Vehicle Shipping To or From New Jersey, USA

Ship cars to and from NJ. There are also many snowbirds that transport their vehicles down each year from NJ, down to the south and also us NX for the return trip back up in the spring time.

New Jersey view of harbor

Reasons to live in New Jersey

New Jersey’s close proximity to New York City makes it a better option for residential purposes in terms of housing prices. Additionally, the large number and variety of public transportation means and over 50 resort cities and towns as a vacation destination. There are more shopping malls per square mile than any other state which can appeal to some people moving in.

Reasons for leaving New Jersey

The property taxes in the state are quite high and their lean corporate taxes can prove to be a hindrance for small businesses. It is also the second highest for local income taxes. The estate taxes are also significantly high. The housing prices are significantly high and owning a home can be difficult. The monthly housing costs are more than double the national average. The health care services for the elderly are high, ranking at sixth highest in the United States. In fact, most of the auto shipments we do from the area (that are not snowbirds/vacationers) are permanently moving out of the Garden State.

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How Does Auto Transport to or from New Jersey Work?

For many years, National Express has been transporting goods to and from New Jersey. You can rely on our team of exporting automobiles from New Jersey specialists to give you the quality service you want. Whether you want help with orders, delivery, or a claim, we can help you at each step.

Comprehensive New Jersey Auto Transport services are offered by National Express for a variety of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more, throughout the nation.

Professional door-to-door shipping and vehicle transfer services are available from us. Whether you want to transfer your vehicle across the state or the nation, we can pick it up and take it where you need it.

National Express also possesses the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance, guaranteeing a safe and secure delivery process.

If you need to ship a car from New Jersey, opt for National Express Auto Transport.

We also developed and released a technique that can be divided into three reasonable steps to speed up and simplify the process for you:

  1. Call us or get an estimate and make a reservation online.
  2. Have your car picked up.
  3. Receive your automobile at any location you like.

How Much Does Car Transport to or from New Jersey Cost?

The cost of transportation in New Jersey is influenced by several variables that may be categorized into three primary areas. While certain concepts, like size, weight, and distance, are simple to understand, others are harder to grasp.

The following is a comprehensive list of factors that might have an impact on how much it ultimately costs to ship your vehicle to New Jersey:

Locations and their distance

The primary element influencing the price is the distance between the pickup and drop-off points. Typically, greater distances result in higher costs. Additionally, the geographical terrain plays a vital role. Transporting to or from isolated or challenging-to-access regions might incur increased expenses due to the additional time and fuel required for vehicles to navigate less frequented routes.

Vehicle type

The dimensions and weight of your car are essential considerations when estimating the cost of transportation. For instance, transporting large automobiles can be much more expensive due to the additional space and fuel requirements.


In situations where your vehicle is inoperable, supplementary equipment might be necessary for the loading and unloading process, which can lead to increased expenses.

Means of transportation

Open and closed transit are the two most often used types of transportation the vehicle shipping business offers. Open transit is less expensive than closed transit. This is because the latter offers higher degrees of security and safety. A 60% price rise for closed transit is likely if you choose this option.

Remember that these are just estimates, and your delivery's specifics may affect the ultimate cost.

Seasonal variables

Additionally, the time of year might affect prices. Due to the increased demand across the country in the summer, shipping prices are generally higher.

Shipping costs may increase in the winter when snowbirds go to warmer climates, but they may reduce when moving to colder temperatures, with possible rate changes in the spring.

Delivery & Shipping:

The cost of choosing fast delivery may increase. To enable faster pickups, auto transport businesses must abide by specific rules, which might incur extra charges.

How Long Do New Jersey Auto Transport Services Take?

The time it takes to ship a vehicle to or from New Jersey is determined by various variables. A 100 to 300-mile distance takes around 1 to 2 days to go. Allow 8 to 10 days for a travel that spans 1500 to 2500 miles throughout the country.

Other factors to consider when estimating the time frame for transporting your vehicle include the distance involved, the season, the specific time of year, the possibility of detours, road closures, or construction, local weather conditions, adherence to driver rest hours, and hour limitations, and prevailing traffic conditions.

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National Express Auto Transport Services in New Jersey

You have various nationwide options for picking up and dropping off your vehicle when transporting it to or from New Jersey.

Brick, New Jersey

If you need to transport your vehicle to or from Brick, New Jersey, you can find assistance in postal codes 08624, 08723, 08724, 08738, 08739, 08742, and the surrounding areas.

Camden, New Jersey

For auto transportation to or from Camden, New Jersey, consider postal codes 08102, 08103, 08104, 08105, 08109, 08110, and the neighboring regions.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

When moving your vehicle to or from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, you can check out postal codes 08002, 08003, 08033, 08034, 08045, 08108, 08109, and nearby neighborhoods.

Clifton, New Jersey

To arrange for vehicle transport to or from Clifton, New Jersey, explore postal codes 07011, 07012, 07013, 07014, 07043, 07055, 07110, and the adjacent areas.

Edison, New Jersey

When needing auto transportation to or from Edison, New Jersey, consider postal codes 08817, 08818, 08820, 08837, 08899, and the surrounding regions.

Elizabeth, New Jersey

For vehicle transport services to or from Elizabeth, New Jersey, check out postal codes 07083, 07201, 07202, 07206, 07208, and the nearby localities.

Hamilton, New Jersey

If you require auto transport to or from Hamilton, New Jersey, postal codes 08619, 08690, 08691, and the surrounding areas are available.

Jersey City, New Jersey

When seeking auto transport services in Jersey City, New Jersey, postal codes 07002, 07087, 07302, 07304, 07305, 07306, 07307, 07310, 07311, and nearby regions can be considered.

