State to State Electric Travel - America's Premier EV Road Trips

Now it’s not often we talk about road trips for fun, as opposed to our usual info on driving cross country yourself for the purpose of moving.  But road trips for fun are nowhere near going out of style and interesting as they can be with or without an ICE (Inter Combustion Engine) vehicle. With that said, there is no doubt that the classic American road trip is evolving with the growth of electric vehicles (EVs).

Driving an electric car transforms you from a traveler into a frontrunner in sustainable transportation. With a growing number of EV charging stations, the dream of a zero-emission zen is becoming reality.

Electric vehicles have significantly decreased the consumer sector's carbon emissions, the primary source of greenhouse gases in the USA. Plus, EV owners can save about 60% on fuel costs compared to traditional vehicles. The only question left is: where will your first electric road trip take you?

Enjoy these routes.

1. Discover The Beauty of A Road Trip From Los Angeles to Boston

Route Details:

  • Start/End: Los Angeles to Boston
  • Distance: 2,984 miles

A popular drive across the country runs from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. using Interstates 15 and then 70, 80, and interstate 90! You have over 800 charging stations on this route, making sure you don’t run out of juice along the way.

2.Reimagine the Iconic Route 66 with a Green Twist

Route Details:

  • Start/End: Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California
  • Distance: 2500 miles

Embark on the legendary Route 66 in your electric vehicle. Around 1790 chargers on this historic route, allowing you to enjoy a slice of classic Americana without the worry of battery depletion. Travel from the lively city of Chicago to the beaches of Santa Monica, experiencing the rich cultural and scenic tapestry of the American heartland.

3. West Coast Marvels: Los Angeles to Las Vegas via 15 The whole Way

Route Details:

  • Start/End: Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Distance: 272 miles

Time to have some fun by Taking the 15 all the way to Vegas! There are plenty of charge stations along the way, and soon enough there will be over 100.

ons of Newport with ease.

4. Atlantic Coast Odyssey: From Maine's Lobsters to Daytona Race Cars

Route Details:

  • Start/End: Portland, Maine to Daytona, Florida
  • Distance: 1300 miles

Travel the Atlantic Coast from the rugged cliffs of Maine to the sandy shores of Florida. With strategically placed chargers about every 70 miles, this route offers a smooth trip through varied cultures, historic sites, and vast landscapes. Journey through Boston’s rich history, the bustling streets of New York City, and the sandy beaches of Daytona, all while benefiting from the convenience of an electric vehicle.

5. Colorado’s Renewable Route: Glenwood Canyon

Route Details:

  • Start/End: New Mexico Border to Colorado
  • Distance: 480 miles

Drive the Colorado Rockies along I-70. Admire engineering marvels and natural wonders, especially through Glenwood Canyon. Glenwood Springs, a hub with over 200 EV stations, serves as a perfect recharge spot with attractions like the famed hot springs. The entirety of Colorado calls to you with its commitment to renewable energy and a wealth of scenic drives.

Tips for Planning Your EV Road Trip

  • Utilize apps like PlugShare to find charging stations.
  • Pack smartly to optimize your EV's range.
  • If Your roadtrip is for a move, consider shipping your EV
  • Integrate local attractions into your itinerary to enrich your charging stops.
  • Stay updated on weather conditions, which can influence your vehicle's performance.

Electric vehicles are reshaping the road trip experience, allowing you to explore America's expansive regions in an environmentally conscious manner. Whether drawn to historic pathways or scenic coastal drives, these leading EV road trips provide thrilling adventures and a commitment to ecological stewardship. Charge up, take to the roads, and explore the delights of electric travel.

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