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It doesn't have to be complicated and stressful to ship a car. National Express Auto Transport is available if you need reasonably priced auto transport services in Georgia. With us, you can ship a vehicle with confidence, safety, and affordability.

We offer a simple, hassle-free car shipping service that covers delivery from door to door. This implies that regardless of whether the destination is across the state line or the entire country, we will pick up your car and transport it there.

Because National Express is thoroughly accredited, bonded, and insured, you can have complete faith and security in the transaction.

Are you prepared to send your car without worrying about the price or the quality? Call us at 800-284-7177 or request a quote using this link.

How Does Auto Transport to or from Georgia Work?

National Express has been transporting goods to and from Georgia for many years. Our team of specialists in Georgia auto shipping is always prepared to provide you with the superior service you expect. We're here to help you at every stage, whether it's with sales, dispatch, or aid with a claim.

Nationwide, National Express offers complete Georgia auto transport services for various automobiles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more.

We offer efficient door-to-door auto shipment and transport services. We can pick up your car and deliver it to the location of your choice, whether it is across the state or the country. Remember that National Express has all required permits, bonds, and insurance, giving you complete peace.

You should consider National Express Auto Transport for your needs when exporting a car from Georgia.

Additionally, we have developed and published a method that can be divided into three manageable parts for your convenience to guarantee a quick and easy process:

  1. Call us or get an estimate and make a reservation online.
  2. Have your car picked up.
  3. Receive your automobile where you want to.
Get your quote and book online or by calling
Delivery - Your vehicle arrives and you receive it

How Much Does Car Transport to or from Georgia Cost?

A number of variables can affect Georgia vehicle shipping prices, and they can be broken down into several important categories. Others are more difficult to understand, yet some are simple, like size, weight, and distance.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the factors that could have an impact on how much it will ultimately cost to transport your car to Georgia:

Locations and Distances

The primary determinant of price is the separation between the pickup and delivery locations.

Usually, longer distances cost more. The actual setting of the region is significant. Due to the additional time and fuel drivers need to navigate less-traveled roads, shipping to or from remote or difficult-to-reach areas may be more expensive.

Type of Vehicle

Your car's dimensions and weight are crucial variables when determining the shipping cost. Large vehicles, for instance, can cost substantially more to transport since they require more space on the carrier and gasoline.


If your vehicle can't be used, additional equipment may be needed for loading and unloading, raising the overall cost.

Transportation Method

Open and closed transit are the two common kinds of transportation the auto shipping business offers. Open transit is more cost-effective than close transport, which costs more because of the additional layer of security but gives better protection. Prices for closed transportation might increase by as much as 60%.

Remember that these are only estimates and that the final sum may change based on the particulars of your shipping.


The rate could also change depending on the season. Due to increased demand across the country in the summer, shipping rates frequently increase.

Shipping costs for snowbirds may be higher in the winter when they go to warmer states and lower in the winter when they travel to colder areas, with rates switching around in the spring.

Expedited Shipping and Delivery Time

Opting for expedited shipping typically involves increased prices. Car transportation providers must take specific measures to offer a faster pickup, which can lead to additional expenses.

How Long Do Georgia Auto Transport Services Take?

The time it takes to ship a car to or from Georgia depends on several variables. It usually takes 1 to 2 days to travel 100 to 300 miles. However, expect 8 to 10 days of delivery across the country from 1500 to 2500 miles.

The time required for auto shipping to and from Georgia depends on several matters. There are several factors to consider, including the distance, the time of year, the season, possible detours, road closures or construction, local weather, adherence to driver rest periods and hour restrictions, and traffic conditions.

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Top 5 Tips and Ideas for Those Moving to the State of Georgia

Georgia, also called the Peach State, is the 24th largest state in terms of total area in the United States. The state has a high population density and is ranked as the eighth most populous in the nation. A move to Georgia is something you have in mind? You can make the most of your new home by taking advantage of these advantages of living in Georgia.

Tip 1: Low Property Taxes.

Georgia has very uniform property taxes that are lower than the average for the country. In contrast to most other states, Georgia's property taxes typically give low-income citizens an advantage. If you live here, you won't have to be concerned about paying hefty property taxes or annual increases in the tax rate. However, tax rates vary by location, and you should expect to pay more in counties like Fulton.

Tip 2: Enjoy the Four Seasons.

While it is true that Georgia may have unpredictable weather, the state experiences and enjoys all four seasons. Georgia is at its best in the fall. Nothing is more breathtaking than seeing golden aspen trees on a mountainside. Additionally, just enough snowfalls during the winter can host world-class skiing in the Front Range and Western Slope. Meanwhile, Georgia gets 240 to 280 days on average with sunshine.

Tip 3: Unmatched Views for You.

Georgia has several stunning locations where you can explore and take in the beauty of nature. Most of the state's landscapes draw visitors from beyond the state and even from other nations. With the state's diverse geography, from the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the north to the southern coastal regions, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, camping, and water sports.

Tip 4: Low Cost of Living.

Georgia frequently beats out other states regarding reduced cost of living, especially in more rural areas. In many areas of the state, housing, in particular, can be relatively affordable. The state has a cheap cost of living. However, other areas, like Atlanta, have a higher cost. Even with the state's real estate market expanding and the median house sale price rising to 21.1% YoY, you can find Atlanta's cheapest suburbs.

