Shipping a Car from Florida to California

Year after year we ship hundreds of vehicles to the west. Our Florida to California car shipping route runs constantly throughout the year. We use carriers that have the up-to-date equipment and properly maintained trucks.

florida to california route auto transport

All transport coming from FL and going to CA is insured to be safe, secure, so we can provide fast and reliable delivery of your vehicle with the extra security you want.

The process of moving your vehicle from state to state has never been easier. If you’re planning to ship a car from Florida to California, the best course of action is to hire a professional shipping expert to do it for you. It’s very tempting to jump in your car and ride out in your vehicle onto your next adventure, and experience the joys of every road fin road trip movie. .But the journey of more that 2700+ miles is no small task.

Why Should you Ship Your Vehicle

The benefits you get by hiring an expert vehicle transport service far outweighs the costs involved. The service allows you to focus on more important things like work and family because the company does the heavy lifting of transport for you. Here are some reasons why you should opt for an expert instead of doing it yourself:

· Your car is insured – when you avail of any transport service company, part of the package you pay for is insurance. This means that whatever harm or damage that may befall your vehicle, the company you hired will pay for any damages. This is part of the company’s assurance that your car will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

· No depreciation – since your car will be ridden on-top of a much larger vehicle, you do not need to expend any part of it, thus ensuring that your car is prestine upon arrival.

· Fixed expenses – the only expense you have to pay for is the cost of the service. You no longer need to factor in lodging, gasoline or any of the sort because you will not spend those amounts. By availing of the service, you are only to pay for the transport cost and nothing else.

· Hassle free – companies of this industry offer the picking up and the delivering of your vehicle as part of their respective packages, meaning you no longer have to worry about bringing your vehicle to them and picking it up because they do it for you. After you have scheduled and payed for the service, the transport company picks up your vehicle, loads it onto whatever service you opted, fastens it and eventually delivers it to you in California.

Questions You Should Ask

There are various companies that offer shipping for any vehicle from Florida to California, the trick to partnering with the best one is to call and ask questions in order for an individual to be better guided with the situation.

How Much Does it Cost?

Generally speaking, the price range of shipping a car from Florida to California starts from a base price of \$900 upwards and depends of various factors such as:

· Vehicle Size – The bigger the vehicle, the costlier the price.

· Time – How soon you need it variably increases the price.

· Season – The more traffic congested the season, the higher the price will be.

· Additional costs – costs such as insurance will cover the costs for any damages incurred during shipping. You must however show proof that the damage incurred was not present during the initial shipping phase, so always keep your bills of lading (inspection reports at pickup and drop).

When Will my Vehicle Arrive?

The average time it takes to transport a vehicle from Florida to California takes 7 – 10 days. Keep in mind that the value is only average and would still depend on various factors such as weather, congestion and any unforseen event.

There are a lot of expenses to be expected if you are to embark on the journey, food, lodging and gasoline expenses are just a few of the things you have to spend on for your trip. The total calculated expenses might come out as more than you might have imagined and currently prepared for.

If you opt out of spending for lodging, your option is to drive all day and all night just to get to California. You’d have to sleep inside the car, which is a dangerous thing to do because you have to park and leave yourself open for attack by unknown individuals, or you stay awake the whole time. Imagine on going on the 2700 mile long journey sleepless.

Accidents can happen while you’re on the road, the worst of it is you are the one driving and you are directly affected. If you get into an accident, it’s on you and you have to shoulder the possible medical and repair expenses for not just yourself but any person involved as well.

By going on the road trip to Cali, you depreciate the value of your car because you make it susceptible to wear-and-tear. Your wheels will get used, you might get hit with small rocks or you might overheat the engine, these are just some events that can happen on the road.

To save yourself and your car from the dangers of long distance driving and to ease your worries, the best option is to ship your car from Florida to California using the various trustworthy vehicle shipping experts available in Florida.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Inspect and document the current state of the vehicle before shipping. You should document the current state of the vehicle for insurance claim purposes, to ensure that the state in which the vehicle was shipped is the same as the state that it arrives in.

Remove the contents of the vehicle. Although many carriers let you put up to 100 lbs in the trunk area, it’s best to leave it empty. This is also for safety purposes to ensure that nothing of your possession gets lost during the transport and also ensures the transport company that theft cannot occur. A shipping company may refuse the admission of your vehicle if it is loaded with items.

There are many services like inoperable transport, enclosed shipping and more to further help you get your vehicle shipped from Florida to California.

Why Ship With Us

This route is year round for our company. Your route has been established for customers like you that need a good, fast and reliable auto shipper to move their car. We move hundreds of vehicles year, after year, after year from FL to CA.

This is a 2700 mile transport! You have a lot to consider. Like searching for the right transporter to ship your vehicle from Florida to California. You don’t want to pay more than you have so you can get it done, but you have already read the horror stories of how going with the lowest bidder will probably cost you than the lowest price. It can also be difficult when some companies try to “lock you in” by trying to get payment before performing the service! With National Express Auto Transport, you won’t ever have to worry about that because we don’t let ourselves get paid until we’ve done the job you contracted us for.. The rate is affordable because we run this route all the time. Book with confidence knowing we have the knowledge, experience, and expert service you demand.

“Licensed, Bonded and Insured”. That’s us! But wait, doesn’t everybody say that in their pitch? Well it should be no surprise because it’s the only way we are allowed to operate. The difference is how much we care to put into that. Just as you can pick the lowest possible insurance on your personal home or car, the same can be for us. The difference is the coverage. Nobody says that because, well, nobody wants to talk about that. But we do! For example, our 9-10 car carriers will have a minimum of $750,000 to an average of about $1 Million dollars liability coverage. It seems like a lot, but in the case of a total loss your vehicle is way more than covered. You will not get an old beat up truck and broken trailer getting your car. (We have seen this so many times.) With NEAT you will always have a fully licensed auto shipping carrier truck at your door for your Florida to California auto transport move. We inspect it all. Every part of the vehicle is looked over when we come for the pickup, and then the same way again at delivery. The contacts at the pickup and the delivery location each sign a copy. In the rare instance that damage occurs, we have a black and white simple claim that can be filed easily.Let us provide you with the absolute best Florida to California auto transport service possible in the industry. We are backed up by best rates, an incredible reputation, and the speed you demand to assure hassle free shipping and delivery of your vehicle anywhere in CA. Call today! 1-800-284-7177 or calculate the cost to ship right now! We sincerely thank you for considering our company to ship your car.