Ship Your Car from California to New York


We specifically specialize in shipping cars to New York, from states like California and many others.  Our California to New York Auto Transport route runs all year long with the best rates around. This is thanks to the high volume of vehicles we provide auto shipping for.

California to New York Auto Transport

 Count on the best auto transport possible as we only use carriers that are the most current with all safety and equipment. All  transport coming from CA and going to NY as always is fully insured to assure you peace of mind and safe delivery of your toyour door.. They are also properly licensed, in compliance with the  FMCSA / DOT.

Special circumstances? We have services such as enclosed and inoperable vehicle transport to assist with specific types of transport that not everyone can easily handle.

We’ll come Pick You Up in as Little as One Day 


We are the fastest trucks coming from the West. We can pick you as early as one day or 1-3 days on average for cars that are “right now- asap” without an expedite fee. Speed is built in.

We want your Move from California to New York to Be a Great Experience

This auto transport route was designed as a straight shot to NY. Meaning, we don’t stop a dozen pickups and drops before getting to your door with your vehicle. Most of our trucks will stop at only a couple of neighboring states on the route if the demand exists.

Your vehicle is traveling 2,800 miles. Your thoughts are on finding the right car shipping company to provide you with California to New York auto transport that is safe and efficient, as well as gentle on your wallet. It can also be difficult when some companies try to “lock you in” by trying to get payment before performing the service! With National Express Auto Transport, you won’t ever have to worry about paying upfront because we won’t get a cent until we’ve done the job you hired us to do. You won’t want to pay more than you have to and know the pitfalls of going with a cheap company that the rate is “too good.”.  Our rate is going to be reasonable and affordable e. Book your auto transport with confidence knowing we have the knowledge, experience, and expert service you deserve.

Our company is “Licensed, Bonded and Insured”. Everyone actually has to be in order to ship cars. But how we treat our customers is the key. The difference is how much we care.  The difference is the power of going with a trusted leader, and not a fly-by-night operation.

We are insured all the way from door-to-door. There is a  minimum of $750,000 onto an average of  $1 Million dollars insurance coverage for the hauler and all the vehicles on it.. So in the rare case of a  total loss your vehicle is way more than covered.  With our car shipping company, your California to New York auto transport will always have a fully licensed auto shipping carrier accepting your vehicle. We will comb over every inch of the vehicle we come for  pickup, and then all over again when we show up with the vehicle at the destination.. Each inspection is signed by the person who gave us the vehicle, and the person accepting delivery. Each gets a copy. If there is so much as a scratch you have proof of it in black and white.

Sometimes you see a lot of nice words on a very nicely made website but it’s all fluff. Not us! Let us provide you with the absolute best California to New York auto transport service possible in the industry. We are backed up by best rates, an incredible reputation, and the speed you demand to assure hassle free shipping and delivery of your vehicle anywhere in NY, from anywhere in CA. Call today! 1-800-284-7177 or calculate the cost to ship right now!

We truly do thank you for considering our auto transport company.

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