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Get auto transport quotes from our calculator without receiving phone calls or giving any personal information.

National Express does not collect your phone number when getting a quote. There shouldn’t be any reason that you need to provide a phone number We also know you want to do your research yourself and not be talked into or sold on car shipping. We also give you a lot of information you will need right on our website so you can do your homework on us. Like our Motor Carrier number, DOT number, and policies. We offer many articles on our blog as well.


Why National Express Does Not Call You


The prospective customer wants to make their choice. With all the sources to gather reviews from and consumer protection websites, there is an abundance of information out there to help you make a wise decision.

With a few searches you can learn about the process, how to pick a company, and read about experiences other customers have had. In the past, you could only use your judgment and the feeling you got from the person you were dealing with. You needed to hear a sales pitch to decide. There was no way to gather information outside of the very companies you were contacting. So it was more of an outward process where you had to listen to why they were better, industry jargon, and so on.

Those methoda are now long gone. You want to know how much it’s going to cost, can they do the job, and how long is it going to take. The rest is based on your research.  If you decide to book over the phone, you want to hear a friendly voice on the line Confirming you were spot on with all your research.

We understand this and have have taken the no personal information approach to give customers what they want.


Why You Get Called Non Stop


This flood of calls is normal when you have found a website that’s not an actual auto transporter but look like they are. They even have a very detailed site with pictures of trucks! But what they simply do is ONLY collect the information of customers like yourself looking to ship their car and sell it to various small brokers. That’s right. If they list a phone number, they have outsourced a call center company to collect the same information you would place on the site. The results are the same. Catastrophic.

You either did not suspect they we’re going to distribute the information so several auto transporters that won’t stop calling, or they actually did disclose that they provide multiple quotes (usually 10) but you didn’t expect it to turn out this way. The problem is that most customers likely imagined receiving an email or being sent to a screen with several quotes from different companies all nicely boxed and ready to pick from just like looking at flights on Expedia. The reality is that this click of the mouse or tap of the screen ended up wreaking havoc on your cell phone with calls, texts, and emails for days upon days from a whole bunch of different auto transporters. Some may have little or no credentials.

Each company will initially try to call you to reach you. Then they will email you and sometimes text you a follow up to hopefully get a call back. Just like any good sales person trying to make the sale, they won’t just try to reach out once and it seems like they won’t stop calling because it’s several companies and eager salespeople wanting to get the business. The fact that they won’t stop calling and that there are so many trying to sell you auto transport can be a cause of extreme levels of anxiety and frustration.

Here is exactly how this happened to you:



car shipping rates on google search bar

Setting up an email and phone number, we wanted to see what our customers see when searching . We typed in “car shipping rates” in the search bar and began to look through the results.


Here we entered in our information. Email, phone number, etc. We picked this site because it would very quickly get our subject calls and emails with car shipping rates. But uh-oh, what’s that say? Multiple quotes. This is a lead provider. This means we’ll be getting various calls from brokers. Some we expect will not be the best because each broker will be aware they are one of up to 20 companies getting this “lead”. Our test vehicle was a full size SUV that was shipping from Florida to California.

Note: We wanted to be considerate of everyone’s time. So we made few interactions and those that were made were very brief. We replied to all stating we are no longer looking for transport so they do not waste any time on our test subject.


Starting with the emails, we got 18 of which 5 went to spam. The first one arrived within 3 minutes of requesting the rate for car shipping.  The rest came in pretty steady. The time stamps show the various emails as they came in with the rates. Some more than once from the same provider. Our app also emailed texts so there are a few that were not regular emails. Our test window was about an hour and half. The following were the results of our test.

Note: Do you find the amount of calls and emails in our test for getting car shipping rates overwhelming? Most people do.  To avoid this, always check to see if where you are getting your quote from is an actual company. If they advertise that you get multiple quotes or can compare rates, this is the result. Yesterday’s post was about that subject and a good read to help you get rates.


To not waste hard-working sales people’s time we did not bother taking many calls at all to get our car shipping rates since pretty much all of them sent an email. Our subject took three phone calls and asked a couple questions about down payment, insurance, obviously the rates, and delivery times. Interestingly, of the companies that reached out by phone to give us car shipping rates there were two that called three times in a row as marked by the red line on the call history log of the app we used. The screenshot at a time showed nine calls but we received a total of about 13. It also had trouble logging calls that came in while on another call and those didn’t come up on the history either.  So that’s why we have a rough estimate and not an exact number on the calls until we shut it down.

 The lowest prices we received for our very nice SUV were an astonishing low of $800-825, with a steep high of $1555, and an average for the rest of the car shipping rates was from about $950-1000. So we can imagine why a customer would be pulling their hair out looking at these rates. (You may be wondering what we would charge.  If this was our customer, our price in December would be $950-975 for a stock Tahoe or similar, non extended).  What concerned us was the price of $800.00. That is far below wholesale. Not naming the company here, we searched the name of the firm that had the lowest car shipping rate and they had over 30 complaints with the BBB, Over 10 reviews giving them 1 (ONE) star on Yelp, They were also on Rip-Off Report. Complaints ranged from price increases to extra fees, even with a contract stating a lower price. So this is why the lowest price isn’t always the one to go with for your car shipping rates. Some of the other companies we researched had very little data, and some of the ones in the $1,000 range had decent reviews and marks from customers.


Why Are They So Persistent and Why Won’t They Stop Calling?


Each company may have only have tried to reach out once or twice but now that once or twice has multiplied to what could be over 20 phone calls, 20 emails, perhaps a good handful of repetitive texts, and that could just be the first day or two. They also know that the information they received was given to them and several different companies that all don’t want that sale to go to someone else. What some don’t realize is that they have 10 counterparts all using the same techniques to get someone on the phone.

Another thing to note is that these calls that won’t stop are also based on very outdated sales techniques that only frustrate you. In the current world we live in, we are in a position where you, the customer is no longer looking to be called and “sold”. You want to do your research, see who is giving you the best pricing , and what others are saying about the service you’re looking for.  Everything you need to make an educated decision is easily available online. That goes for just about everything these days and you the customer does not feel like they need to deal with companies calling over and over. You want to make your decision at your pace and time after considering the information.


How to Get the Auto Transport Companies to Stop Calling


The first and best thing to do first is not get frustrated.  As each company calls you please let them know to remove you off the call list or only send you emails with the price once. If you receive a text, reply with “remove” and they should comply.  As an additional precaution you can select the phone numbers that called you as well as the phone numbers that texted you and add them to your block list. Most cell phones have this feature. Then, mark the email as spam after you unsubscribe.


So to recap:

  1. Tell this bad batch of companies to remove you, start over and get rates with a real transporter.
  2. Be suspicious of the lowest quote of the bunch if you do go with these lead provider quotes. Be sure to scrutinize that company. Look at reviews.
  3. Ask about hidden fees. Ask about delivery times. Ask about insurance. Ask if they give you a copy of insurance.
  4. Most expensive rate does not mean good service either. That’s just price gouging!
  5. Verify, Verify. Check the-exact-name of the company to assure you aren’t getting rates from a company copying a legitimate one.
  6. Although all stated door to door and no extra fees, make sure it’s in writing on the contract.
  7. Don’t want a flood of calls, emails, texts? Get rates directly from transport companies.


Does this mean you’ll pick us? Not really. But we sincerely hope that we can help you make a good choice, even if that choice doesn’t lead you to us.