Does PODS Ship Cars?

You might consider PODS for your personal belongings, but can you ship a car with PODS or in a "pod"?

As a company that has been recognized by Newsweek and placed on on the upcoming “Best Customer Service” list for 2024, it's easy to want to entrust them to do it all for you, including the shipping of your car.

But can you ship your car with PODS? The answer to shipping a car with PODS is NO, you cannot safely place a car into a pod in most cases and if you could, it would far exceed the intended weight limit and use for the portable container company.

Although the largest PODS container is their 16ft long (16 x 8 x 8 ft), PODS are not designed to ship cars. As for 2024, the company has not announced any PODS containers for auto transport.

PODS Works With a Partner Auto Shipper

Although PODS does not allow cars in their containers, they do have ties with auto shipping services through a logistics provider called ACERTUS.

ACERTUS however is a large supply chain carrier, and therefore is quite expensive in comparison to working with an auto transport company that moves cars for people instead of companies. As a result, fees may be much higher with this shipping partner PODS has chosen.

pods sample price

For example, we entered a test quote for across the country shipping that takes place from Florida to California, and the price for regular shipping was $1900. Almost 75% more. They charge $1,119.00 more for enclosed transport. Ouch!

The same trip would cost around $1000 with us in comparison. A lot less.

Can I Arrange Car Shipping with an Auto Transport Company and Still Use PODS?

Absolutely, both services can be used in tandem in order to save the most money possible when both moving personal belongings and shipping your car to another state or across the country.

Using a dedicated auto shipping company can save your hundreds of dollars in auto shipping costs.

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