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Auto shipping plays a great role in the economy of Tennessee. Fortunately, Tennessee is a decent sized state with a good volume of cars coming in and out, keeping prices competitive and low. From vacationers, and those relocating as well. There's plenty of movement creating the ability for fast transports.

Tennessee is a state in the southeastern region of the United States with a population of about 6,652,000 people. Tennessee has its capital as Nashville. Nashville is also the largest city within the state. It is the sixth largest state in the country with a very dense population and is still has vast empty spaces. Tennessee is the heart of the country music scene. Tennessee is known for agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. This is bringing jobs in so there is a necessity for car transport as job seekers enter. No matter what you drive. It can be sedan, a crossover, a truck or even an SUV. It becomes inevitable for the people moving to this state, especially with some companies not offering relocation packages. For this reason, there many vehicle transport carriers in Tennessee and they make provisions for dealers, exporters, wholesalers individuals and companies moving employees. Having obtained an Operating Authority number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and paying necessary fees,being fully insured, these carrier services provide secure, easy, fast, affordable services coupled with an incomparable quality customer care service.

How Does Tennessee Car Shipping Work?

National Express thrives with years of experience in shipping to and from Tennessee. Our car shipping specialists are always available to give you the service you need and deserve. From sales, to dispatch, and even in the event of a claim. We are here all the way.

Tennessee Auto Transport services from National Express include cars, suv's, trucks, boats, motorcycles and more across the United States.

We offer door-to-door car shipping and auto transport services. What does that mean? W will  pick up your vehicle and deliver it to your destination--whether it's to another state, or across the country. National Express is also fully licensed, bonded, and insured for the ultimate peace of mind when shipping a car in or out of California.

For anyone that needs to California car shipping, you don't need to look any further than NX Auto Transport!

To make it a seamless and efficient, we have made forged ahead with a proprietary process that for you breaks down into 3 easy to understand steps:

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Delivery - Your vehicle arrives and you receive it

How Much Does Tennessee Car Shipping Cost?

There are various factors that will have an affect the cost of auto transport in Tennessee. You have factors like size, weight, along with distance.  But there are others. Like the current prices for fuel, the condition of the car (such as inoperable), the need for door-to-door service, and expedited requests. But there are additional contributing factors that will influence the final price to ship your car in Florida.

Here they are in detail:

Distance and the Locations

As mentioned, the primary factor weighted in to determine the cost is the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. Naturally, longer distances incur higher costs. However, location when it comes to car shipping quotes matters too. If you're shipping to or from remote or hard-to-reach areas, expect higher costs due to the added time and fuel consumption for the driver to go out of their normal route.

Vehicle Type

The vehicle size and weight of your car will have an impact on your car shipping quote. For example oversized truck shipping will greatly increase the price due to the space and fuel needed. The price as larger, heavier vehicles occupy more space on the carrier and add to the fuel cost.


Similarly, if your vehicle is inoperable, it may require special equipment for loading and unloading, adding to the expense.

Transport Method

As mentioned earlier, there are two main methods used by the car shipping industry: open and enclosed transport. Open transport is the cheaper option, while enclosed transport, offering more protection, comes at a premium for the extra layer of protection. If you choose enclosed transport, these costs can be up to 60% higher. Bear in mind that these are rough estimates and actual costs can vary depending on the specific variables involved in your shipment.


The time of year can affect the cost. For instance, shipping costs with just about any car transport company often increase in summer due to higher demand nationwide.

If you are a snowbird, the winter rate is high going south to warm states while cheaper going north to the cold ones. It then reverses in the spring.

Speed of Delivery Dates - Expedited Shipping method

If you need expedited shipping, it will likely increase the cost due to the special arrangements necessary by the car shipping company to make sure you have a faster pickup.


How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car to or from Tennessee?

On the average, shipping a car from/to California will usually take 1 or 2 days for distances ranging from 100 to 300 miles But if it's a cross country transport ranging 1500-2500 miles you can expect a timeframe of 8-10 days. 

Many factors affect how long auto transport to and from California takes. Factors include distance,  season (time of year), traffic, detours, road blocks or construction, weather on the route, driver hours between rest periods.

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