What is the Safest Way to Ship a Car?

safest way to ship car

The absolute safest way to ship a vehicle is through enclosed transport (also known as covered transport).

Vehicles transported via the enclosed shipping method are safely shielded from the outside world within the walls of the car carrier.

Enclosed shipping is also the standard for safety and protection due to the higher insurance coverage that is offered in the rare instance that any damages occur as well the physical protection provided by car carrier.

Rare vehicles or those that are hard to attain due high demand are safest hidden away from prying eyes in this type of carrier.

What Else You Can Do to Make Shipping Safer

You can help add extra security to your transport by being prepared. Be sure to remove any loose items in your vehicle. Those can move around quite a bit on a carrier, so be sure to not put anything in the interior area that could bounce around.

You can also make it safer by meeting the carrier in a open and flat area.  Although all transport is door to door, it’s good to take the extra precaution especially if you live in a tough area for a truck to maneuver.