Multi Car Transport

Shipping two or more vehicles is considered multi car shipping. Since they are moving more than one car, the carrier will provide a discount because all the vehicles on board split the cost of the time and fuel. Optimally, they are also picking up and dropping off vehicles where both the origin and the destination has those vehicles close to each other. This is the goal of the multi car carrier and how you save money.

multiple car transport

-Moving multiple vehicles is actually quite common. Individuals that are relocating from one place to another will have more than one car. Corporate relocations are another prime example. Rental car companies and dealers do as well.

-The key to saving money for you is having them picked up and dropped off at the same locations.

Individuals and Car Collectors

Many of our customers pack up and move to start a new life elsewhere. This can mean moving your vehicle, your spouse, and children’s vehicles too. You don’t have to be a company to take up half or all of a car carrier! Maybe you are moving and taking your collection of vehicles with you. There are so many scenarios, but we’re sure you get the point.

Corporate Relocations

Companies relocate all the time. Newer and better office campus or complex? Far away? Your employees are moving and you have a fleet of vehicles that have to go as well (besides there personal cars). It’s a lot, but we have you covered. Call us for a custom quote that will meet your company’s needs.


Dealers are another example of multi car transport. But there are bigger discounts offers to dealers shipping cars around. Dealerships get a different kind of discount because they are shipping frequently with the auto transport company. The repeat business then justifies a big savings.

However, it is usually provided by the auto transport broker setting up the shipping. The reason for this is that if a dealership has a relationship with that auto transport company. Regardless of how many vehicles the dealership sends it’s usually done with different carriers As the chances of that truck being available again is not very common, at least at the exact time you are shipping your next car up as a dealer.


Most types of vehicles are transported in groups on a carrier to begin with. It’s the first part of how it’s affordable for individuals. If you are sending more than one, it’s atomically less for both, and so on.

All kinds of vehicles travel this way. Like our every day cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks. Even exotic cars.

Luckily you don’t need to be a big company or a dealership at all to enjoy the discount of multiple cars.