How Much Does it Cost to Ship A Car to Puerto Rico?

When getting your vehicle shipped to Puerto Rico, you may worry about cost. Sending a car overseas does mean spending  more than moving it from one place to the other in the U.S., however it's not as difficult or expensive as many think.

National Express Auto Transport provides full door to port service to San Juan, PR. A licensed and insured carrier will go right to your door and and pick up the vehicle anywhere in the U.S.The pricing you get will have everything included, starting at only $1075.

Sample Rates:

Miami, Florida to Puerto Rico transport$1275
Queens, New York to Puerto Rico transport$1650
Denver, Colorado to Puerto Rico transport$1900
Raleigh, North Carolina to Puerto Rico transport$1600
Newark, New Jersey to Puerto Rico transport$1650

In General

Car shipping to Puerto Rico will cost around $1200-1500 on average. There are some factors that need to be considered. This would include the type of vehicle, size, and distance to the Jacksonville Port where we depart from.

For now, you'll need to get a price. You can do that by using the car shipping calculator on the site. It will give you the rate with all shipping fees included.

How Much does it Cost to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico Port to Port?

You have the option of dropping off your vehicle right in Jacksonville, Fl, at the port. Car shipping to Puerto Rico from there will cost $1075. There are two shipping lines that we use to send to PR. However, with the volume discount we have it is always better to go with us because we use that discount to give you this price. Be cautious of anything lower as if may have hidden fees.

How Much does it Cost to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico Door to Port?

The cost of shipping a vehicle to Puerto Rico from the United States will vary depending on where the vehicle is coming from and vehicle type / size. Keep in mind however, that the cost to ship does not include the taxes. We have a guide that will show you how to handle the taxes and the process that will help point you in the right direction once you get to that step of the process.

If you need a price now, you can do that by using the car shipping calculator on the site. It will give you the rate with all shipping fees included.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Large Car to Puerto Rico?

The ships that carry these vehicles have containers that can accommodate large vehicles. This means that you will not incur any additional costs for large SUV's or Pickup Trucks on the ship. The cost to get them to the port will vary with the size of the vehicle if you are using our carrier to bring it there. This is because the larger and heavier the vehicle, the less other types can fit on the truck heading to Jacksonville.  So you will see about a $150-$200 increase in the trucking to the port, even though the ship does not charge anything additional.

Things to Remember

There should be no more than a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle. This has to do with weight restrictions on the ship. So it's very important to be sure it is not over that amount.

It has also has to be empty of all items, with the exception of factory hardware. This has to do with weight but also has a lot to do with the Department of Agriculture rules.  Be sure that the vehicle is empty or items will be discarded.

Make sure there are no loose or broken parts on the vehicle. This will cause the vehicle to be rejected and stored on their lot until you can come get it, which will cost you time and most importantly, money. Be sure no broken parts are on the vehicle.

Whenever you are ready to ship, be sure to let us know. Use our car shipping calculator or call 800-284-7177 today to get a rate with all fees.

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