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Professional, safe and insured transport to Washington. So whether it’s a relocation thanks to a new job, retirement, or family move with several cars, you can put your trust in us to do it for you the right way.

California to Washington Auto Transport

Our commitment to speed with reliability, our affordable rates, and our hard working staff creates the formula that will help make the difference when moving your vehicle. National Express has been providing California to Washington shipping to hundreds of happy customers year after year. Our reputation and reviews is all the proof.  Always door-to-door and with no hidden fees. We are here for you all the way.

Secure, Dependable, Low-Cost


We know we have great service, but you don’t know that yet and we understand. After all, we just met. Thankfully, lots of customers have met us before and some of them have let others know how great it all went by leaving feedback on Google, Yelp, Angies List and many other places. National Express provides the best options to ship your vehicle from California to Washington in the country.  We’ll treat you right and provide you the best possible results. We’ll be gentle with your vehicle and your wallet.

We move so many vehicles, you never have to worry about your vehicle sitting around. In fact, our dispatch teams are so aggressive we move vehicles as early as next day with a 1-3 day average company wide. That is without paying premiums or extra fees for that speed. In fact this would be also a good time to mention that National Express does not charge their customers any hidden fees, extra for basics like insurance and door-to-door curbside delivery and pick up. That’s all part of what we do.

It probably looks like this page is all about us. After all, we are doing all the talking but really it’s about you! Our commitment to you and your California to Washington move.  We do lots of things others don’t bother doing to make sure you are happy with the service you get from us. For example, we inspect every inch of your vehicle, top to bottom at both pick-up and at the delivery point. This inspection known as known as the bill of lading and is signed by the person at the pickup location, where a copy is kept by the person there, and then we do the same at the delivery point. If there is even a ding that came from us, we can settle things easily.

All our carriers certify that they follow all DOT and FMCSA rules. Including mandatory rest periods as well as rules for proper loading and transport of motor vehicles.

But there’s another touch we have that others may not. That is our commitment to integrity and honesty in the auto shipping business. This is our founding philosophy, and resonates in everything we do.

Your are further protected by additional credentials. Part of which includes being properly insured, licensed and sufficiently bonded which provides additional layers of protection so  to certify safe travel of your vehicle every time.

So how does the insurance work? Well, our network of carriers have about  $1 Million dollars of liability insurance to protect your vehicle and the others onboard.

We don’t just slap your vehicle on some trailer as you will get a commercial car carrier coming to get your vehicle. That’s important! Sometimes, a deal might look great because it’s cheap but -how- are they moving your vehicle? We do not pull or drag cars with their wheels on the ground. We don’t drive the vehicle to the destination. It’s always on a carrier.

Ok, so let’s get your transport quote. We want to get it all done for you quickly and efficiently. If you like, you can also  speak to a person on the phone that will be available Monday-Saturday at  800-284-7177. It will be our pleasure to answering any questions you might have. And remember, National Express will never charge you anything to book or make you pay anything above the guaranteed price you got from us. That’s another reason we are your best option. Thousands of customer cars have been shipped with results that will exceed what you expect. That’s what our goal is and we proudly push for that every day.

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