Tip 5: Thriving Economy.

The state's broad economy includes manufacturing, film production, agriculture, and technology. This is why Atlanta is frequently referred to as Hollywood of the South. A variety of employment options may result from this. Bonus Tip: Georgia has terrible traffic, especially in Atlanta. With travelers entering and exiting the city through one of the busiest airports in the country, traffic congestion is unavoidable.

Top 5 Most Useful Resource Websites for Georgia:

Are you considering a move to Georgia? Here are some advantageous online resources that can be valuable as you settle into life in the state:

5 Quick Tips About Transporting a Car to or from the state of Delaware

Considering a move to Delaware? Here are several benefits of relocating to the state that will bring joy to your new home!

Tip 1: Tax-Friendly

Delaware is known for having no state sales tax, no inheritance tax, and favorable income tax rates, making it financially attractive for many residents.

Delaware is one of only four states in the United States that does not have a state income tax. It also has no state property tax.

It does not stop there; the state also does not have a death tax, an estate tax, or an inheritance tax (but Federal estate taxes still apply, and the Federal Government's tax-free gifting limits must still be followed).

Tip 2: Optimal for Business

If you're an ambitious and active entrepreneur, residing and conducting business in Delaware can be highly appealing. According to CNBC's Top State for Business Survey, Delaware landed the 28th spot for business in the United States. This ranking is attributed to its strategic location, abundant professional prospects, and favorable taxation policies.

Delaware is renowned for offering advantageous conditions if you're searching for an ideal location to launch a business while enjoying proximity to your home. The state has streamlined the business incorporation process, provides better liability protection than other states, and offers enhanced privacy measures when incorporated in Delaware.

Tip 3: Fit for Retirement

Delaware is an excellent retirement option for individuals looking for a low cost of living and various activities to keep them busy.

The state is especially hospitable to seniors because Social Security earnings are not taxable. The Retirement Income Tax Exemption also allows persons 60 and older to deduct up to $12,500 in pension income each year. 

Tip 4: Diverse Educational Opportunities

Delaware has many top-notch private and public educational institutions, whether you have young children at home or are getting ready to send someone off to college. Additionally, you can convert your tuition investment into well-paying employment in the state. 

In fact, The education system in Delaware ranked 18th in the nation. 

If you choose to establish a long-term presence in Delaware, which has one of the largest senior populations in the country, there are many good work opportunities.

Tip 5: Proximity to Major Cities

It's within easy driving distance of major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., providing access to employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and entertainment options.

Residents of Delaware greatly value Delaware's easy proximity to some big urban centers. You could easily visit these cities throughout the weekend and be home by Sunday night.

Bonus Tip: Delaware lacks primary care doctors despite a well-regarded healthcare system. According to a University of Delaware research, the number of primary care physicians in the state has decreased by 6%. This might easily present an issue since Delaware is home to several seniors who require routine preventative care. 


Top 5 Most Useful Resource Websites for Delaware:

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National Express Auto Transport Services in Delaware

We offer pickup and drop-off options for car shipping in various areas around Delaware. Here are the service areas where we facilitate car transport in the state:

Dover, DE:

We provide auto shipping services to and from Dover, Delaware, including ZIP Codes 19901, 19902, 19904, 19934, and the surrounding areas. Your vehicle can be conveniently transported to or from this historic state capital.

Elsmere, DE:

Our car transport services extend to Elsmere, Delaware, encompassing ZIP Codes 19804, 19805 and the nearby regions. We guarantee your vehicle's secure and timely transport to or from this welcoming community.

Georgetown, DE:

Count on our vehicle hauling services for Georgetown, Delaware, and its vicinity, covering ZIP
Code 19947. We'll efficiently transport your vehicle.

Middletown, DE:

You can rely on our car shipping services for Middletown, Delaware, including ZIP Codes 19709 and 19734 and surrounding areas. We make moving your vehicle to or from this growing community seamless.

Milford, DE:

Our vehicle transport services cover Milford, Delaware, including ZIP Codes 19960 and 19963, and the surrounding areas. We affirm your vehicle's safe and efficient transport to or from this vibrant town.

Newark, DE:

We offer auto hauling services to and from Newark, Delaware, which includes ZIP Codes 19702, 19711, 19713, 19716, 19717, and the surrounding areas. Your vehicle will be expertly transported to or from this bustling city.

Rehoboth, DE:

Count on our vehicle shipping services for Rehoboth, Delaware, and the surrounding areas, focusing on ZIP Code 19971. We guarantee your vehicle's timely and secure transport to or from this popular coastal destination.

Seaford, DE:

Our car hauling services extend to Seaford, Delaware, including ZIP Codes 19933 and 19973 and surrounding areas. We guarantee your vehicle's reliable and efficient transport to or from this welcoming town.

Smyrna, DE:

You can rely on our auto shipping services for Smyrna, Delaware, including ZIP Codes 19938 and 19977 and nearby areas. We facilitate your vehicle's smooth and secure transport to or from this thriving community.

Wilmington, DE:

Our vehicle transport services cover Wilmington, Delaware, including ZIP Codes 19801, 19802, 19803, 19804, 19805, 19806, 19807, 19809, and the surrounding areas. We affirm your vehicle's safe and efficient transport to or from this vibrant city.