What is Roll on Roll Off Car Shipping? (RORO)

Roll on roll off auto shipping (RoRo) refers to overseas auto transport. The vehicle is driven (rolled on) where it will be stored below deck in the cargo hold. It is more cost-efficient than a container. A ship that moves cars this way is designed specifically for that purpose. Each vehicle is held on to the deck.

The vehicle is held in place on the skid that is also locked in place or most commonly with soft ties or straps. Although the vehicle is not in a container it doesn’t mean that it’s exposed to anything. The ship’s cargo area is sealed so no water will get to your vehicle. It is really a great alternative to container shipping because in many cases it is just as safe. It also requires less work, further making prices reasonable.

What does RORO Car Shipping Cost?

The destination has a lot to do with what you will pay. How long your vehicle is a sea is a large factor as the longer it takes to travel, the more the fuel and operational costs will be. If using an auto transport company, Sending your vehicle to the nearest port that goes to the destination country Will usually run $.36-$.50 a mile depending on the vehicle size, weight, and location.

It’s also important to note that there are import taxes levied on vehicles coming from different countries. This is a completely separate cost to the shipping and do diligence must be made ahead of time by contacting the country you are shipping to in order to determine how much exactly you’re going to pay for importing the vehicle there.

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