Lakewood, New Jersey

To move your vehicle to or from Lakewood, New Jersey, you can use postal code 08701 and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Newark, New Jersey

For car transport services to or from Newark, New Jersey, look into postal codes 07017, 07102, 07103, 07104, 07105, 07106, 07107, 07108, 07111, 07112, 07114, and nearby areas.

Paterson, New Jersey

If you need to transport your vehicle to or from Paterson, New Jersey, you can explore postal codes 07501, 07502, 07503, 07504, 07505, 07513, 07514, 07522, 07524, and the surrounding regions.

Toms River, New Jersey

When considering car transport services to or from Toms River, New Jersey, focus on postal codes 08753, 08755 and nearby areas.

Trenton, New Jersey

For vehicle transport to or from Trenton, New Jersey, you can explore postal codes 08608, 08609, 08610, 08611, 08618, 08629, 08638, 08648, and the neighboring neighborhoods.

Woodbridge, New Jersey

To arrange for vehicle transport to or from Woodbridge, New Jersey, investigate postal codes 07064, 07095, 08830, 08861, 08863, and the surrounding regions.

Top 5 Tips and Ideas for Those Moving to New Jersey

New Jersey, also called the "Garden State," is a diversified and highly populated state in the northeastern United States. It is distinguished by its closeness to big cities such as New York City and Philadelphia, which impact its business, culture, and way of life.

Thinking about moving to New Jersey? Explore these benefits of relocating to the state to make the most of your new home!

Tip 1: Proximity.

The state of New Jersey is the fourth-smallest in the nation, and being in a small region offers some unexpected advantages. You are always near to everything when you reside in a tiny state.

Major cities like New York City and Philadelphia are close to New Jersey. This closeness gives residents easy access to employment opportunities, tourist attractions, and leisure activities.

Tip 2: Topnotch Education.

The state's educational highlights include an effective public school system and excellent colleges.

New Jersey schools rank highly regarding funding, test results, and the student-to-teacher ratio. The state has also developed many ground-breaking educational techniques, placing it at the top in the nation for online education.

Tip 3: Diversified Communities.

The population of New Jersey is noted for being varied, which adds to the state's complex tapestry of cultures and customs. The state's festivals, activities, and cuisine all reflect this variety.

You may settle into any of the many seaside communities if you want to retire or even do your remote job on the beach. Jersey also has that if you own a small plot of farmland and escape the bustle.

Tip 4: Beautiful Beaches.

You may settle into any of the many seaside communities if you want to retire or even do your remote job on the beach.


New Jersey's stunning 130 miles of coastline, home to some of the most well-known beaches in the US, is ideal for the hot summers. Enjoy the sunshine and the beach under your toes while admiring the mesmerizing sunsets over the Atlantic. Any beach activity you enjoy may be found in the perfect spot anywhere along the Jersey Coast.


Tip 5: Transportation.


Highways, airports, and other forms of public transportation are all part of the state's enormous transportation system, which facilitates travel inside and to other cities.


Bonus Tip: New Jersey is frequently listed as having a high cost of living. Housing costs, property taxes, and other costs can be increased, particularly in some places.

Useful Resources and Websites for New Jersey:

Do you have plans to move to New Jersey? These websites provide valuable resources for state residents:


Population and demographics

The total population of New Jersey is around 8,938,175 as of 2015 estimates. The aging population is quite significant, with about 25 percent of the population over 62 years of age. This is why there are so many "snow birds" that transport their vehicles down each year from NJ, down to the south. The population grew by 1.9 percent from 2010 so most of the auto shipping we do going back to this state are those coming back from going south for the winter. It is the most densely populated state in the country with a population of 1,195 per square mile, 13 times more than the national average. Most of the population resides in areas close to New York City. The largest metropolitan area is Newark City with about 277,140 residents followed by Jersey City with 247,597. A natural increase has accounted significantly for the increase in population, about 80 percent, with net migration accounting for a 20 percent increase. The foreign-born population accounts for about 19.2 percent of the population.

Weather and climate

The Garden state’s climate is influenced primarily by its geographical location, resulting in a variable weather pattern influenced by the wet, dry, warm and cold air streams. There is a large temperature difference in the northern and southern regions of the state particularly in winter, with temperature differences of 10 degrees but not so much in summer. Although it has a small land mass within its borders, the Atlantic Ocean, prevailing currents and landscape result in the five climatic regions of Northern, Central, Pine Barrens, Southwest and Coastal. The Northern climate is the coolest due to the mountainous region and highlands. Snowfall makes New Jersey winters quite rough on the residents so many come down to visit the south, shipping their cars with them The central region is affected by the large amount of pollutants result in warm night temperatures. The Pine Barrens region, dominated by pine and oak forests, has sandy soils that result in much cooler temperatures due to the quick radiation of absorbed solar radiation. The Southwest zone receives less rainfall and precipitation than the Northern, Coastal and Central regions due to the lack of orographic features. However, it is quite humid and Autumn frosts are unusually longer.

Jobs and cost of living

New Jersey has not been able to recover the jobs lost during the recession. Between 2013 and 2014, the state managed to add only 1 percent of its current job numbers. It is the largest producer of chemicals hence many jobs for people in this line of work.  New Jersey’s overall cost of living is about 22 percent above the national average, with some metropolitan areas such as Jersey City and Newark having significantly higher, at 24 and 25 percent respectively. The median household income, one of the highest in the US, is at $72,062. Housing is startlingly 66 percent above the national average. This figure is even higher in regions that are close to New York City. This would account for why there is such little influx of new residents moving in to the state.

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