Cost to Ship Heavy Equipment

We provide transport for heavy equipment and oversized vehicles. This includes boom trucks, bulldozers, dumpers, excavators, to name a few. Many don't know we perform this service. But on the contrary we move various types of construction equipment and heavy duty machinery all the time. So how much does it cost to move heavy equipment?
Heavy equipment is different than auto shipping as usually transporting cars is done on a multi car carrier. Which divides the cost of the trip between all the vehicles onboard. With this type of haul, you are usually being taken exclusively on a specialized trailer, not to mention there are loads that could be several tons and oversized. While the average auto shipping runs 30-40 cents a mile. Heavy equipment can move for $2.00-$3.00 a mile and more depending on the distance. We can ship to and from ob sites. Found what you want on Machinery Trader? It can be moved my our firm.
These are special machinery shipments require much planning to get them right. Fortunately we are in your corner. But your help is needed to make sure all the details are accurate. The best practice is to have all the data ready. How tall with all attachments? How long, how wide is it? What does it weigh? Sending pictures is also helpful to assure we have the correct information to make it easier for you and us. Did you know your inoperative equipment can be shipped as well?
Always keep in mind, that unlike auto transport, heavy equipment can take extra time to get loaded up and moved. There are far fewer carriers that can move these heavy vehicles, therefore travel time to pickup may be a few days. Our operators know their stuff. They will make sure your machinery is loaded quickly, safely and efficiently to your place of business or job site.
To help with this process, please make sure all arms forks, buckets, or any kind of extensions are folded, lowered, and secured. Make sure the equipment is mobile and hydraulics work to move buckets and attachments accordingly to make the best fit.
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