What is the Best Spot On the Car Carrier?

When planning to ship your vehicle what is the best spot to be on the carrier?

When possible, putting your car on the the top of the carrier is the best spot to have your vehicle shipped. This is also known as top-loading.  This is referring to open car carriers.  

We do get this question quite a bit and the answer your just read Is different than most might expect. 

So it's not necessarily what exact location is safest, but rather just having your vehicle situated on the second level creates the extra safety.

The exact spot on the second level doesn't make much of a difference as all the vehicles up top or equally exposed to rain, sun, and other weather.

Where are you will see an advantage on taking up one of the top spots rather than the bottom locations is influenced by two things.

First, vehicles on the bottom could experience fluid leaks from older and less maintained vehicles that could be above. You especially want to avoid this if you have a vinyl top or if your vehicle has the surface I can stain easily.

Second, there are more chances of road debris bouncing off the wheels of the carrier or other vehicles heading in the opposite direction popping into the bottom locations of the carrier.

Is there a safest spot on the bottom?

Over the years we have seen that should vehicle have to write on the bottom, the front location behind the cab of the truck is usually the safest. It is covered by the massive cab of the truck and the vehicle above it. The aerodynamics of the truck will push her away from the first car the most.

Is there a location I should always ask to avoid?

Car carrier designed to hold up to nine vehicles safely. In some cases it all compact cars, 10 vehicles can fit just as safely. The other suggestion is above, there are no others we would recommend.

What if top-load is not available?

In nearly all cases, carriers will accept the $75.00 to load you on top. That is because believe it or not, there aren't many that request it. Furthermore, should it not be available as a spot you can take, less than 1% of vehicles see some sort of damage. So that should be factored in to your choice.