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Ultimate transport services for the ultimate driving machine. National Express offers both open and enclosed auto shipping services for all BMW Models, from the 1 series to the upcoming 9 series. Door to Door, fully insured and moved by the best trained professional auto carriers in the country. Entrust us to take care of you prized possession. Call us today!
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Known as the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, BMW stands apart from the rest in its originality and innovation. We have provided auto transport for just about every model. Even the new i8 on a couple of occasions. The letters stand for Bavarian Motor Works.(Bayerische Motoren Werke in german) BMW produces both cars and motorcycles. BMW began production of motorcycle engines and then motorcycles after World War I. However, like several auto makers from Europe, they started off making airplane engines and parts before cars and motorcycles. BMW produced it’s first road car in 1927. The 3/15. Many thinK the 1-series is the first BMW, which is incorrect. What many think is the 1, is actually the Isetta 250, which was not actually a car originally produced by the brand. BMW bought the rights to manufacture the Italian Iso Isetta with one of their motorcycle motors powering the very small car. If anything the new i3 would be a closer relative. Although the “I” does not mean Isetta, but refers to the series name for the “intelligent” vehicles that are electric.

To date the most popular BMW is the 3-series as it matches affordability with German engineering. The 3 series is definitely the most popular car we transport from the brand.

We are proud to offer BMW Auto Transport and Shipping servies. Call 800-284-7177 or get a no obligation free quote to ship. We also offer enclosed services.

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