, the Jaguar XJS V12 inherited high expectations. Although once popular, it is now known for its maintenance struggles and mechanical issues.

Its decreased resale value reflects these challenges but also offers a potential rewarding project for enthusiasts willing to restore it. Find some here for as low as an insane $7k!


Maserati Biturbo: Redemption Story

The Maserati Biturbo often receives criticism for its early quality issues, resulting from rapid production to meet high demand. These initial problems caused reliability concerns, but later models saw substantial improvements. Despite this, the car’s reputation suffered.

The Maserati Biturbo now stands as a very affordable classic, thanks to its pioneering twin-turbocharged engine and innovative design. For those willing to overlook its past, the Biturbo offers an excellent chance to own a piece of Italian mechanical artistry at a low cost. Average price $12k here.


Lotus Elan M100: Cherishing Rarity

The Lotus Elan M100 debuted during an economic downturn, resulting in poor sales and making it scarce today. Known for a build quality typical of many British classics, the Elan M100 demands a committed owner ready to tackle its maintenance.

Despite not offering groundbreaking performance, its engaging drive adds to its appeal for collectors who relish the rarity and challenge of upkeep. Find some right now for around $18k.


Dodge Daytona Turbo Z: An Unsung Innovator

During the 1980s, the Dodge Daytona Turbo Z epitomized American automotive progress with its adoption of turbocharging and advanced electronics. Choosing front-wheel drive was groundbreaking then but steered it away from traditional sports car dynamics, contributing to its current obscurity.

For those interested in a piece of the optimistic spirit of that era, the Daytona delivers competitive performance at an affordable price. See them sold for as little as $9,000!


Triumph TR7: The Improving Underdog

Criticized for initial build quality issues and a divisive design, the Triumph TR7 improved over time. Despite these efforts, its reputation didn’t fully recover, ensuring low resale values. The TR7 symbolizes classic British automotive charm, complete with the expected joys and drawbacks.

Its distinctive styling and historical relevance make it appealing, assuming potential owners are willing to engage in active maintenance. Average price, $12.5k!


Ferrari Mondial: Budget-Friendly Ferrari

Often regarded as the least desirable Ferrari, the Ferrari Mondial’s performance did not meet the high expectations associated with the brand. However, it provides an accessible route into Ferrari ownership, with later models offering improved performance.

While it might not excel in speed trials, its presence on the road is undeniable, and its relatively low price is appealing for those dreaming of owning a Ferrari. Find some for as low as $40k, which is the price of the horse emblem these days!


Chrysler TC by Maserati: Intriguing Blend

The Chrysler TC by Maserati attempted to merge American standards with Italian style but failed to captivate either audience, reflecting in its low desirability and price today. Conceived as a luxury convertible rather than a pure sports car, it offers an intriguing blend.

There's a bit of cultural automotive heritage that may attract a niche group of collectors interested in its unique story and affordable price. Not a bad deal for some Maserati engineering at $10-12k!


Chevrolet Corvette C3

With it's "Bat-Mobile" like swooping hood and fenders, it's a car that looks like it's meant to slice through the highway. However, it's gotten less notoriety that other generations, where a restored C2 corvette can run $60,000+,for example.

The C3 averages a lower average price tag of $22,000 unless a special edition or numbers matching Stingray.

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Every single one of these classic sports cars tells a story of ambition, innovation, fun, and yeah, occasional missteps in the world of why.

Available as budget-friendly options, (or cheap oddball cars) they present a special chance for enthusiasts to experience automotive history with a high end badge. Whether seen as an interesting investment or a project, these cars provide a chance to hold a set of keys from a legendary brand!

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